Randy Johnson’s wife Lisa Johnson

Randy Johnson's daughter Willow Johnson

Randy Johnson’s wife Lisa Johnson has been married to him for something like twenty years, and ​met during a charity event when he was a youngin’ on the Montreal Expos. This was back in the raging 80’s, and the charity event had something to do with golfing. Lisa herself is 6’0″, though I suppose that’s kind of a strong characteristic to be coupled with a guy that’s 6’10”. Lisa married Randy in 1993 and had…

AJ Pollock’s wife Kate Newall

AJ Pollock's wife Kate Newall

AJ Pollock’s wife Kate Newall came ​over to the United States from Australia and played a mean game of lacrosse during her time at Notre Dame. The couple met when she was a starter on Notre Dame’s women’s lacrosse, and according to her player profile, she was a competent one. He was doing his thing on the diamond; now he’s doing his thing for the Diamondbacks. Somewhere along the way, Kate lived in England for…

Miguel Montero’s wife Vanessa Montero

Miguel Montero & son - @miggymont: Guys trip to Vegas

After trading franchise player Justin Upton as well as Chris Young and Stephen Drew, it would appear that the Arizona Diamondbacks are in a rebuilding mode. One constant that remains in their lineup is Miguel Montero, who has been with the team since 2007. So while the fans have some adjusting to do, Montero seems settled into his starting catch role. A familiar face in his life is Miguel Montero’s wife Vanessa Montero. Now 29…

Aaron Hill’s wife Elizabeth Hill

Aaron Hill's wife Elizabeth Hill

Aaron Hill is one of those guys that seems to consistently produce on the field, despite being pretty widely unheralded outside of Arizona and Toronto. While there have been some bumps in the road, he put together his best season in 2012 and things are looking up for the Diamondbacks second baseman. Aaron Hill’s wife Elizabeth Hill has been by his side since their high school days in Visalia, CA. Aaron was 16 when he…

Paul Goldschmidt’s wife Amy Goldschmidt

Paul Goldschmidt's wife Amy Goldschmidt

The Arizona Diamondbacks have built a roster for the long haul. With an even blend of conservative contracts, and young players under team control, the team has put together a recipe for long term success. At the center of the young players to help the team go forward is first baseman Paul Goldschmidt. Goldschmidt tore through the minor leagues and found his way to the bigs late in 2011 before posting a monster 2012 season….

Ian Kennedy’s wife Allison Jaskowiak


By now, you’ve probably heard the story: An up and coming Yankee pitcher named Ian Kennedy married his longtime girlfriend, Allison Jaskowiak, on October 6 2007. Only problem with that date was that it fell smack dab in the middle of the MLB Postseason. To a non-Yankee fan, and non-MLB pitcher, it sure seems like the Yankees have had a pretty regular date with postseason baseball in recent years, and October may be a bad…

Heath Bell’s wife Nicole Bell


Heath Bell and his wife Nicole Bell have four children together, Jasmyne, Jordyn, Reece, and Rhett. Heath says Nicole (and his kids) help keep his ego in check. In an interview with Sign On San Diego, Bell admits, My oldest daughter tells me, “Just because you’re an All-Star doesn’t make you cool”. And my wife tells me that “you’re not that good… in three or four seasons you’ll be done.” Heath Bell’s wife and kids…