New York Yankees Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Alex Rodriguez's Girlfriend Erin Simmons

Alex Rodriguez's girlfriend Erin Simmons is an athletic model who is obsessed with fitness. Some of the pictures she posts online of herself are intense. She talks about how much she works out and how little body fat she has, and that is pretty obvious. She posts photos of her six-pack quite often, and if you're into women with ultra-defined six-packs, then you've found your idol.

As far as the whole ripped-obsession goes, Alex Rodriguez's girlfriend posted a pretty interesting photo of seomthing called a "DEXA scan" which shows a full-body scan and analysis of how much body fat she has, and you can actually see her body scan and stats. Her official total body fat percentage is 12.7 percent. That really does take some extreme discipline, and my guess is her intensity level is a good match for Mr. Rodriguez, who I've always thought of as an extremely self-serious fellow. One cool thing about Erin is her love for dogs. She sometimes visits animal shelters to keep them dogs company, and she frequently goes on runs with her dog Hank. I think she may have gotten another dog at some point last year as well because she took a few shots with two dogs instead of just the one.

I've looked at a lot of how she stays so thin and fit, and it's just pure dedication to working out and eating extremely healthy. One of her favorites is shrimp, sauteed vegetables, and quinoa brown rice mix. Honestly, her photo of that meal looks delicious. That's her whole life, guys, and it takes serious discipline. Other than working out and then eating healthy food, she'll sometimes travel to see friends and family and very occasionally eat junk food. She posted a photo of food from Chick-Fila-A with the caption, "love the taste of freedom of speech." Seems like kind of a jerk thing to say but she is indeed free to say what she wants.


Dellin Betances' Wife Janisa Betances

Dellin Betances' wife Janisa Betances married him on September 21, 2014 in Brooklyn, New York. Dellin is a New York native, and Janisa is as well. Janisa was recently spotted with the big fella' at the 18th Annual Derek Jeter Turn 2 Foundation dinner last year in June. Those dinners are sort of a big occasion for well-known New York area athletes and retired sports figures.

Dellin Betances' wife Janisa Betances had set up a Pinterest account for what seems like the express purpose of scouting out good wedding dress designs for their wedding, but she only got as far as a few dresses and a wedding cake design before she decided it was a waste of time. The wedding cake had a string of beads hanging off it, and this practice still baffles me. Anything inedible put on a piece of food for decoration doesn't make much sense. Janisa is proud of Dellin for attending so many foundation and charity events recently, because he's been at a few already this year. One such event was going to a daycare and giving away Yankees hats. I think it actually only had something to do with being a season ticket licensee, but I'm not sure why a daycare would be that?

The only other thing of note that we can find on Dellin Betances' wife Janisa Betances is that she attended Murray Bergtraum High School in downtown Manhattan. That is a hop skip and a jump from Dellin's old high school in Williamsburg, but in practical terms it's a world away. They might have known each other through their neighborhood, though, since Dellin grew up in the Lower East side of Manhattan (much closer to her school). It must be cool to grow up and live in the same city you play for and have a wife who also has been a fan of that team her whole life.


Brett Gardner's Wife Jessica Gardner

Brett Gardner's wife Jessica Gardner have two sons named Hunter and Miller, and they're frequently all seen together at events when Brett isn't playing. Hunter is five years old and Miller is three years old, and in an interview Hunter was described as an "explorer and builder" while Miller was described as a fan of baseball, football, basketball, etc. I guess it's good to have some idea about your kid's personality and interests at that age. It's also revealed in the interview that Brett proposed to Jessica during spring training on a beach in Clearwater, Florida.

Brett and Jessica Gardner were married in 2007. Just as an aside-- some of the beachfront real estate in Clearwater is pretty but sits unbelievably low to the sea level. When you read about tides rising in Florida, Clearwater is a prime example. But let's turn our attentions to Jessica and away from the beach of love...

Jessica Gardner generally only shows up on the internet after being photographed with Brett at Foundation events and fundraisers. Otherwise, she's busy with the kids. One notable event they attended without the kids was the Derek Jeter 18th Annual Turn 2 Foundation dinner at the Sheraton in New York's Time Square. She was looks super classy for that one.

I understand that the Turn 2 Foundation is one of those nice groups whose goal it is to turn kids away from drugs and get them interested in healthy lifestyles. The world always needs more healthy living and less drugs (unless you need drugs to survive and thus need both drugs and healthy living). I also took a look at Brett Gardner's wife Jessica Gardner and her wedding photos, and man did she look good for their wedding. It was held in a gigantic church in front of a boatload of people, and the wedding cake was a towering Mayan Temple structure. Jessica took mercy, and only a small bit of cake was smeared on Brett's face.