Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Andrew Heaney's wife Jordan Heaney

Andrew Heaney's wife Jordan Heaney lists her home as Oklahoma City (so I already have empathy for her), and pile on top of that she's married to a guy who just got traded prematurely. Andrew is now on the Angels, and with the way he's dealing, the young couple may want to consider moving there for a long time to come. Andrew was born in Oklahoma City as well, so that explains why they both live there in the off-season.

Most of Jordan's activity online stems from Andrew's progress as a pitcher and what he's up to. Andrew Heaney's wife will also throw all kinds of little in-jokes his way as the season progresses. One such joke was a meme with Josh Hutcherson (from "The Hunger Games") looking drunk and off-kilter saying "I'd give you overcooked bread drenched in water and covered in dirt" with a to and a from on it. It was her Valentine's Day tweet to her husband. Jordan is also really into Women's Humor, retweeting "I'm flexible as long as everything is exactly the way I want it." A whole lot of retweeting activity comes from that particular account.

Jordan's brother Kelly is autistic and was featured in an article in The Oklahoman. Kelly refers to Andrew as his brother and calls him "the best brother ever" while he puts his arm around Andrew. It's a sweet gesture. Jordan Heaney was formerly Jordan Ore (cool name) and started dating him after their junior year in high school. Apparently Andrew met Jordan's brother a few months into their relationship, and the two of them became good friends. Andrew said of Jordan's brother, "I'd always kind of mess around with him, put him in choke holds. Then he got too big, and he started beating me up." Of course Andrew becoming a big-brother type of friend with her brother sealed the deal for their relationship, and you can tell Andrew's got a big heart.


Erick Aybar's Wife Nhachari Aybar and Possible Girlfriend Maria Maria

Contrary to my own confused first findings, Erick Aybar's wife Nhachari Aybar is not-- I repeat-- not a VJ for the Vietnamese music channel YanTV. Though I really wish she were because that lady is pretty hot and easily located on the internet. I have to say, though Nhachari is far harder to track down than said VJ. It's also worth mentioning that Erick Aybar has been previously linked to another woman named Maria Maria. According to the story, Maria Maria was on some sort of vacation with him, but I'm not going to dig too far into that rabbit hole even though Maria Maria is lovely to look at.

Some of you may or may not know about Erick Aybar's brother, Willy Aybar, was involved in an incredibly serious domestic altercation 2011-- sending his wife to the ICU with critical conditions. In Dominican slang, Willy is what is known as a mamagüevazo. He ain't a nice fella'. But Erick is a nice fella' as far as we can see, and Erick Aybar's wife Nhachari Aybar is a nice lady. Erick and Nhachari have a daughter who is around four or five years old now. Back when Erick signed with the Angels, Nhachari brought their youngin to the press conference as well as Erick's buddy Albert Pujols.

Erick's a pretty nice guy, and he's been active with the Angels' community as far as reaching out goes. He showed up at a blood drive to sign pictures and do a meet and greet, and he is pretty much best friends with Albert Pujols. He's taken some funny pictures with his teammates on the practice field, and he's surely a happy guy to be married to Nhachari and not have to live in the Dominican the way he had been when he was growing up.


Chris Iannetta's Wife Lisa Iannetta

Chris Iannetta's wife Lisa Iannetta bailed on teaching little monsters the ABC's. I can't say I blame any elementary school teacher for quitting when they get hitched. Did you ever see "Kindergarten Cop"? That's how well I would fare as a teacher, except I'd be less tense because I wouldn't have to worry about finding that weird bad guy with the long ponytail.

As the wife of Chris Iannetta, Lisa has done her part with the Angels outreach programs and charities. She recently attended the Angels' charity event benefiting Special Olympics and helped raise 29,000 bucks. It was reported that Chris signed four dozen balls for the charity event, and that was apparently the most of any Angels player. Hey, that's what happens when you get really competitive people together-- they compete to out-sign baseballs with sharpies. Apparently there is some kind of grab-bag involved in the charity, and Lisa got to be the girl who orchestrates it. This apparently is quite the honor, and only the hottest wives get the chance to be the official grab-bag girl. Nice work being hot, Lisa! It sure beats teaching kids how to write cursive.

The two have a daughter named Ashlynn whose about a year or two old. I am guessing that by the time Ashlynn starts third grade, she'll be thanking her lucky stars that her mom didn't keep her day job. Nobody likes to have to be taught by their own mom. Chris's wife Lisa has thus far been a good housewife and mother for the little one, teaching her the basics of baseball and occasionally taking her to games. There's only so much you can teach a two-year old about competitive sports before you begin to really try their patience. They don't call it the terrible two's for nothing, and this is right about the time Ashlynn starts to learn the word "no," as in "no more baseball tutuorials and in-depth analysis, mom."