Kansas City Royals Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Johnny Cueto's wife Jennifer Ruiz

Johnny Cueto's wife Jennifer Ruiz took part in a parade with Johnny in the Dominican Republic in an area called the Sarmiento Sector-- his birthplace. The parade started at the airport where they arrived and continued all the way to the Lions Club near the Sarmiento Sector. The details of this whole event are sort of unclear but I know there's also religious undertones because reports mentioned a large mass happening. Johnny's a big hero in his home town, and they know how to welcome him back after he wins 20 games.

Jennifer has probably asked Johnny not to include any pictures of her online, because she's got an amazing streak of no-shows on the internet. Aside from Johnny Cueto's wife Jennifer Ruiz being the mother of his children, she's also apparently a good mom. The birthday party they gave their daughter Linda was pretty extravagant by American standards. It featured three stacks of cupcakes, party favors, a large box of donuts, celebratory beaded necklaces, and tons of balloons. Jennifer also puts up with Johnny's heinously powerful stereo system in his van. It's less of a stereo system and more of a high-powered concert system on wheels. It features the most speakers I've ever seen in a motor vehicle, and when the back of the van is opened, the speakers are on each door and fill the middle of the van. It's really something to behold.

Johnny Cueto's mother hangs out with him and the kids a lot at his place, and she cooks him meals like he used to have back home. She's pictured here hanging out in the backyard by the buffet table they have set up. Johnny's wife is never anywhere to be found in pictures, but she must play a big part in all this food preparation (unless Johnny just has a personal chef making all the delicious foods). There's a lot of swimming in pools and eating of delicious foods in the tropics with this couple and his family. Hey, I'd happily take part in this lifestyle too if I was a 20-game winner and set for a $200M payday this offseason.


Eric Hosmer's girlfriend Kacie McDonnell

Apparently Eric Hosmer's girlfriend Kacie McDonnell was already engaged this year, but that is ancient history. For some probably sick reason, I always find it fascinating to hear about people who were very recently engaged and now dating someone else (bonus points if they're more famous). Don't worry internet, they will all be just fine in the end.

So the deal is that Aaron Murray, young and handsome Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, broke up with the also young and super attractive Miss McDonnell sometime in January. So yes, Eric Hosmer's girlfriend Kacie McDonnell had the appropriate sitting-around-eating-ice-cream time to let things cool right off. If it was ice cream, though, it must have been non-fat, because she is just as much a knockout as she's ever been. I sort of can't believe she's as young as Aaron Murray. Hosmer is clearly the better choice from a financial standpoint, but I'm an outsider in this and I'm pretty sure Kacie wasn't assessing it from that angle.

Kacie is also a soccer sideline reporter, but at the time of meeting Murray while he was still attending Georgia, she would fly down to Athens to be with him. She also gave up her career to be with him in Kansas City, and now that they're over she was quoted as saying: "I'm loving my career in Kansas City. I'm really committed to being a part of this community for the time being..." No biggy, guys-- she's moving on to bigger and better things. Here's the really weird thing: Kacie is the brother of the guy who was engaged to Andi Dorman from The Bachelor. Yes, I watch The Bachelor, and yes I'm happy Andi and that guy split up. It all makes total sense now too. Kacie looks exactly like that dude. She's got the excellent baseball connections since that guy was trying to be a pro. Now she's the pro....at nabbing big name baseball players.


Ned Yost's Wife Deborah Yost

Ned Yost's Wife Deborah Yost is originally from the South, Georgia to be specific, and that's where the two of them ended up settling. All of their kids (four of them!) were raised in Georgia and Ned considers himself more of a "Southern guy now than a California guy". So it might surprise you that Ned is actually a huge Giants fan, as he was originally from California. While that might seem like a conflict of interest, Yost has his Royals heading into game 7 with the Giants ready for victory after last night's game 6 shutout victory.

Deborah Yost has a huge family, spreading from Alabama to Mississippi to Louisiana to Georgia, so holidays are quite the affair. Christmas time in particular is a big event, when there is always hunting and fishing, and a bonfire to close out the night. Ned and Deborah, as mentioned earlier, have four children. One daughter, Jenny, and three sons, Ned IV (a coach with the Brewers minor league system), Josh (a motocross rider) and Andrew.