New York Mets Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Noah Syndegaard's girlfriend Samantha Van Veen



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Noah Syndegaards’s girlfriend Samantha Van Veen doesn’t have to be concerned that her Mets’ boyfriend is not likely to reach the big leagues until later this season. As the 11th top prospect in all of baseball, the minor league pitcher is giving New York fans a reason to pay attention this spring.

On September 1 2010, the tiny blonde from Mansfield Texas posted on facebook that she was in a relationship with Noah Syndeguaard. And since then, Samantha Van Veen has been Noah Syndeguaard’s biggest fan. The Texas A&M senior proved herself from her dude’s first spring outing, when she was glued to Twitter waiting to see the results. “When the game isn't televised= twitter stalking to the max to get updates,” tweeted Samantha Van Veen.

Aside from her boyfriend, Samantha Van Veen loves her dog Miley. She apparently enjoys guns, an occasional keg stand and the Aggies. Samantha Van Veen is also involved in an on-campus student organization. As the Secretary for the Agricultural Economics Society at A&M, Samantha Van Veen is part of an organization that is the representative of the national Agriculture & Applied Economics Association (AAEA).

But this spring, Samantha Van Veen will likely be paying more attention to her man’s playing instead of school. Although the Mets have indicated the front-runners for their positions will be veterans, they have a history of bringing up heralded prospects a few months into the season. This was true of both Harvey and Wheeler. With Noah Synderguaard’s high-octane fastball and “hook-from-hell” it seems apparent he is on the same track to success. Alongside Samantha Van Venn, we here at PlayerWives will surely be watching and waiting to see.


Daniel Murphy's wife Tori Ahern Murphy



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Daniel Murphy’s wife Tori Ahern Murphy just gave birth to their first child on March 31, 2014. And when Daniel Murphy took only three days of paternity leave to be with his family when the baby was born and start his new life, a few radio talk show hosts had a huge problem with it.

The 29-year old second baseman has been playing with the MLB since 2006 when he was drafted by the Mets. The 26-year old Victoria (Tori) Murphy is a high school teacher and a former softball player with the North Florida Ospreys at the University of Northern Florida. The couple began dating in 2007, but they spit up around October of 2010. It seems that around this time, a series of injuries placed Daniel Murphy off the field and the Jacksonville Florida native became depressed. Tori Murphy stayed in touch with Daniel Murphy during this rough patch, and by the following Christmas, they were back together. Daniel Murphy proposed in January of 2012 and by December 1st, the couple was officially Mr. and Mrs. Murphy.

When their son Noah was born on opening day, Daniel Murphy decided to take the maximum number of paternity days allotted by the MLB, a mere three days. And when he did, radio talk show hosts Mike Francesca and Boomer Esiason each separately took Daniel Murphy to task for it. “What are you gonna do? Sit there and look at your wife in the hospital bed for three days?” Mike Francesca told his listening audience. But even worse, Boomer Esiason told his audience he would have made his wife have a C-Section.

Just to be completely clear here, a C-Section is a major surgery, and physicians don’t just cut people open willy-nilly. It seems Boomer and Francesca needed to be called out on their out of touch and seemingly cold-hearted comments, and their male fans did just that. Some asked that Francesca recognize this as one of the most important milestones in life and stressed the importance of being with family at this critical time. Others were less forgiving.

At the end of the day, however, all the opinionated comments in the world won’t make a difference. Daniel Murphy got three days to settle in with his wife and new son, and then he was back in action. It likely won't affect the Mets season at all. But it did help one family set up a stronger foundation for a brighter future, and Daniel Murphy and Tori Murphy (and one little baby) are certainly happier for it.


Matt Harvey's girlfriend Anne V



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Well now, Matt Harvey, look at what we've done here...

While proving to the rest of the National League that Matt Harvey is one of the true elite aces on the diamond, the Mets youngster is doing his best outside the lines to prove he deserves the true stud status. Us Weekly is now reporting that Matt Harvey's girlfriend is Anne V. Fpr those unaware of the model who goes by first name and last initial only, Anne V is best known for Sports Illustrated swimsuit fame having appeared in a record 9 straight swimsuit issues from 2005-2013, but has also made headlines for her lovelife as well. In 2010, Anne V (whose real name is Anne Vyalitsyna - OK, we get first name last initial only now), met and began dating Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine until 2012. In February of 2013, she was rumored to have briefly dated DJ/singer/songwriter Calvin Harris (who released an album 18 Months which is shockingly addictive).

Fast forward to May 6, 2013 when Matt Harvey and Anne V are reported to have met on an elevator and exchanged numbers. The two have been on a few dates since that time and were seen together at the Rangers Bruins playoff game in New York on May 23. For his part, Matt is fully embracing the excitement of being the best non-David Wright thing to happen to Mets baseball since Bill Buckner, and tweeted out details of their meeting:

@MattHarvey33: A @NYRangers win! Riding the elevator out of the garden with the beautiful @AnneV. And now bedtime, to get ready for @Mets baseball

By May 12, Anne V was posting videos of Mets fans doing the wave at CitiField. Hey, guess who was on the mound that night throwing 7 strong against Pittsburgh?

Good for you, young Matt Harvey. We'll keep an eye on this one.