Steven Matz’s Girlfriend Taylor Cain

Steven Matz's Girlfriend Taylor Cain - Twitter

Steven Matz’s girlfriend Taylor Cain is a country singer in a band with her brother Logan and sister Madison. Matz was introduced to Taylor by another baseball player, TJ Rivera. He went to Troy University with his now wife, and they introduced the couple. I…

Jacob deGrom’s Wife Stacey Harris

Jacob DeGrom's wife Stacey Harris DeGrom - Twitter

Jacob deGrom’s wife Stacey Harris recently gave birth to the couple’s first child, son Jaxon. While deGrom has been on the shelf for a couple starts with a lat issue, it turns out his time away from the team could be extended. On April 16,…

Matt Harvey’s girlfriend Devon Windsor

Matt Harvey's girlfriend Devon Windsor- Instagram

Matt Harvey’s girlfriend Devon Windsor is just another in a remarkable run of stunning model girlfriends. At this point, it’s not much of a surprise that he’s got a new professional model lady in his life. Devon Windsor is a super tall blonde 21 year-old…

Noah Syndergaard’s girlfriend Ellen Kraemer

Noah Syndergaard's girlfriend Ellen Kraemer- Facebook

Noah Syndergaard’s girlfriend Ellen Kraemer is a young hot blonde who’s currently setting my world on fire every time I look at her, and the same is true for Noah. Now to be fair, there’s no confirmation of the couple being together, but there’s certainly…

Mike Piazza’s wife Alica Rickter

Mike Piazza's wife Alicia Rickter - Twitter

Mike Piazza’s wife Alicia Rickter is a self made woman. Unlike so many of the wives we’ve seen before, Alicia Rickter had life figured out long before marrying the former Big Leaguer. The two connected late in Piazza’s playing career, ultimately marrying in January, 2005….

Kirk Nieuwenhuis’ wife Bethany Nieuwenhuis

Kirk Nieuwenhuis wife Bethany Nieuwenhuis - Facebook

Kirk Nieuwenhuis’ wife Bethany Nieuwenhuis is a bubbly young lady who wed dear old Kirk late in 2013. She’s what I would call a “sharp Californian,” which means she leans toward a progressive and open attitude towards social issues and has a free-wheeling approach to…

Kelly Johnson’s wife Lauren Johnson

Kelly Johnson's wife Lauren Johnson- Facebook

Kelly Johnson’s wife Lauren Johnson was proposed to by a tearful Mr. Johnson in a family restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia. I feel a bit of cultural dissonance when I hear about a professional baseball player crying when he proposes to his girlfriend, but that’s just…

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