NBA Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Glen Davis' Girlfriend Jasmin Jaye

Glen Davis' girlfriend Jasmin Jaye was recently spotted by TMZ with Glen, and the guy working for TMZ managed to get the maximum value out of the interaction. Those TMZ guys know how to approach sports stars and their girlfriends. Jasmine wanted to make it clear that Glen is divorced and that she has never had anything to do with Glen leaving his wife or anything like that. Apparently Glen was married to Jenna Gomez on December 31, 2013, but it didn't last long at all. That couple had known each other for a long time, but that didn't appear to matter.

Now then, Big Baby Davis' girlfriend Jasmin Jaye is a model and has a pretty substantial following on Instagram of about 251,000. I honestly don't know how these people build up their followings to such a degree in such a short amount of time. It couldn't have been more than three years that Jasmin has gotten so many fans, but a lot of it probably had to do with her relationship with Glen. Like most models, she takes a lot of selfies, and she looks happy in exactly none of them. No smiles, no good vibes-- just that bothered look that seems to say "can I help you with something?" I found one picture where she was smiling, and it was for an advertisement for Protein World. Maybe being with Glen makes her smile, though. He seems like a fun-loving guy. I like one of the quotes she put up on her Instagram though: "You have to learn to get up from the table when love is no longer being served." Based on her pictures, I sort of wonder how much love she gives back. Glen met her after a ballgame, having spotted her wearing a fur and looking classy. He approached her and that was that.


Kirk Hinrich's Wife Jill Hinrich

Kirk Hinrich's wife Jill Hinrich just gave birth to twins in September of 2014, so she's very busy taking care of their stable of four children. Their kids are named Kolton, Kinley, Kenzie, and Kyla. I'm seeing a pattern here, Kirk. Maybe Jill will think about changing her name to Kelly.

Jill had a very athletic history before she became a professional mom. Kirk Hinrich's wife Jill Hinrich was once simply Jill Fisher, and she was known as a state champion long jumper for Bishop Heelan high school in Sioux City, Iowa. The couple has been dating since 1997, according to the Sioux City Journal, and they've known each other since high school. So chalk another professional athlete's relationship under the old high school sweethearts column. Being an NBA wife is tough, and that means Jill had to say goodbye to what was called her "dream house" when Kirk was traded from Chicago to Washington. The house was 9270 square feet and cost $4.4 million. Then the guy gets traded back a few years later, and they're right back where they wanted to be.

Kirk and Jill also do a lot of nice charity work. Kirk's got a charity golf tournament called Camp High Hopes, and the aim there is to help special needs kids. I think he should start a charity for his wife, who's now got to take care of 4 little kids while he's away shooting jump shots. I don't imagine Jill longs to be back in Sioux City, but they do visit there often enough to see family and old friends. There's speculation around the internet that Kirk will seek employment working for the Bulls organization when he retires, and that would suit Jill and the family nicely, as they've mostly put down roots in Chicago. I wonder if they reacquired their dream house. My guess is it was sold within the three years time that they were away.


David Joerger's Wife Kara Joerger

David Joerger's wife Kara Joerger met him back in 2001 at a birthday party in a bar. Joerger was the coach of the Dakota Wizards at that time in something called the IBL, which I've never even heard of. David had just gotten finished with a game, and Kara had actually been at the game and had been sitting right next to Joerger's mother. They had never even met up until that point, so unless there were only a dozen seats at the game, that was a big coincidence. They started dating and were married in about a year. They've since had two daughters, both of which were featured in a daily local newspaper for winning a reading award for being above grade level readers. Kara was quoted as saying she started them both reading at a young age.

Over the next five or six years, David Joerger's wife traveled with him from his team in Dakota to other basketball teams in the minors of hoops. Then he was hired in 2007 to be an assistant. It was sort of smooth sailing from there. The most interesting aspect about Kara directly is her tremendous involvement with horses and barrel racing. Riding horses rodeo style and barrel racing is her passion, and I really respect that. It's something she's really into, and it's cool that she pursues it. I can't even exactly tell you about barrel racing other than it involves racing on top of a horse around some barrels in order to get a really fast time. It honestly seems like a really fun sport, and it's probably not bad to watch if you're at all involved with the competitors. I get the sense that this was something she's been involved with from a very early age. Growing up in South Dakota, there's probably not all that much to do, but there is barrel racing!