St. Louis Cardinals Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Jim Edmonds' wife Meghan Edmonds

Well, if you like watching scripted shows without actual actors, Jim Edmonds' wife Meghan Edmonds can help you. The duo are now signed to appear as regulars on "The Real Housewives of the OC." I watched the trailer, and it looks like your standard horrible reality show about rich people being rich-- you know, the kind that went stale almost immediately when they rose to prominence in the late 90's but still gets viewers. Sorry, but it really is bad when the big dramatic event is a woman nearing her 50's isn't invited to a soiree and they pump in cheap soundtracking to try and elevate the non-existent tension. Meghan herself is in her early 30's, by the way.

Jim Edmonds and wife Meghan Edmonds got hitched in 2014, with Meghan being quoted as saying "I promised myself I would never marry a man who was 11 years older than me and I would never marry a professional athlete." At least she's got a sense of humor. This'll be wife number three for Edmonds. A few weeks ago Meghan and Jimmy boy went to a Blake Shelton concert and got backstage passes. They looked like they were having a decent time. Meghan sort of looks like Heidi Klum in a bunch of her pictures. She's even modeling on a runway in one of them but claims she's only "pretending to be a model."

It appears that Meghan even gets to go in private jets now and again, as there's a picture of her entering what appears to be one in her Instagram. It looks like the couple's having a good time. I'm curious about the Housewives of the OC gig and how much it pays. It's probably decent money, though Edmonds doesn't need it, as he's reportedly worth $35,000,000. So again I'm left wondering-- if he's on his third wife now-- did he sign a prenup? If he didn't and they split, you can rest assured he'll either A) never marry again or B) always sign prenups in the future.


Matt Adams' Wife Carina Adams

Matt Adams' wife Carina Adams graduated from a law school called Widener University back in 2014, and she was married in January of 2015. Their wedding registry is one of the most basic and shortest ones that I've seen. There are twenty-four items on it, and only fifteen were fulfilled. This leads me to believe their wedding was not a very big event and did not have a lot of fanfare. Their marriage license was obtained on December 16, 2014, and their full named (Matthew James Adams and Carina Josephine Struble) appear on it. There are no pictures of the wedding on the internet, and there are basically no pictures of Carina on the internet either, though we do know a few things about the lady.

Matt Adams' wife Carina Adams grew up in Julian, Pennsylvania, and upon graduating from Widener University as a paralegal, she took a job at Torftrees Golf Resort and Conference Center working as a human resources assistant. I guess you gotta' start somewhere, right? Recently, Matt and Carina attended a ceremony at Matt's college of Slippery Rock University to retire his jersey. Carina is a big fan of dolling her hair up and using a lot of product in it, based on the photo of her at the ceremony. She looks like she had a nice time celebrating Matt's past successes at Slippery Rock.

The only other thing of interest that can be gathered about Carina is a car crash incident report from way back in December of 2007 one day after Christmas. This is back when Carina was only 19, and she was traveling with her older sister, Laurel Mae Struble. According to the report, they simply were driving too fast as they came upon a curve in the roadway. They lost control and slammed into an embankment, totalling the 2008 Nissan Altima they'd been driving.

10/27/14 (Updated)

Oscar Taveras And Girlfriend Edilia Arvelo Killed in Car Accident

UPDATED 10/27/2014 6:48pm EST
Various media reports have indicated that Oscar Taveras and girlfriend Edilia Arvelo (who also went by Yamali Arvelo and Jamali Arvelo) have been killed in a car accident in the Dominican Republic, in front of the Coconut Palms Hotel Cabarete. Taveras' agent, Brian Mejia, has confirmed Taveras' death.

Taveras was reportedly driving from Sosua to his home in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, when he was involved in the wreck. A Dominican newspaper, Listian Diario, has identified Oscar Taveras' girlfriend as Edilia Arvelo, only 18 years old. There are unconfirmed reports circulating that Arvelo recently gave birth to the couple's first child, but there have been no qualified media reports supporting this claim.

Taveras was ranked as the number 3 prospect in baseball according to Baseball America, saw his first look at extended big league playing time this season with the St. Louis Cardinals. He split time in right field, and was expected to be given full time assignment in the upcoming 2015 season. Tantalizing talent, and limitless potential swirled around the five tool player that the Cardinals repeatedly rebuffed when brought up in trade discussions.

Oscar Taveras was 22 years old.