Brad Boxberger’s wife Anna Boxberger

Brad Boxberger's wife Anna Boxberger

Brad Boxberger’s wife Anna Boxberger is a sweet southern lady and a mom. Sometime in early January the couple got married and traveled to Hawaii for their honeymoon. A year later and they’ve got a child named Ava. Of course, Anna treats her french bulldog Ralph like a human child as well– it’s one of the more common but harmless behaviors we see in the maternal types. It seems Brad Boxberger’s wife Anna Boxberger was…

Drew Smyly’s Girlfriend Eryn Blatt

Drew Smyly's girlfriend Eryn Blatt - Twitter

Drew Smyly’s girlfriend Eryn Blatt is a sunny and fun veterinarian who saves dogs and loves her job. Her whole life pretty much revolves around the furry critters. She even sponsored a Dog Day for the Tampa Bay Rays last year. The Rays Wives all got together with their dogs and raised money for dog food or something along those lines. I know, you may have seen one or two player wives or girlfriends who…

Jake McGee’s Wife Morgan McGee

Jake McGee's wife Morgan McGee - Twitter

Jake McGee’s wife Morgan McGee had their first child last year in April, and she is now back to the lovely slender lady that she was before the bun-baking. That’s not to say she wasn’t a lovely lady while the bun-baking was going on, but she was, you know, filling out the oven. That’s all part of the process. The couple (likely just Morgan) had really gotten ahead of themselves by starting a baby registry…

Matt Joyce’s girlfriend Brittany Svendgard

Matt Joyce's girlfriend Brittany Svendgard - Twitter

Matt Joyce’s girlfriend Brittany Svendgard is rather photogenic. While there’s not much information circulating about the Tampa Bay outfielder’s girlfriend, it’s probably because the web is saturated with a plethora of pictures of Brittany E. Svendgard that speak a thousand words. As we said, Matt Joyce’s girlfriend Brittany Svendgard is rather photogenic. And in 2012, the Hard Rock Café realized they had a gem in their hands. The petite, chestnut haired and green eyed beauty…

Jeremy Hellickson’s girlfriend Natalie Cresta

Jeremy Hellickson's girlfriend Natalie Cresta - Facebook

Jeremy Hellickson had a tough season. Among qualified starting pitchers, Hellickson finished with the third highest ERA clocking in with a 5.17. Despite that, Joe Maddon is showing unwavering faith in his young righthander, and has put the ball in his hand for the most important game of the Rays season, in tonight’s game 4 against Boston. While most of the fairweather Tropicana crowd will show a whole lot less faith in Hellickson than Maddon,…

Alex Cobb’s girlfriend Kelly Reynolds

Alex Cobb's girlfriend Kelly Reynolds - Facebook

UPDATE 02/11/2014: Alex Cobb’s girlfriend Kelly Reynolds is going to have a cool engagement story for the rest of her life. The Rays pitcher and his girlfriend went swimming in Sea World’s Discovery Cove, when a dolphin swam up to the couple with a buoy. On the buoy was a message reading “Kelly, will you marry Me?” After a quick yes, and some cool candid pictures, Alex Cobb’s girlfriend became Alex Cobb’s fiance Kelly Reynolds….

David DeJesus’ wife Kim DeJesus

David DeJesus' wife Kim DeJesus - Amazing Race

Let’s get this out of the way now. David DeJesus’ wife Kim DeJesus is hot. Like ridiculously hot. Truthfully, it’s an inexplicable and unforgivable decision to not post her in our nearly five years and 1,300 posts of doing this site. It seems like there’s always been a more popular player, or hotter rumor, or bigger story to chase. But Kim DeJesus has been on our radar for quite some time, and apparently on the…

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