Kansas City Royals Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Alex Gordon's wife Jamie Gordon



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We couldn't justifiably write this post and pretend to be saints. We've certainly had our fair share of posts where we were less than kind, though we certainly try to reflect facts, arguments, and opinions, while avoiding unnecessary name calling.

That, however, wasn't the case when it came to Alex Gordon's wife Jamie Gordon's interview on Dallas Sports Talk Radio, KTCK. After Jamie was unable to answer a couple relatively easy questions (Do you know who Yoko Ono is? for example), the board operator began playing a clip saying "stupid bitch." The hosts continued the interview and continued playing the clip, without ever apologizing to Jamie or letting her get in on the joke. As if the mean spirited interview wasn't enough, the Kansas City Royals public relations department demanded an apology from the hosts, who declined to apologize to Gordon directly. They did graciously agree to apologize to the PR staff as it was their job to pass it along as a liasion to the player.

Alex and Jamie Gordon have roots in Nebraska, both hailing from Lincoln. Each went to school at Nebraska and has decided to return to Lincoln to live and raise their children in the offseason. In an interview with Huskers.com, Gordon told them his reasons for returning to Lincoln:

Raising children is a full-time job. Her family lives in Lincoln and mine does, too. Lincoln has that home-town feel for both of us. When you grow up in Lincoln, it feels like home whenever you go back.

The couple has one son together, Max, who was born in September, 2010. Alex Gordon was the Royals 2012 Roberto Clemente nominee with each team having one representative nominated for the annual award for giving back. Unsurprisingly, Jamie is involved in a variety of charitable endeavors with the Royals Wives, including the annual Royals coat drive and working closely with adopt-a-pet.com for local pet adoption drives.


Billy Butler's wife Katie Butler



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Billy Butler should be a hero to every guy out there who could stand to lose a couple pounds. Dude is not only the cult hero to fantasy nerds everywhere, but he's become an All Star player making a real name for himself on the Kansas City Royals. With the Royals looking like the sleeper darling of MLB for the 2013 season, it's likely that the world will lean more about Billy Butler as the season wears on.

Billy Butler's wife Katie Butler has been there through the lean years in Kansas City, and is probably as ready as anyone for some success. Despite spending the offseason in Arizona, the couple is growing roots in the Kansas City area, developing charitable foundation to help feed needy local families. Through his Hit-It-A-Ton Foundation, Billy will donate $250 for each home run he hits, and $125 for every double. To date, the organization has raised more than $250,000. Taking a look at Billy's career home run & double totals of 103 and 217 respectively, the charity has also raised another $200K in other events.

Billy and Katie are grounded in their charitable work. Speaking at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, after being named Each year the Hutch Award recipient (which is awarded annually to the player embodying honor, courage and dedication of the late Fred Hutchinson namesake) Billy discussed the importance of giving back in his life:

"I have learned from my charity back in Kansas City that there are many people who cannot afford to buy even a can of corn," he said. "My family has been very blessed, and Katie and I feel very strongly that we teach our daughter to give back."

Billy and Katie Butler were married in 2008 and have two daughters: Kenley, born in 2010 and Karsyn Lynn born in January 2013.


Bo Jackson's wife Linda Jackson



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Bo Jackson has done A LOT during his lifetime. He was a two time state champion sprinter in high school, Heisman winner in college, played two sports professionally and most recently, added big time charity organizer to his resume. And through his rise and fall (and subsequent rise again) has been Bo Jackson’s wife Linda.

Jackson started garnering national attention as a high school senior in Alabama. He mashed 20 home runs in 25 games and ran for over 1000 yards. It’s probably obvious that Jackson was pretty fast, but in case you were uncertain we should also mention he twice was state champion in the 100 meters. He stayed local for college, choosing to take his talents to Auburn. This was a fateful decision for Jackson, and not for reasons apparent at first.

It was at Auburn during his junior year that Bo met his future wife Linda. She was in grad school at the time. Early on in their relationship, they had a defining moment – pregnancy. Linda admitted at first she was not certain Bo would stick around, but he showed great character by settling down and ultimately marrying her in 1987. They have three children – Garret, Nicholas and Morgan. Linda went on to get her masters in counseling psychology from Auburn and reportedly works at a local hospital.

Jackson’s story is one with a tragic ending. He exploded on the scene as one of the first major two sport athletes, and was the first to be an All-Star in two different sports. He dazzled the nation in the 1989 MLB All Star game and punished defenses (specifically Brian Bosworth) in the NFL. He was also helped Nike establish themselves as a premier sports company with the “Bo Knows” ad campaign. In only his 4th year, Jackson suffered a horrible hip injury during the playoffs, which eventually left him needing a hip replacement. This injury ended his football career and all but finished life in baseball as well. What it didn’t stop him from doing was a 300 mile charity bike ride in 2012. Jackson created Bo Bikes Bama to support victims of the tornado that badly damaged areas in Alabama.