NBA Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


James Harden's girlfriend Farrah Flossit

Another day, another girl taking a sleeping bed shot and posting it on Instagram. Farrah Flossit, who clearly would like the title of James Harden's girlfriend recently posted a photo of herself just having awoken in the early hours next to a sleeping James Harden. We're using the term "girlfriend" pretty loosely here, I think, but Farrah seems to have cozied up enough to earn it. I don't really struggle with why some women take these sleeping shots. It's a trophy, and they must sense they won't be around for too long so they figure they've got nothing to lose.

Farrah herself seems to like hip hop and rapping. She asks people to send her beats to her email so she can come up with different rhymes. James Harden's "girlfriend" also considers herself something of an Instagram model, posing nude and covering her private area with her hand. She also has a few tattoos which some have called "kiss lips near the kitty." They're the marks made from kissing with lipstick on. There's a ton of not-so-nice comments made on Farrah's Instagram account, and I think she sort of courts controversy with the selection of photos she chooses to post. One commenter says "Like word James Harden, c'mon man. This ugly ass thirst trap. I know you hit 3's on the court; but off too. Shake my head..." People can be mean, Farrah.

Farrah seems to breed a lot of anger on the internet, but she seems harmless enough, if you ignore her strange pictures lying in bed licking the barrel of a revolver. Like I said, Farrah enjoys courting controversy. It's not the 1950's-- she's free to do what she pleases.


Chandler Parsons' girlfriend Toni Garrn

Chandler Parsons' girlfriend Toni Garrn is a pretty big name model who has previously dated Leonardo Dicaprio. She has a pretty memorable face, and it's very symmetrical and, of course, pleasing to the eye. She and Chandler were spotted on the streets of Manhattan holding hands and kissing, and she went ahead and posted the picture of them kissing on her Instagram to keep things transparent or whatever. Why go to TMZ when you can just look at her own pictures, right?

Toni holds court with other big name models, including Marko Jaric's ex-wife Adriana Lima. You see them hanging out at fashion events on the red carpet. Chandler Parsons' girlfriend Toni Garnn is kind of a big deal in the fashion world, because she takes pictures with big designers as well. Karl Lagerfeld took some pics with her. It may be that she was modeling some of his clothes. She's super tall and has the perfect modeling body. She has two Instagram accounts-- one where it's all portfolio work, and the other is her more personal moments where she's just snapping photos like us mortals. She seems to have a really good sense of humor too. She does a lot of jokey type stuff with videos like lip-sync from cartoons. It looks like she does a good amount of charity work too, but I'm a little confused about what charities they are-- something having to do with AIDS I think?

Toni's also been on the cover of Vogue, and that's essentially the Mt. Olympus of being a model. Once you're on the cover of that magazine, you're like a goddess. She seems to take it in stride. She's also been on the cover of Bazaar-- another huge modeling accomplishment. I watched Toni do one of those yoga things where you do a handstand and then walk up the wall and walk down. It looks like good exercise. What else can I say about this woman? It's Toni Garrn, people. She's a quintessential super model.


Montrezl Harrell's girlfriend Randi Ewing

Montrezl Harrell's girlfriend Randi Ewing is indeed the daughter of Patrick Ewing, and she completed her masters in communications from Louisville after graduating from Fordham here in New York City. I've been reading her blog, and it's mostly about her studies from college in communications and how to reach people via social media in business.

Apparently back when the 2012 Olympics were happening Montrezel Harrell's girlfriend Randi Ewing got to travel to London and work as a production assistant for NBC. That's certainly a nice start to a broadcast journalism career. I know a few player wives and girlfriends in the past have gotten their degree in broadcast journalism and then seemed to have trouble knowing what to do next. Becoming a production assistant is what I would call a the perfect move in that field. Before Randi started doing stuff in the real world, though, she was a killer volleyball player. Apparently at both Fordham and Louisville she was known for blocks. Blocks in volleyball is just when you stuff the ball back in the other team's zone after they try to hit it into yours. She was only the fourth player in Fordham history to record 300 blocks, and she didn't even play her freshman year because of a shin injury.

I also read Randi's post about her trip to Nevada. She comes off kind of whiny in the first part because she's complaining about air travel and how her flight (presumably with Montrezl) was cancelled. Sorry, Randi, but airlines suck. You should know that by now. After they managed to jump on another flight and get to Nevada, they went to Las Vegas and then the Grand Canyon. Apparently Randi really dug the canyon. She said, "Seeing the Grand Canyon was literally the most humbling and amazing experiences I have had in my lifetime. Seeing something that large and naturally made really makes you feel small in the scheme of things and very appreciative."