Washington Nationals Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Denard Span's Girlfriend Shadonna Copeland

Denard Span' girlfriend Shadonna Copeland is an honorary member of the Dream Foundation. This is good karma for the young lady, because raising money for charity is probably the best thing athletes' wives and girlfriends can do outside of becoming directly engaged in charitable causes, and that is just what the Dream Foundation does.

Denard's girlfriend accompanied him to a Dream Foundation event recently where the foundation was able to raise $243,000 by auctioning off collectibles and memorabilia. That's a pretty solid haul if you ask me. Almost a quarter million bucks for some signed bats and smelly used jerseys. Nice work, folks. It's always nice to see people overpaying for silly stuff just to help people in need.

There's no complaints coming from the Nationals organization about Denard's performance on the field this year, as I'm sure there are none from his girlfriend Shadonna. Not only is he leading the league in total hits (with a nice .300 average) but he's hauling in $6.5 million and next year bumping right up to $9 million. That's plenty incentive to stay with Mr. Span (other than being in love and all that sentimental side business). These two do seem quite happy together, and Shadonna is sporting some nice gowns and clothes at the few public appearances she's made with Denard this year. She definitely has a classy sense of style. At home, Span got some nice quality time with his girlfriend Shadonna after banging his knee. It was probably a good idea to let him rest in order to really gear up for the playoffs. Being on a team that will remain in first regardless of wins or losses is always nice if you've got to rest up an injury, and Shadonna will surely let him recoup in order to keep the hit machine cranking along.


Wilson Ramos' Wife Yeli Ramos

Wilson Ramos' wife Yeli Ramos is keeping her Venezeulan roots close out of necessity, but she'd rather be chilling in DC permanently. I can't say I blame Mrs. Ramos. Her man was kidnapped back in 2011 and promptly rescued by commandoes. Man, how insane is that? Commandoes swooped into a mountain hideout and scared the pants off Wilson's captors, and the commandoes were aided by 200 or so police. Good lord Venezuela loves their pro baseballers.

Yeli Ramos is dang hard to find on the internet, and she probably could care less right now since she just gave birth. Wilson's wife is now a proud mother of a baby girl. Since Wilson's nickname is Buffalo, the internet has taken to calling his daughter Buffalita ("little buffalo). Getting a visa to enter the States has proven a headache for Yeli, but Wilson did manage to get her in so she could have their daughter on US grounds. Now Buffalita is a citizen, and Yeli will be on her way to getting a green card-- a process that generally takes a few years.

The couple was married last winter and, incidentally, how about that wedding photo of Wilson and his wife Yeli? Good lord is that a humble wedding or what? I feel that the United States needs to start taking cues from other countries and do the casual ceremony like these guys. No silly tuxedos or garish wedding dresses needed! Just pop on a collared shirt and you're on your way, my catcher's-mitted friend. Speaking of baseball, Wilson is a standup player. He's managed to keep his average hovering around .270 his entire career, and this year he's up around .280. I'm thinking the Buffalita is his new good luck charm.


Drew Storen's Girlfriend Brittani Hopkins

Drew Storen's girlfriend Brittani Hopkins does not ascribe to D.A.R.E.'s philosophy, for she has "just said yes." Okay, I'm sorry for that, folks, but what could be better a better complement to a cheesy marriage proposal than a cheesy celebration of it? Brittani herself posted the picture (presumably taken by an employee of the fine establishment they were frequenting) on her Twitter page. By the way, you don't actually need to say "I'm a happy girl" after you post a picture of yourself elatedly clutching your mouth in front of your kneeling fiance. People can connect the dots, my dear.

Drew's girlfriend is a Purdue graduate and lover of the Boilermakers by association. She's tweeted some pretty standard pictures of her attending and appreciating Purdue contests along with some supportive words for her future husband. He deserves some kind words now (at the very least from his ball club). Drew throws a scorching fastball and has earned himself a nice and scraggy 1.23 ERA. As a rule, front office executives should be sitting up and taking notice as soon as they see a "1" in front of the words ERA, especially if the guy has pitched 50+ innings. Do that for enough series, and your cheesy marriage proposal success rate skyrockets.

It's not like Drew's girlfriend and future wife needs a low ERA to make her decision. If I'm not mistaken, Brittani hails from one of my least favorite places in America, Terre Haute. Now, I realize this is the very same where Larry Legend went to school (Indiana State U.) but just trust me-- the Terre Haute of 2014 is not gracing the covers of any travel brochures. She's a good egg, though. It's a tough mission to subject yourself to the grinding schedule of a professional baseball player, but she's fared well thus far, and after 5 years, it's time to join the ranks of the Nationals' Wives.