Darren O’Day’s wife Elizabeth Prann

Darren O'Day's wife Elizabeth Prann - Twitter

Darren O’Day’s wife Elizabeth Prann is a big-time news reporter with a degree in journalism from Florida University. At one time, she was a lacrosse player at Florida, and she was a sorority member in those days at Delta Gamma (not like the specific name…

Bud Norris’ girlfriend Rachel Burns

Bud Norris' girlfriend Rachel Burns

Sometimes people break up. I know, it’s sad, but it’s true. And without sounding like we’re whining about how the plight of a professional athletes dating life make our job harder on this site,….. it really does make our job harder (fine, we’re whining). Fortunately…

Cal Ripken’s Wife Kelly Ripken

Cal Ripken’s wife Kelly Ripken married the legendary baseball player back in 1987, and the couple are still keeping the love alive. Man, you’ve got to admire Cal Ripken. He’s the Iron Man. You don’t need me to tell you why he was awesome on…

Andrew Miller’s Wife Katie Miller

Andrew Miller's wife Katie MIller - tumblr

Andrew Miller’s wife Katie Miller was another one of those “I getcha’ ‘cuz I lived it” types. She was a competitive soccer player at Duke. Apparently they get really competitive together whenever Duke and Andrew’s alma mater North Carolina play. As detailed in ESPN’s article,…

Buck Showalter’s Wife Angela Showalter

Buck Showalter's wife Angela Showalter - NaplesNews.com

Buck Showalter’s wife Angela is known as the manger’s wife who was serenaded by three of the manager’s players back in Texas. She’s an old hand at appearing at charity events and benefits. At this particular event, her husband Buck was still managing for the…

Zach Britton’s Wife Courtney Britton

Zach Britton's wife Courtney Britton - Twitter

Zach Britton’s wife Courtney Britton (formerly girlfriend Courtney Leggett) is on her way to becoming a lawyer. She attended Southern Methodist University and finished up in 2011. By my calculations, she has had more than enough time to pass the bar and become a full-timer….

Bud Norris’ Girlfriend Aubree Gerardi

Bud Norris' girlfried Aubree Gerardi - Twitter

Bud Norris’ girlfriend Aubree Gerardi is a young blonde who just might be more in love with her dog than with her boyfriend. I’ve seen plenty of pro athlete girlfriend Twitter accounts, and Aubree is steadily outpacing them all in sheer volume of pictures taken…

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