Ryan Zimmerman’s wife Heather Downen Zimmerman

Ryan Zimmerman wife Heather Downen

Ryan Zimmerman’s wife Heather Downen Zimmerman is a dedicated mom of two kids. Before becoming a full-time mom, Heather worked two cool careers. First, she worked as an associate producer at a news show. Then, she became a sales rep for a tech firm. She is certainly a capable person, but she decided to become a full-time mother shortly after marrying Ryan. They dated for years after she returned to the D.C. area after graduating college….

Daniel Murphy’s wife Victoria Ahern Murphy

Daniel Murphy's wife Tori Murphy - Facebook

Daniel Murphy’s wife Victoria Ahern Murphy gave birth to their first son in March of 2014. Prior to the birth, they married in 2012 and began dating in 2007. Since they are both Florida natives, they return to the state often. Tori grew up wailing softball pitches and eventually earned a scholarship to North Florida. When Tori finished her softball career and got pregnant, she became an assistant coach for a Florida high school. Her father was…

Stephen Strasburg’s wife Rachel Lackey


Stephen Strasburg’s wife Rachel Lackey Strasburg is one of the many fond memories he’ll be taking away from college.  Yes, he assembled one of the most prolific stat lines in college history, but, he also took care of business off the diamond as well.  Because, Stephen Strasburg’s wife came into his life during his time at SDSU as well. Stephen and Rachel Strasburg married January 9, 2010.  The wedding took place near Strasburg’s San Diego home….

Bryce Harper’s girlfriend Kayla Varner

Byrce Harper's girlfriend Kayla Varner - Instagram

What a strange journey it’s been for Bryce Harper’s girlfriend Kayla Varner. Bryce Harper and Kayla Varner spent years doting on one another across social media platforms. From tweets to each other, and then retweets of the other, it was very apparent that Kayla Varner was the only woman in his life. Bryce Harper’s girlfriend Kayla Varner first grabbed the mainstream internet’s attention when the couple’s engagement pictures were put up on their photographers blog…

Tanner Roark’s Wife Amanda Roark


Tanner Roark’s wife Amanda Roark traveled to the famous Cove Atlantis in the Bahamas in January this year. Once while taking a tour, I drove by the place on a boat, and it looked really impressive. It made me want to go and vacation there. I, however, am not a top baseball pro. Vacationing at Atlantis is just one of those things that professional baseball players do with their wives. On top of that, Tanner and Amanda…

Gio Gonzalez’s girlfriend Angela Rypien

Gio Gonzalez's girlfriend Angela Rypien

Gio Gonzalez’s girlfriend Angela Rypien plays in the Lingerie football league. I actually didn’t even know that this league still existed! The league rebranded itself as the Legends Football League, but it’s the same concept. She was a quarterback for the Seattle Mist and Baltimore Charm , which makes sense given the fact that she is the daughter of former Super Bowl MVP Mark Rypien. Gio Gonzalez’s girlfriend Angela Rypien popped up on Twitter with some dot connecting Tweets about…

Gio Gonzalez’s wife Berenice Lea Moures


Gio Gonzalez’s wife Berenice Lea Moures is the mother of their son Enzo. They had him in March of 2016. Since Gio asked Berenice to marry him early in 2016, she is very happy. The couple also owns a French Bulldog named Stitch. He’s a bit of a chubber, but Gio saw no reason not to commission a painting of him. It’s quite common for the two of them to take pictures with the little fellow. I…

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