Francisco Rodriguez’s Ex-Girlfriend Daian Pena

Francisco Rodriguez's girlfriend Daian Pena

Francisco Rodriguez’s ex-wife Daian Pena had to bid him farewell. Who can blame her? K-Rod is known for his “antics” both on the field and off. In the past he’s been known to snap at reporters and drop a myriad of f-bombs when he’s in…

Carlos Gomez’s wife Gerandy Gomez

Carlos Gomez's wife Gerandy Gomez - Twitter

Carlos Gomez is a stalled prospect, but a stalled prospect who has quickly ascended to the top of fantasy darling lists in the span of the past calendar year. Despite a slow start to his MLB career, Gomez has come on strong to become a…

Aramis Ramirez’s wife Yudith Ramirez

This is not Aramis Ramirez's wife Yudith Ramirez

We talk a lot about fantasy sports on the site and that’s because like most men, we are avid fantasy owners (some of us more than others). So when looking at this year’s 3rd basemen rankings, you can’t help but think it’s really shallow especially…

Jonathan Lucroy’s Wife Sarah Lucroy

Jonathan Lucroy's Wife Sarah Lucroy

A few days ago, Milwaukee Brewers catcher Jonathan Lucroy suffered what is being termed a “boxers fracture” of his right hand in an off-field accident. Apparently, while Lucroy was fishing under the bed for a lost sock, his wife Sarah Lucroy (maiden name Sarah Stokes)…

John Axford’s wife Nicole Axford


Without flinching,… John Axford is hands down, the coolest guy in Major League Baseball. We could start and end this post with a picture of his mustache, or point you to his inspired Twitter account of @johnaxford and very few people would challenge our opening…

Nyjer Morgan’s girlfriend Jordana Lenz


Jordana Lenz is the youngest cast member of the upcoming VH1 Reality Show, Baseball Wives, at only 23 years old. To be honest, Jordana was the only member of the cast we’d never heard of before, so we had to do some digging on her….

Corey Hart’s wife Kristina Hart

Corey Hart’s wife Kristina Hart is the mother of his four children, Alyssa, Matthew, Ryleigh and a fourth whose name we’ve come up empty on searching for. You may have seen Ryleigh before, at the press conference following the announcement that her father won the…

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