Tampa Bay Rays Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Matt Joyce's girlfriend Brittany Svendgard



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Matt Joyce's girlfriend Brittany Svendgard is rather photogenic.

While there’s not much information circulating about the Tampa Bay outfielder’s girlfriend, it’s probably because the web is saturated with a plethora of pictures of Brittany E. Svendgard that speak a thousand words. As we said, Matt Joyce’s girlfriend Brittany Svendgard is rather photogenic.

And in 2012, the Hard Rock Café realized they had a gem in their hands. The petite, chestnut haired and green eyed beauty that is Brittany Svendgard was working for Hard Rock Café in Tampa when they were auditioning for their sixth annual Seminole Hard Rock Girls Calendar. She competed against about 130 female employees of the hotel/casino, and was chosen as the centerfold. Svendgard, who had only moved to Tampa a year prior from Plainville Connecticut, was excited about being selected. The centerfold got an all expense-paid trip to Las Vegas and participated in paid appearances throughout the year. Proceeds from the first week of calendar sales went to The Spring of Tampa Bay, a domestic violence prevention and emergency shelter agency.

It seems Brittany Svendgard and Matt Joyce have been moving things along in their relationship. This past February Matt Joyce and his 26 year old model girlfriend bought a house together in Tampa. “Officially closed on the house today!!!” Matt Joyce tweeted on February 25th. “So pumped to know that my home with @BritSven will always be in tampa, close to fam, friends & fans.” The couple also shares a puppy together.

While we’ll be watching Matt Joyce this season as he attempts to outdo his 2013 batting average (.235) for the Rays, fans should also keep an eye out for his girlfriend. Brittany Svendgard recently created a modeling/acting profile on exploretalent.com. On it she writes, “I am interested in starting a resume and getting more experience in the modeling/acting industry. I am very easy going and friendly and I would love to work with you, feel free to contact me. Thank you!”


Jeremy Hellickson's girlfriend Natalie Cresta



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Jeremy Hellickson had a tough season.

Among qualified starting pitchers, Hellickson finished with the third highest ERA clocking in with a 5.17. Despite that, Joe Maddon is showing unwavering faith in his young righthander, and has put the ball in his hand for the most important game of the Rays season, in tonight's game 4 against Boston. While most of the fairweather Tropicana crowd will show a whole lot less faith in Hellickson than Maddon, we would expect that Jeremy Hellickson's girlfriend Natalioe Cresta stands with the same confidence in her boyfriend as Maddon.

In fact, Cresta went to Twitter to announce to the world how proud she was of Hellickson despite the numbers. Following the regular season Cresta tweeted:

It is officially the end of the regular season...I am so proud of my man for standing strong in one of the most tying season so far! Now let's get that WC spot! #gorays!

Hellickson and Cresta have been dating for years, and have one dog together (but no children). Cresta graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a degree in Early Education.


David Price's girlfriend Tiffany Nicole



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Man, I wish I had written this article 8 hours ago.

When news first broke about David Price's girlfriend Tiffany Nicole teeing off on Fenway fans, I was about to write a complete teardown of both parties in this couple. I was going to destroy Price for his overblown reactions complaining about David Ortiz following Game 2 of the ALDS. Unfortunately, David Price has made the most sincere effort to apologize in recent athlete Twitter screw ups. He's offered heartfelt apologies for fans, and those he went after, even going so far as to call Ortiz away from the field to apologize. He took himself off the hook before I ever got the chance to go after him. Damn your sincere apology, David Price.

Tiffany Nicole on the other hand, isn't apologizing for her comments, but also isn't standing by them as she once did. Following Saturday's game 2 in Boston, Nicole went to Twitter to announce to the world just how awful everyone from Boston truly is saying:

@MsKansasState: Convinced that there must be a written rule that in order to be a Red Sox fan, you have to be a complete and utter POS. Wow!. - 5:55PM, October 4. 2013

@MsKansasState:: Wow he pimped the crap out of that homerun. #KeepItClassyBoston - 8:37 PM October 5, 2013

OK so we've all been there: frustrated and want to declare everyone something (like POS). And while it's a bit of a broad brush to assign every Sox fan on earth the POS tag, we've heard it before. That said, it's probably pretty easy to assign a title to a group if faced with harrassing comments, ridicule, or even the occasional thrown beer.

In my personal experience, I've been to 12 MLB stadiums, and without hesitation the worst treatment I ever got was in Tampa Bay. So what's my point here? The truth is, everyone sucks. Every sports fan in every city is an awful form of human being. People suck. Some Red Sox fans suck. Some Yankee fans suck. Some Orioles fans suck (well, they suck now, five years ago when they were terrible they were fun to drink with). And some Rays fans suck. We drink too much, we are rude to women and children, and most of the time, we have no idea what we're talking about.

Writing this 8 hours ago would have sounded different. But writing in the moment is how we get here. I actually kind of get the Twitter meltdowns, and hope Boston has a chance to redeem itself to David Price and his girlfriend Tiffany Nicole. With Price very possibly on the move this offseason we'd love the opportunity to welcome him to the city we call hope (that said we're not so naive to actually believe Tampa will trade him to a division rival,... but a fan can dream, right?)