Michael Fulmer’s Wife Kelsey Fulmer


Michael Fulmer’s wife Kelsey Fulmer enjoyed a short trip to Las Vegas last Novemeber. A few weeks before Vegas, Michael participated in a Miracle League baseball game for special needs children. Kelsey shared on social media how proud she is of him. Kelsey manages to get to the gym in between travel and baseball. Now that the season ended, she can do more. When I say more, I mean anything besides going to downtown Detroit…

Nick Castellanos’ Wife Vanessa Castellanos

Nick Castellanos' wife Vanessa Castellanos - Twitter

Nick Castellanos’ wife Vanessa Castellanos has not been seen on social media since 2014, likely because she became embarrassed after talking smack to Nick’s teammate on Twitter. The story was covered by Detroit sports media back then, but essentially what happened is Nick’s teammate said some disparaging things about him in a post-game interview and Vanessa got mad. After Vanessa got mad, she tweeted that “karma is a funny thing” in the middle of a…

Jose Iglesias’ wife Arlene Iglesias

Jose Iglesias' wife Arlene Iglesias

You know, the zoo seems to be a place where pro athletes go with their families just like regular people like you and me. Jose Iglesias’ wife Arlene Iglesias was there with him a week ago, bopping around with their son Jose Jr. They managed to take a pretty blah picture, but they’re all together so I guess it’s not blah to them (the least you could do is situate yourselves in front of the…

JD Martinez’s girlfriend Ariana Aubert

JD Martinez's girlfriend Ariana Aubert

JD Martinez’s girlfriend Ariana Aubert’s free time appears to mainly consist of traveling and enjoying television programs, from what we can tell. She’s a big fan of The Walking Dead, she likes going to tropical settings, and she’s no stranger to the beach. Back in 2012 she even went skydiving. Actually, let’s be real – that’s a pretty great list of stuff to be into. Not having kids yet means Ariana can really get out…

Rajai Davis’ Wife Marissa Davis

Rajai Davis' wife Marissa Davis - Twitter

Rajai Davis’ wife Marissa Davis had her first child with Rajai about one year ago in September of 2013, which means the couple recently celebrated the kid’s first birthday. Generally this entails very little other than an infant making a mess and acting infantile. So yeah, the birthday bash was likely not very glamorous. I really like that Rajai Davis led the league in “caught stealing” a few years back. I mean, it shows character….

Brad Ausmus’ Wife Liz Ausmus

Brad Ausmus' wife Liz Ausmus

Brad Ausmus’ wife Liz Ausmus is standing by her man in these transitional times as he attempts to launch his stand-up comedy career. It’s been rough going because Brad is also managing a professional baseball team on the side, and coming up with new material to try out in front of sports reporters is brutally difficult. Part of the difficulty in becoming a stand-up comedian is talking about sensitive topics in a way that is…

Doug Fister’s girlfriend Ashley Phelps

Doug Fister's girlfriend Ashley Phelps - Twitter

You always like seeing the stories of couples developing from a young age, and staying together through the stresses and rigors of minor and major league baseball. In the case of Tigers pitcher, Doug Fister, the Merced, CA native appears to be staying true to his high school crush. Doug Fister’s girlfriend Ashley Phelps was a classmate at Golden Valley High School in Merced. While Fister came up through the Mariners organization before getting dealt…

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