San Francisco Giants Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Javier Lopez's Wife Renee Richards Lopez

Javier Lopez's wife Renee Richards Lopez waited until Javier got his degree to marry him. This was at the insistence of Renee's father, whom asked young Javier to wait to get it before getting hitched. My guess is he saw it as incentive? Either way, I like how Renee's father was thinking. Plan for the future and insure yourself with a degree. Mind you, he only finished his degree (in psychology) three years after he was drafted into the Majors. Seems weird to me because-- did Renee's dad make that deal before Javier was drafted or after? It would have been a seriously raw deal to make if he'd already been drafted and his fate was known. Not many pro baseball players go on to become psychologists (or none that I've ever heard of).

Javier and Renee had known each other for quite some time before they started dating at the University of Virginia. They were actually students and friends in high school before they moved on to the mega-university. They've known each other for quite a while, and now they're both hardened parents. They've got two kids, Kylan and Christian, and judging by the thoughtful note that Javier wrote to Renee on Mother's Day, Renee is doing a fantastic job as a mom: "I would like to be the first to wish you a Happy Mother's Day. It has been a great 10 months in the making and our baby girl is lucky to have you as her mother. You are caring, compassionate, and most of all a loving person which are the qualities I fell in love with and our girl will appreciate as she gets older." Now that is very sweet indeed.

Let's see if Javier and wife Renee are up to the task of being World Series parents for a third time. Javier has won two championships before-- one with the Red Sox and one with the Giants in 2010.


Yusmeiro Petit's Wife Veronica Salas

Yusmeiro Petit's wife Veronica Salas is not superstitious. Clearly, she would not have done what she did if she was, and I don't blame her for what she did either. I'm talking, of course, about the near-perfect game her husband missed last year back in September.

Yusmeiro and his wife were both at the game, and Petit was pitching. He'd pitched a perfect game all the way up to the 9th inning with two outs and a 3-2 count, and then police escorted Veronica down to the field so she could celebrate her husband's feat, and some guy got a hit. Damn-- that is rough! It would have been the 24th perfect game in the history of Major League Baseball. He would have had a place in history. Anyway, Yusmeiro's wife Veronica had nothing to do with it, in my opinion. I don't buy into that superstitious mumbo jumbo. It was simply a coincidence that right when she was escorted down to the field, the fella' managed to scrounge a base. I wonder if Veronica told Yusmeiro that she was being escorted down to the field before the game was over? He probably had a good laugh at it.

The couple does not have kids, and they're enjoying it. Coincidentally, Yusmeiro's blown perfect game was not the only shot he had at the record books. He did, in fact, break the National League record for retiring the most consecutive batters. The previous record was 41 by a dude named Jim Barr, and Yusmeiro beat that this August. To add evidence to the theory that superstition is nonsense, take a guess if Yusmeiro Petit's wife Veronica Salas was in the stands the night when Petit broke Barr's record. After it happened, Barr commented, "I guess my life's over now. I can't rest on my laurels anymore."

10/21/14 (Updated)

Gregor Blanco's Wife Mirna Blanco

Gregor Blanco's wife Mirna Blanco likes to hit the beach, and I like to see her hitting the beach. The lovely lady looks even lovelier when she's at the beach in her two piece. She's pretty funny too. I like her tweet regarding what sorts of text messages girls get: 'You gotta text her goodnight if she's special. The other bitches just get the "oh my bad I fell asleep" text in the morning.' Classic, Mirna.

One of Gregor's wife Mirna's favorite activities is hitting the gym. I'm not sure who's there taking pictures of her doing ab crunches while she's there, but she's got the pictures up on her Instagram to prove it, and she's even made a special display that says "abs." That was thoughtful. Though I don't have full confirmation of this, I'm going to assume that Gregor met Mirna in Venezuela. The reason I think this is they're both from there, and Gregor has gone back and forth to and from Venezuela many times over his career to play ball in the winter months. She'll occasionally tweet something to show her support of her home country and various causes to help it. She's also posted a cool picture of a whole gaggle of Major League players from various teams holding the Venezuelan flag. Represent.

Gregor and wife Mirna have a boy named Gregor Jr. and have been married a little over seven years. Gregor actually just gave Mirna a new Jeep Grand Cherokee for her birthday. I once received a cool Matchbox Grand Cherokee for my birthday, or maybe it was Wrangler. Anyway, it's nice to be bankin' some major league bucks. As you might imagine, the couple is very excited to be involved in the World Series, and Mirna will be rallying around big G as the series gets underway.