Miami Marlins Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Dee Gordon's mother Devona Strange and father Tom Gordon

Normally, we'd be running through the motions to find a post about Dee Gordon's girlfriend, or Dee Gordon's wife, but the young Marlins stud doesn't leave a paper trail. Wanting to cover the speedster, we thought there's a much more interesting story when it comes to how Flash Jr. grew up.

Dee Gordon's mom Devona Strange passed away when he was six years old, but he's now on top of the baseball world and loved by pretty much everybody that meets him. He said in an LA Times article that he "just chose to make the best of it." So that's how you do it.

Incidentally for those of you that don't know, Dee Gordon's father, is former MLB closer Tom Gordon (Flash Sr.) Devona Strange was Tom Gordon's girlfriend in high school and when Tom was just starting his career in the major leagues. Dee Gordon's mom Devona Strange died in a tragic manner. According to the Miami Sun Sentinel, Devona's boyfriend at the time served five years in prison for manslaughter after explaining that the two were playing with a gun on the couch only to have it go off and kill Devona instantly.

Life is looking up for Dee now, and Dee Gordon's mom Devona Strange is in his helmet and shoes as a reminder for him. He remembers her vividly and was very close to her when she was around, so it's genuinely amazing how he's been able to overcome the whole thing. Tom Gordon definitely helped out with that even though he was playing ball, and the rest of Dee's family seems to have been very good for him while he grew up. Dee tells a story about how Tom promised him a car if he got into baseball, and once he got into it Tom basically said no way. The everlastingly positive Dee's response to that disappointment? "Would you give a 16 year-old a car?"


Steve Cishek's Wife Marissa Cishek

Steve Cishek's wife Marissa Cishek is loving her life in Florida with her husband and new daughter Emmie. The daughter is a new addition to the Cishek family, and she's definitely got Marissa's main attention these days. The couple also have a very cute little dog named Lola whom Steve made a video of retrieving a rubber ball and dropping it to be thrown again. The action was so automatic and consistent that Steve doesn't actually have to even look at where she drops him the ball because it's always in the same place. His video was titled "Ohhh the off season tho." Actually, every video they made with their dog is pretty funny. The dog is the star of the show. Everyone in their extended family talks about her too.

The couple does coupley things when Steve's not playing. Some of these include going to see the play "Wicked," going to hockey games, apparently visiting Panama and seeing the Panama Canal, and even play some bad board games like "Candy Land." Marissa has a good sense of humor and is somewhat competitive. One only needs to watch their mini-golf game to see that Steve Cishek's wife knows how to celebrate after making a shot.

Marissa is also apparently a New England Patriots fan, as she puts Patriots stickers on her face when the game is on. Steve is originally from the sleepy Cape Cod town of Falmouth, Massachusetts, and Marissa was a first-grade teacher there. They actually started dating in 2004 when they were both in high school. According to Marissa, Steve caught her eye on the basketball court. They were married in November of 2012. The wedding took place in their hometown and they're still holding it all together. It's a shame Steve never played in the Cape Cod baseball league-- that's one of the best things about the Cape.

05/11/14 (Updated)

Jarrod Saltalamacchia's wife Ashley Saltalamacchia

OK, we're going to play this one straight for now, until we unleash DJ Pullout on this post. Jarrod Saltalamacchia's wife Ashley Saltalamacchia was his gym teacher. Intrigued? Read on...

In 2003, Royal Palm Beach High School catching stud Jarrod Saltalamacchia was making a name for himself aside from the already unforgettable surname he already carried. Salty was drafted in the first round by the Atlanta Braves, and one would assume that Royal Palm Beach would be buzzing with the hometown kid who was about to make it.
There's a pretty solid chance however, that Salty was creating buzz in his hometown for an entirely different reason.
Enter Ashley Saltalamacchia nee Patrick or Perry (which no one can really seem to nail down). Ashley was a gym teacher at Royal Palm Beach High while Jarrod was a student there, though she later confirmed that she never actually taught him. Ashley was in fact one of the first to supply details of their relationship in an 2006 interview with the Atlanta Journal Constitution, citing the need to get in front of the story before it became a scandal. Ashley, who was born in 1971, 14 years before Jarrod, said that the two began dating in the fall of 2004, a year after he graduated. They were married on July 12, 2005, less than a year after their relationship reportedly began. The couple lives in West Palm Beach, FL in the offseason, with their three children (youngest born in April, 2011).

DJ Pullout, the floor is yours:

Good for him. I would bang her too. I mean chicks hit their sexual prime way later than dudes do. So what if she is robbing the cradle. I wish I were in that cradle. Sign me up..... take me to jail. I wonder what their kids will say when they realize that. Also... you think they were like getting it on in the locker room? If so Boys or Girls locker room? I bet they were in the girls locker room. Saltalamacchia looks like the type that would be in there stealing girls panties. What a perv.