Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Kole Calhoun's Wife Jennifer Calhoun



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Kole Calhoun's wife Jennifer Calhoun adds more solid evidence to the high school sweetheart theory we've been formulating as it relates to professional athletes. That is to say-- she has been with Kole since high school. My theory revolves around the idea that driven young athletes often will stay with their girlfriend indefinitely so as to maximize stability in their life.

Kole's wife Jennifer is a classy blonde, and she's already got herself a baby to dress up in classy baby clothes. A few of her Twitter pics have included shopping bags from places like Louis Vuitton and Prada, which she recently hit while on a trip to Boston. This just gives the ladies out there some idea of what it's like to be married to a guy who pulls in a half a mil a year. Kole's salary arbitration eligibility comes up in 2017, and that's when Jennifer's gonna hit up some even higher class joints and prep a new Bentley.

Mr. Calhoun and his wife Jennifer visited the CN Tower last September and stood on the glass floor on the 113th story. I've done this on the observation deck at the Sears Tower, which is called something else now, and man is it freaky. She posted a picture of her adventure in Toronto on her Twitter, and you can clearly see the very bottom about a quarter mile down. Jennifer's a big fan of Toronto and the SkyDome. The trip to Toronto was part of her celebration of being with Kole for 10 years. She's even included a picture of her at the age of 14 with Kole in high school. That's pretty impressive; I must say. It leads me to believe that Kole and Jennifer have only ever slept with each other, though I have no real way of knowing this. Break out the champagne, I guess?


C.J. Wilson's girlfriend Lisalla Montenegro



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UPDATE: Get used to hearing the phrase CJ Wilson's wife Lisalla Montenegro, folks.

Despite middling results in 2013 on the diamond, things off the field are going spectacularly. CJ Wilson proposed to Lisalla recently, who happily shared the news on Twitter:

@Lisalla: I literally can't have imagined a more perfect proposal. So excited to marry @str8edgeracer !! #Engaged

Congratulations to the new couple.

Coming off back to back loses in the World Series, CJ Wilson was probably feeling pretty down. But man, have things turned around for him. First, he signed a 5 year contract with the Angels worth $77.5 million. Living up to his large deal, he has posted a sub 3 ERA and was named to the AL All Star team. And now reports are out that CJ Wilson is dating Lisalla Montenegro, who also happens to be a smoking hot Brazilian model.

Wilson and Montenegro have been dating since January, when they met in Los Angeles. Montenegro (who is 24) actually lives in New York City and presumably was out in LA for a modeling gig. She has been modeling since 15 and signed on with Maybelline in 2010.

Wilson also had to work a while before he got where he is today. Initially brought up in the Rangers farm system as a starter, he was converter to relief shortly after being called up to the majors. It wasn’t until 2010 when Texas decided to give him another shot at a starting role. Now 31, he is considered one of the best left-handed pitchers in the game.

Wilson is admittedly quirky as well. The straight edge pitcher reportedly likes sword fighting, can fly a plane and is big into reading. On his way out of Texas, he attempted to prank his former battery mate Mike Napoli by tweeting his phone number (which absolutely did NOT go over well with Napoli). These are all things Montenegro will have to get used to if they are to make their long distance relationship work. One thing going for her is that Wilson reportedly loves her accent; but then again, who wouldn’t?

Wilson appears to have a type, as you’ll remember that he used to date another model, Dominique Piek.


Mike Trout's girlfriend Jessica Tara Cox



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Mike Trout's girlfriend Jessica Tara Cox is the envy of every woman in Southern California. Taking claim as Mike Trout's girlfriend has to garner envy across Angels country with the 22 year old who most declare the best player in baseball. Trout's arrival in 2010 was overshadowed in part by the Free Agent acquisitions of CJ Wilson and Albert Pujols, but within weeks of Trout's call up, Angel players and fans alike knew their fate lay with the success of the golden kid.

People are using adjectives all over the place to describe Trout: hustle, heart, grit, determination and humility are all towards the top of those lists. There's little doubt that part of Trout's charm and humility come from keeping close ties to his hometown roots. The New Jersey kid has stayed close to both his parents, and his girlfriend. Mike Trout has been dating Jessica Cox since high school, and it appears that she's headed out west to be with him during his whirlwind ride to the top of the baseball world.

Trout told the Philadelphia Daily News that he knows why he stays with Cox:

"I met her in high school, and we trust each other, and she is one of my best friends. She is somebody I can talk to and is always here for me."

Jessica Tara Cox has already become a regular fixture at Angels Wives charity drives, most recently participating in a "Fill the Boot," campaign which raises funds for local fire departments. Jess previously attended Lebanon Valley College studying elementary and special education. So to recap: charitable, loyal girlfriend, who also has higher education in teaching children with special needs. I mean, Trout could probably land most girls in the OC, but I think he's with the best one he could find. Impressive resume, and here's to hoping Mike stays true to the roots that got him here.