Milwaukee Brewers Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Francisco Rodriguez's Ex-Girlfriend Daian Pena

Francisco Rodriguez's ex-wife Daian Pena had to bid him farewell. Who can blame her? K-Rod is known for his "antics" both on the field and off. In the past he's been known to snap at reporters and drop a myriad of f-bombs when he's in a mood. That's really nothing compared to his off-field problems.

The most documented antics for K-Rod and Daian was when he beat up Daian's father. It happened after the Mets blew a lead which K-Rod was supposed to close out. Following the game, he gave reporters an angry mouthful of swears and then beat up Daian's dad at Citi Field. The incident actually caused Rodriguez to rip some muscles in his throwing arm and miss the rest of the season. The Mets suspended him and made him go to an anger management class. Obviously, beating up your fiance's dad is not going to bode well for your relationship. Daian is the mother of two of Francisco's kids, and she split up with him shortly thereafter. This was not the first incident of violence. K-Rod once beat up Daian so bad that she had to be hospitalized in Venezuela, where the two of them are from.

But wait, that's not all. Proving himself as a true bona-fide scumbag, K-Rod was arrested again two years later for beating up another girlfriend and again mother of some other of his kids. This woman then fled the country and flew herself with her kids back to Venezuela. So that's a total of three separate beatings to three of his supposed loved ones. Not a good guy.

K-Rod holds the record for the most saves in a single season with 62 in 2008. He's currently first in the Majors with 27 and an ERA of 2.34. He'll probably be an all-star this year, but it's hard to root for the guy knowing that he beats up basically anyone that gets close to him.


Carlos Gomez's wife Gerandy Gomez

Carlos Gomez is a stalled prospect, but a stalled prospect who has quickly ascended to the top of fantasy darling lists in the span of the past calendar year. Despite a slow start to his MLB career, Gomez has come on strong to become a five took player for the Milwaukee Brewers. During 2013 spring training, the Brewers rewarded him with a new three year contract securing that Carlos Gomez and wife Gerandy Gomez would be part of the Milwaukee family through the 2015 season.

Carlos Gomez's wife Gerandy Gomez is a woman of much mystery. We do know that upon signing his $24,000,000 deal with the Brewers, Carlos told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that he would take Gerandy out to a good dinner, but that this deal wasn't a sign of splurging to come.

I've got a little money, but like people say, 'More money, more problems." I hope it doesn't bring me problems, because I'm looking for safety for my family, and I can give them safety - especially my son."

Speaking of son, Carlos (who is affectionately known as Go-Go), and Gerandy do have one son together. Gomez proudly shows off his boy regularly on Twitter with various pictures like a lot of proud parents, including the similar outfits seen here.

04/11/13 (Updated)

Aramis Ramirez's wife Yudith Ramirez

We talk a lot about fantasy sports on the site and that’s because like most men, we are avid fantasy owners (some of us more than others). So when looking at this year’s 3rd basemen rankings, you can’t help but think it’s really shallow especially when taking injuries to ARod, Wright, Lawrie, Hanley, Headley, Middlebrooks, Zimmerman, Freese, Sandoval (and more) into consideration. One healthy name that really stands out is veteran Aramis Ramirez, playing for the Brewers as he enters his 16th season in the majors.

Ramirez is from the Dominican Republic, where he still lives. Originally drafted by the Pirates in 1994, Ramirez didn't really make a name for himself until he was traded to the Cubs in 2003. Since then he has been one of the most productive and consistent players at the hot corner, averaging 27 home runs and 96 RBIs per year. Even after suffering a dislocated shoulder early in 2009, he bounced back without really losing a step power-wise as you would think with a shoulder injury. However, the Cubs let him walk after the 2011 season, which turned out to be a mistake as Ramirez had a stellar season and finished 9th in MVP voting (the highest in his career).

Spending time with him in Dominican Republic during the offseason is Aramis Ramirez’s wife Yudith Ramirez. Yudith is also from the DR and lives there year round. Ramirez takes pride in his heritage noting that while works in America, he lives in the Dominican. The Ramirez’s have a son, Aramis Jr, who was born in 2004.