Tampa Bay Rays Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)

04/10/15 (Updated)

Drew Smyly's Girlfriend Eryn Blatt

Drew Smyly's girlfriend Eryn Blatt is a sunny and fun veterinarian who saves dogs and loves her job. Her whole life pretty much revolves around the furry critters. She even sponsored a Dog Day for the Tampa Bay Rays last year. The Rays Wives all got together with their dogs and raised money for dog food or something along those lines. I know, you may have seen one or two player wives or girlfriends who loves dogs and do all kinds of events for them, but this woman is legitimately a dog fanatic in the best way.

Eryn sometimes posts pictures on her Twitter of dogs that are in the operation room at her vet clinic, and generally she saves them. There was one I saw where she showed a picture of a dog who'd been hit by a car and explained how she saved him but that she was praying that his internal damage wasn't bad. Where Drew Smyly's girlfriend Eryn Blatt and he live in Florida, there's a kind of wading pool with a large fountain, and the two dogs they own frequently walk around in it. It looks like a godly life for those dogs, if you ask me. It's about as stately a place to live for a dog as humanly possible. I sort of wonder if Eryn doesn't love her dog Tye more than Drew. I'm kinda' not joking. When the baby eventually comes, I wonder if her favorite dog Tye will revolt.

The reason I say Drew Smyly's girlfriend Eryn Blatt will have a baby is because she seems very much a maternal person. She refers to Drew and their dogs as their "little family," which to me implies a kind of latent desire for a "regular family" or "full family," and that would require a junior Drew.


Jake McGee's Wife Morgan McGee

Jake McGee's wife Morgan McGee had their first child last year in April, and she is now back to the lovely slender lady that she was before the bun-baking. That's not to say she wasn't a lovely lady while the bun-baking was going on, but she was, you know, filling out the oven. That's all part of the process. The couple (likely just Morgan) had really gotten ahead of themselves by starting a baby registry online, and it looks like no one participated in it, or if they did then the registry is only showing items left over. Either way, Morgan was certainly planning things out.

Morgan traveled with Jake to Italy a little over a year ago and visited Milan, Venice, and Lake Como, which is also known to be the home of George Clooney sometimes when he's not busting up the silver screen with his face. If you're a fastball pitcher, there's a certain appeal to traveling to the Mediterranean and throwing down a few bottles of Chianti with your lady. Jake McGee's wife Morgan McGee also has been known to step out with Jake to charity events. This is the thing to do if you're involved with a professional athlete, by the way. I sometimes wonder if a quarter of their schedule isn't taken up by charity events. That's a really good and life-affirming thing to fill up your schedule with. According to a Rays blogger, Jake and Morgan visited foster families in Reno, Nevada and also gave Christmas presents to kids. Rackin' up the 'ole karma points.

These days, Jake McGee's wife Morgan McGee busies herself with taking care of their infant son Rowen and watching Jake's games on television and occasionally live. Jake and Morgan took Rowen to a Lightning hockey game last year and took a nice little shot of the visit.

04/18/14 (Updated)

Matt Joyce's girlfriend Brittany Svendgard

Matt Joyce's girlfriend Brittany Svendgard is rather photogenic.

While there’s not much information circulating about the Tampa Bay outfielder’s girlfriend, it’s probably because the web is saturated with a plethora of pictures of Brittany E. Svendgard that speak a thousand words. As we said, Matt Joyce’s girlfriend Brittany Svendgard is rather photogenic.

And in 2012, the Hard Rock Café realized they had a gem in their hands. The petite, chestnut haired and green eyed beauty that is Brittany Svendgard was working for Hard Rock Café in Tampa when they were auditioning for their sixth annual Seminole Hard Rock Girls Calendar. She competed against about 130 female employees of the hotel/casino, and was chosen as the centerfold. Svendgard, who had only moved to Tampa a year prior from Plainville Connecticut, was excited about being selected. The centerfold got an all expense-paid trip to Las Vegas and participated in paid appearances throughout the year. Proceeds from the first week of calendar sales went to The Spring of Tampa Bay, a domestic violence prevention and emergency shelter agency.

It seems Brittany Svendgard and Matt Joyce have been moving things along in their relationship. This past February Matt Joyce and his 26 year old model girlfriend bought a house together in Tampa. “Officially closed on the house today!!!” Matt Joyce tweeted on February 25th. “So pumped to know that my home with @BritSven will always be in tampa, close to fam, friends & fans.” The couple also shares a puppy together.

While we’ll be watching Matt Joyce this season as he attempts to outdo his 2013 batting average (.235) for the Rays, fans should also keep an eye out for his girlfriend. Brittany Svendgard recently created a modeling/acting profile on exploretalent.com. On it she writes, “I am interested in starting a resume and getting more experience in the modeling/acting industry. I am very easy going and friendly and I would love to work with you, feel free to contact me. Thank you!”