Chris Young’s wife Elizabeth Young

Chris Young's wife Elizabeth Young - cranepoolforum

Chris Young’s wife Elizabeth Young has been around sports her entire life, even if not around baseball. Chris Young’s wife (who also goes by Liz Young) is the great-granddaughter of Lester Patrick, for whom the NHL’s Patrick Division and Lester Patrick trophy were named. The…

Kendrys Morales’ wife Yarley Morales

Kendrys Morales wife Yarley Morales

Kendrys Morales’ wife Yarley Morales has had two children with him, Hanely and Kendrys Jr. Kendrys had previously had a daughter with another lady from back in the days when he was living in his home country of Cuba. She is now 12 years old….

Luke Hochevar’s wife Ashley Hochevar

Luke Hochevar's wife Ashley Hochevar - YouTube

Luke Hochevar’s wife Ashley Hochevar married the fella’ on January 20 of 2007 at a church in Tennessee. Ashley set up the wedding to be held in her home town of Paris, Tennessee, and the local paper gave one of the most detailed accounts of…

Salvador Perez’s girlfriend Marig Ruiz

Salvador Perez's girlfriend Marig Ruiz - Instagram

So a couple weeks ago, we put up a post questioning who Salvador Perez’s girlfriend was. The Kansas City faithful (and good Lord are they faithful), came through in a big way and notified us repeatedly of what’s apparently a well known fact. Salvador Perez’s…

Alcides Escobar’s wife Francesca Escobar

Alcides Escobar's wife Francesca Escobar -Instagram

Alcides Escobar’s wife Francesca Escobar has had one child with him and is a frequenter of the Royals locker room based on recent player interviews. I’m not sure if anyone remembers Mr. Escobar from the last time we reported on his ex-wife Leury Moreno, but…

Alex Rios’ Wife Karla Arill-Rios

Alex Rios wife Karla Rios

Alex Rios’ Wife Karla Arill-Rios loved it in Chicago and didn’t want to leave. Unfortunately for Karla though, Alex’s contract only allowed him to block six teams – and the Texas Rangers weren’t one of them. After the Rangers claimed him off waivers, Alex played in Texas…

Edinson Volquez’s wife Roandy

Edinson Volquez Wife Roandy

Edinson Volquez’s wife Roandy had an unfortunate hand in his 50 game MLB suspension. Edinson was suspended for PEDs in 2010, but denied the charge. He claims that he wasn’t taking “esteroids” (as he calls them) but instead was taking fertility drugs. Volquez’s wife had already lost one pregnancy…

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