Andrew Heaney’s wife Jordan Heaney

Andrew Heaney's wife Jordan Heaney

Andrew Heaney’s wife Jordan Heaney lists her home as Oklahoma City (so I already have empathy for her), and pile on top of that she’s married to a guy who just got traded prematurely. Andrew is now on the Angels, and with the way he’s dealing, the young couple may want to consider moving there for a long time to come. Andrew was born in Oklahoma City as well, so that explains why they both…

Erick Aybar’s Wife Nhachari Aybar and Possible Girlfriend Maria Maria

Nhachari Aybar

Contrary to my own confused first findings, Erick Aybar’s wife Nhachari Aybar is not— I repeat– not a VJ for the Vietnamese music channel YanTV. Though I really wish she were because that lady is pretty hot and easily located on the internet. I have to say, though Nhachari is far harder to track down than said VJ. It’s also worth mentioning that Erick Aybar has been previously linked to another woman named Maria Maria….

Chris Iannetta’s Wife Lisa Iannetta

Chris Ianetta's wife Lisa Ianetta

Chris Iannetta’s wife Lisa Iannetta bailed on teaching little monsters the ABC’s. I can’t say I blame any elementary school teacher for quitting when they get hitched. Did you ever see “Kindergarten Cop”? That’s how well I would fare as a teacher, except I’d be less tense because I wouldn’t have to worry about finding that weird bad guy with the long ponytail. As the wife of Chris Iannetta, Lisa has done her part with…

Huston Street’s Wife Lacey Street

Huston Street's wife Lacey Street - Twitter

Huston Street’s wife Lacey Street is liking his can-do attitude. Aside from being a two-time all-star with a consitently low ERA, he’s amassed enough money to start investing in big-time real estate deals. A bit more on that in a moment. First, let’s get a sense for Lacey the mom. So far, she and Huston have had two kids, Ripken and Ryder. Lacey was around when Huston received the news that his dad passed about…

Matt Shoemaker’s Wife Danielle Shoemaker

Matt Shoemaker's wife Danielle Shoemaker - Twitter

Matt Shoemaker’s wife Danielle Shoemaker is not a bad lady, but the internet certainly opened up a can of hydrofluoric acid after her tweet about Boston Red Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks breaking up Shoemaker’s no-hitter a few weeks back. She tweeted a simple but effective “Middlebrooks you butthole,” and then received a torrent of scorn on her Twitter account. Matt’s wife Danielle then proceeded to delete the tweet and apologize, saying “Wow social media…

Garrett Richards’ Girlfriend Alexis Arnoldi

Garrett Richards' Girlfriend Alexis Arnoldi - Twitter

Garrett Richards’ girlfriend Alexis Arnoldi beats him hands down in a beauty contest. That’s kind of what the picture here is telling us. Garrett was hazed as a rookie on the Angels and meant to dress up as Little Bo Peep, and of course he’s got nothing on his hot girlfriend Alexis. Alexis seems like a pretty cool chick to me. It doesn’t hurt to have a life philosophy of “trying to give more than…

Mike Scioscia’s Wife Anne Scioscia

Mike Scioscia's Wife Anne Scioscia

Mike Scioscia’s wife Anne Scioscia inherited one of the weirdest last names in baseball history. But guess what- her last name before she was married was McIlquham. So these two are obviously perfect for each other, because if you were taking a roll call in a classroom, and you’d never heard of those names before, I can 100% guarantee you would screw up their pronunciation. Because I’m a considerate fellow, I’ve taken the liberty of looking…

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