Kansas City Royals Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Eric Hosmer's girlfriend Kacie McDonnell

Apparently Eric Hosmer's girlfriend Kacie McDonnell was already engaged this year, but that is ancient history. For some probably sick reason, I always find it fascinating to hear about people who were very recently engaged and now dating someone else (bonus points if they're more famous). Don't worry internet, they will all be just fine in the end.

So the deal is that Aaron Murray, young and handsome Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, broke up with the also young and super attractive Miss McDonnell sometime in January. So yes, Eric Hosmer's girlfriend Kacie McDonnell had the appropriate sitting-around-eating-ice-cream time to let things cool right off. If it was ice cream, though, it must have been non-fat, because she is just as much a knockout as she's ever been. I sort of can't believe she's as young as Aaron Murray. Hosmer is clearly the better choice from a financial standpoint, but I'm an outsider in this and I'm pretty sure Kacie wasn't assessing it from that angle.

Kacie is also a soccer sideline reporter, but at the time of meeting Murray while he was still attending Georgia, she would fly down to Athens to be with him. She also gave up her career to be with him in Kansas City, and now that they're over she was quoted as saying: "I'm loving my career in Kansas City. I'm really committed to being a part of this community for the time being..." No biggy, guys-- she's moving on to bigger and better things. Here's the really weird thing: Kacie is the brother of the guy who was engaged to Andi Dorman from The Bachelor. Yes, I watch The Bachelor, and yes I'm happy Andi and that guy split up. It all makes total sense now too. Kacie looks exactly like that dude. She's got the excellent baseball connections since that guy was trying to be a pro. Now she's the pro....at nabbing big name baseball players.


Ned Yost's Wife Deborah Yost

Ned Yost's Wife Deborah Yost is originally from the South, Georgia to be specific, and that's where the two of them ended up settling. All of their kids (four of them!) were raised in Georgia and Ned considers himself more of a "Southern guy now than a California guy". So it might surprise you that Ned is actually a huge Giants fan, as he was originally from California. While that might seem like a conflict of interest, Yost has his Royals heading into game 7 with the Giants ready for victory after last night's game 6 shutout victory.

Deborah Yost has a huge family, spreading from Alabama to Mississippi to Louisiana to Georgia, so holidays are quite the affair. Christmas time in particular is a big event, when there is always hunting and fishing, and a bonfire to close out the night. Ned and Deborah, as mentioned earlier, have four children. One daughter, Jenny, and three sons, Ned IV (a coach with the Brewers minor league system), Josh (a motocross rider) and Andrew.


Omar Infante's Wife Yohanna Infante

Omar Infante's wife Yohanna Infante believes that home is where the heart is. The two native Venezuelans live in Lecheria on the northeast coast of their country. Man, there is a lot of Venezuelan baseball talent in the Majors. The Giants and the Royals are no stranger to that talent either. After last night, Kansas City is really appreciating it more than they ever have. Omar busted the tie and broke the game open.

Omar and wife Yohanna have a son. His name is, presumably, a combination of their names: Yomar. That's a pretty slick move. I wish more couples would do that. Angela and Buck Showalter would have had a kid named Buckula Showalter. That would've been the cat's meow. Yohanna is plenty happy with the huge pay-bumps Omar has taken over the past six years. Compare his Atlanta contract in 2008 of $4.3 million to his four-year 30-plus million deal and we're talking about a lot of financial security. They might be able to buy a few towns in Venezuela after he retires. The couple has been married for over ten years, and they've seen their ups and downs as far as Omar's career goes. Remember back in 2010 when people were trashing Infante as an all-star selection because they felt he didn't have the stats, and Omar agreed with them! Then there was the game back in April where he got nailed in the face by a fastball from Heath Bell, who clearly did not want that to happen. You can only imagine how Yohanna felt when she saw that happen. The worst part was the broadcasters saying "Oh you never want to see that happen" and then replaying it in super slow motion multiple times and zoomed in. I guess that's modern baseball, folks. Yohanna is attending all the home games and wearing her cap, hoping the Royals will pull it off.