Detroit Tigers Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Brad Ausmus' Wife Liz Ausmus



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Brad Ausmus' wife Liz Ausmus is standing by her man in these transitional times as he attempts to launch his stand-up comedy career. It's been rough going because Brad is also managing a professional baseball team on the side, and coming up with new material to try out in front of sports reporters is brutally difficult. Part of the difficulty in becoming a stand-up comedian is talking about sensitive topics in a way that is genuinely funny, and Ausmus has thus far not found his groove. He has, however, been making in-roads with other more successful comics-- networking, hanging out, taking notes, but generally speaking it's been quite the uphill battle. Ausmus knows Adam Sandler is not going to come along and ask him to be his personal assistant and joke-writer. Though he's not quite been able to elevate his game and get booked in a high-brow club like LA's Comedy Store, there have been signs of improvement. The set he delivered on 6/18, though poorly written, did manage to squeek out a few sympathetic laughs. Uncomfortable and strained as some of them were, they were the first laughs he's managed to wrench out of the audience since making the decision to try and go pro.

"I don't know if this one's gonna fly, Lizzy," Brad told his wife as he rehearsed for the show that night, "It seems a bit insensitive towards battered women."

"No, no, I'm telling you, hunny, it's gonna be great!" Liz reassured her husband. She knew he was searching for that stage confidence that had thus far proved elusive. She recalled the last open-mic where he had reverted back to simply droning on about baseball, and she shuddered at the memory of the deathly silence in the room. Why did her husband always get the stiffest audiences? She tried to remember a time when she'd even seen one of them having a drink while he was fumbling through his set.

Brad is a believer in the sage words of Kobe Bryant, which I will now recite to you: "You miss 100% of the bowling pins that you don't try and knock down...with your basketball." What Ausmus takes it to mean is you've got to try out a joke to know if it's a home run or a strikeout.


Doug Fister's girlfriend Ashley Phelps



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You always like seeing the stories of couples developing from a young age, and staying together through the stresses and rigors of minor and major league baseball. In the case of Tigers pitcher, Doug Fister, the Merced, CA native appears to be staying true to his high school crush. Doug Fister's girlfriend Ashley Phelps was a classmate at Golden Valley High School in Merced. While Fister came up through the Mariners organization before getting dealt to Detroit, Phelps began work as a high school science teacher. She also serves as the girls water polo coach for Merced High School - located across the city from the school where she and Fister first met.

Phelps is charitably minded, being a frequent participant in Tigers Wives Association events. In 2012, she competed in a half marathon helping to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in memory of two grandparents she lost to cancer. Fister's teammates even recognize her giving spirit, as catcher Bryan Pena told Fox Sports Detroit, “Doug takes a lot of time to work with kids, problem kids and all kinds, with his girlfriend."

Fortunately, Ashley gave the world one more gift as well. She's the reason that Fister decided to join Twitter - Thanks, Ash!


David Price's girlfriend Tiffany Nicole



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Man, I wish I had written this article 8 hours ago.

When news first broke about David Price's girlfriend Tiffany Nicole teeing off on Fenway fans, I was about to write a complete teardown of both parties in this couple. I was going to destroy Price for his overblown reactions complaining about David Ortiz following Game 2 of the ALDS. Unfortunately, David Price has made the most sincere effort to apologize in recent athlete Twitter screw ups. He's offered heartfelt apologies for fans, and those he went after, even going so far as to call Ortiz away from the field to apologize. He took himself off the hook before I ever got the chance to go after him. Damn your sincere apology, David Price.

Tiffany Nicole on the other hand, isn't apologizing for her comments, but also isn't standing by them as she once did. Following Saturday's game 2 in Boston, Nicole went to Twitter to announce to the world just how awful everyone from Boston truly is saying:

@MsKansasState: Convinced that there must be a written rule that in order to be a Red Sox fan, you have to be a complete and utter POS. Wow!. - 5:55PM, October 4. 2013

@MsKansasState:: Wow he pimped the crap out of that homerun. #KeepItClassyBoston - 8:37 PM October 5, 2013

OK so we've all been there: frustrated and want to declare everyone something (like POS). And while it's a bit of a broad brush to assign every Sox fan on earth the POS tag, we've heard it before. That said, it's probably pretty easy to assign a title to a group if faced with harrassing comments, ridicule, or even the occasional thrown beer.

In my personal experience, I've been to 12 MLB stadiums, and without hesitation the worst treatment I ever got was in Tampa Bay. So what's my point here? The truth is, everyone sucks. Every sports fan in every city is an awful form of human being. People suck. Some Red Sox fans suck. Some Yankee fans suck. Some Orioles fans suck (well, they suck now, five years ago when they were terrible they were fun to drink with). And some Rays fans suck. We drink too much, we are rude to women and children, and most of the time, we have no idea what we're talking about.

Writing this 8 hours ago would have sounded different. But writing in the moment is how we get here. I actually kind of get the Twitter meltdowns, and hope Boston has a chance to redeem itself to David Price and his girlfriend Tiffany Nicole. With Price very possibly on the move this offseason we'd love the opportunity to welcome him to the city we call hope (that said we're not so naive to actually believe Tampa will trade him to a division rival,... but a fan can dream, right?)