New York Mets Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Matt Harvey's Girlfriend Ania Cywinska

Matt Harvey's girlfriend Ania Cywinska is a Polish model who met him through the 'ole mutual friends hangin' out scenario. The couple have been spotted around town here in New York City driving in his Maserati, and Ania wished him a happy birthday and kissed him on his cheek about a week ago. The young lady's got a very striking face and is clearly one of those top-shelf type models that get signed to actual model agencies. She's got that classic perfect pretty face.

Perusing through the past few months of her life, Matt Harvey's girlfriend Ania Cywinska was apparently spending some time in Wyoming and snapping pictures of elk. She also went dogsledding for a shoot there. I'm guessing this was the reason for the trip there, but the dogs looked real happy in the photo. Ania's dog Bonbon is an English Springer Spaniel and a photogenic one at that. She's also got a less-photographed cat named Lala. The pets frequently makes it onto her posts but sometimes they go stretches of time without seeing Ania because of her busy schedule. In the span of just a few months, for example, Ania traveled from Berlin to Poland to Wyoming and back to home base in New York. This is not a bad lifestyle if your boyfriend is already going to be traveling a lot anyway. Both people keep busy.

These types of women know how very good-looking they are, and I think some of the only types of dudes that can get into relationships with them are guys like Mr. Harvey. Matt Harvey's girlfriend Ania Cywinska has apparently been dating him for only a few months, but I'm not sure she's ever even posted a picture of any other boyfriend on any of her accounts, and the other guys she has posted pictures of have been friends who are in the fashion or modeling industry. Probably the best thing I've seen her post is a picture of her and Jiro (from "Jiro Dreams of Sushi") with accompanying pictures of his sushi.

03/19/15 (Updated)

Zack Wheeler's Girlfriend Dominique Rizzo

Zack Wheeler's girlfriend Dominique Rizzo is a lovely young blonde living in New York City. She concerns herself mostly with Kim Kardashian and puppies, based on her recent social media activity. She is only twenty years old, so we've got to lower our expectations a little on her Twitter game. Based on everything she's shared on Twitter, young Dominique's outlook on life is the standard sunshine girl "positive vibes only" take. We see this a lot with very young girlfriends of athletes. They have not a care in the world, and life is cruising along for them. Good times for Dominique.

Recent mentions on various sites have catapulted Zack Wheeler's girlfriend to over 9700 followers on Twitter. Most of her tweets are rehashed threads of pop culture. She's definitely interested in an approximation of hip hop, she likes to read gossip magazines, and she is well aware of the power of being attractive. She tends to call women "bitches" and use profanities in her tweets because that's what she's learned passes for "cool," but we can't take that kind of thing too seriously. She's just young and wild and having fun. The bottom line is that she's a very pretty girl who knows she's pretty and likes to show it off. What girl wouldn't want to show off if they looked like her?

Dominique Rizzo has also apparently been doing some wining and dining. Dominique posted a picture of Zack and her at some kind of event (either sporting or a concert). Of course, they were behind the old VIP rope partition. I would be willing to bet that Dominique ends up dating more than one professional athlete before she's thirty. Call it a hunch or an educated guess, but I think she's found her calling.


Matt Harvey's girlfriend Asha Leo

There are models, and then there are models of modelling. Matt Harvey’s girlfriend Asha Leo falls into the latter category- an exclusive club reserved for those who run the modern fashionista gamut. Asha grew up in Kingston-upon Thames, attending the prestigious University of the Arts in London, where she got a degree in fashion promotion. Now, along with being a high-end model, promoting fashion is what she’s all about. She’s a host on the British show The Brit List, and she hosts Access Hollywood, covering fashion.

Matt Harvey may not host any shows or analyze fashion trends on red carpets, but he does host batters to a grueling challenge when they step in the box. Last year, Matt became an all-star and went 9-5 with the league’s 3rd best ERA at 2.27. He was also the number one pitcher at not allowing home runs per 9 innings pitched, with an anemically low .353 allowed. The man is simply hard to hit, and his Mets appreciate that fact.

He is, however, easy to spot off the field. He was seen hanging with Asha at a Knicks game recently on his day off from rehabilitation. Matt was diagnosed with a torn ligament last year, and he recently underwent “Tommy John surgery,” which is a procedure where a ligament in the elbow is replaced with a tendon from somewhere else in the body. To me, it sounds awfully dicey for a pitcher to have serious elbow trouble. Injuries have been the bane of many a great talent, and one can only hope that Matt makes a speedy recovery. He threw a ball for the first time in months in February, and now he’s been quoted in the New York Times: “I feel brand new.” Might Asha have something to do with that?