Alex Rodriguez’s Girlfriend Erin Simmons

Alex Rodriguez's girlfriend Erin Simmons - Instagram

Alex Rodriguez’s girlfriend Erin Simmons is an athletic model who is obsessed with fitness. Some of the pictures she posts online of herself are intense. She talks about how much she works out and how little body fat she has, and that is pretty obvious….

Dellin Betances’ Wife Janisa Betances

Dellin Betances’ wife Janisa Betances married him on September 21, 2014 in Brooklyn, New York. Dellin is a New York native, and Janisa is as well. Janisa was recently spotted with the big fella’ at the 18th Annual Derek Jeter Turn 2 Foundation dinner last…

Brett Gardner’s Wife Jessica Gardner

Brett Gardner’s wife Jessica Gardner have two sons named Hunter and Miller, and they’re frequently all seen together at events when Brett isn’t playing. Hunter is five years old and Miller is three years old, and in an interview Hunter was described as an “explorer…

Yogi Berra’s wife Carmen Berra

After 65 years of marriage, Yogi Berra’s wife Carmen Berra passed away after complications from a stroke. Carmen, who was 85 at the time of her death is survived by Yogi, age 89, three children, and 11 grandchildren. Yogi, who often works with the Yankees…

Masahiro Tanaka’s wife Mai Satoda

Masahiro Tanaka's wife Mai Satoda

When we first set out to do a post on Masahiro Tanaka’s wife Mai Satoda, we were admittedly concerned. Admittedly our best efforts to find information on the wives of international stars has presented challenging with often times limited results. Fortunately, when the newest member…

Stephen Drew’s wife Laura Drew

Stephen Drew and his son

It’s easy to forget how late in the year it is right now. I just realized today that Thanksgiving is just over a month away. And in one of the most bizarre train of thoughts I’ve ever experienced, I began thinking about Stephen Drew’s wife…

Derek Jeter’s girlfriend Hannah Davis

Derek Jeter girlfriend Hannah Davis

I really wanted to start this off by saying HEY EVERYBODY! LOOK AT DETER JETER, HE GOT REALLY FAT! Sadly, it turns out he actually isn’t fat and there was probably just a breeze that blew his shirt out and made it look that way….

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