NBA Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Danny Ferry's wife Tiffany Ferry


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Danny Ferry and wife Tiffany Ferry seem like good people. After meeting in Cleveland during Danny's playing days, and marrying in the summer of 1995, Danny credits his wife with helping his game. During hundreds of offseason training hours, Tiffany fed him the ball, helped in part by her past as a former softball pitcher.

The athletic couple went on to have their own starting five of children, Hannah, Grace, Sophia, Lucy and Jackson. The family is involved in multiple charitable endeavors, most notably with Danny on the board for Playing for Peace, a non-profit organization using basketball to unite children across the world.

The Ferry's have built the American dream. Great job, great family, charitable work. Yet as hunky-dory as their life seems, they still might struggle to escape this one unscathed

With the sports world buzzing about controversies with Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Donald Sterling and Jeff Wilpon, Danny Ferry is the latest to add his name to the list. On a conference call in June, 2014, Ferry was recorded speaking about free agent Luol Deng. The Atlanta Journal Constitution obtained a recording of the call, where Ferry can be heard saying:

"He's a good guy overall ... but he's not perfect. He's got a little African in him. And I don't mean that in a bad way,"

In reference to being a locker room lawyer who toes the line with coached around and complains when they're not around, Ferry went on to describe Deng as a shady shop owner; promising one thing and delivering another. For his part, Ferry has admitted to saying the remarks, but said he was reading from a scouting report on Deng. He does not reference this report on the recording.

On September 12, Danny Ferry requested and received an indefinite leave of absence from his duties as GM.

With Danny set to be around the house more, let's hope his wife Tiffany can handle it. We'll keep an eye on this one as it unfolds.


Jamal Crawford's Wife Tori Crawford



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These two just got married a couple days ago, and Jamal Crawford's wife Tori Crawford was able to mix-a-lot at her wedding. Yes, Sir Mix-a-Lot was a surprise musical guest, and he performed his early 90's hit "Baby Got Back" to guests including Chris Paul, Grant Hill, and pretty much his whole team of Clippers.

Jamal's wife Tori has something to be proud of in the fact that Jamal is only the fourth person in history to win the NBA sixth man award twice. His value to a team is clear, and his value to Sir-Mix-a-Lot's career cannot be overstated. Tori herself is 29 years old and the mother of two. She's busy all the time taking care of the little ones. Their son is named JJ and their daughter is named London. She also helps take care of Jamal's first son, Eric.

Tori is a fairly private wife for Jamal, but the two are actively involved in community reach-out programs and charity. Jamal himself seems like a really generous, cool dude. He's friends with basically all the top athletes. His last birthday, the 13-year NBA vet got a shout-out from Floyd Mayweather wishing him a good year. He's been photographed hanging with Kobe, Isaiah Thomas (who attended his wedding), and of course all the Clips. Tori is a bit more private and likes to stay home with the kids, though the two enjoy vacations in the offseason and spending quality time at their current pad in Los Angeles. Jamal makes some decent cash to support his wife. His biggest earning year was 2010-2011, when he made $10.8 million. Last year he pulled down a cool $5.2 million. One of the most impressive stats I found from Crawford was his league-leading .927 free throw percentage back in the 2011-2012 season. Only 206 attempts but that's nothing to sneeze at.


Greg Oden Charged with Battery on Girlfriend



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Greg Oden was arrested earlier this morning in Lawrence, IN after allegedly punching his ex-girlfriend in the face. He was charged with battery and you can see his mugshot here. While Oden was described by officers as "calm, apologetic and cooperative", he did not deny the charges and took full responsibility.

Oden told officers that he and the woman in question had dated for two years but that she was no longer his girlfriend and that the pair had been broken up for two months. Another woman present in the house during the alleged battery told officers that whenever Oden and his girlfriend were together, arguments always broke out.

Way back in 2010, Greg Oden's girlfriend was a girl named Candyce (Candance?), but that certainly seemed to be done. The photos in this post are of her, and we have no way of knowing currently whether Candyce was the girl that Greg Oden allegedly punched in the face. There have been other rumors of new girlfriends for Greg Oden, but none seemed to stick around long.

This story is at least slightly surprising, as Oden has always seemed like the gentle giant type. While reports from around the league seem to corroborate this image, the flip side is that Oden did have an admitted drinking problem while going through his many injury recoveries. Oden was set to workout for the Clippers soon, and one has to wonder if that is now off the table - especially in light of all the other negative PR that the team has had to deal with.