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Violet Palmer's Girlfriend Tanya Stine



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Well, Violet Palmer's girlfriend Tanya Stine will not be a girlfriend for very much longer, because Violet Palmer is blowing the whistle and putting a ring on it. Okay, there will be no whistles involved, and working whistles into the story just because she's a ref is not at all clever. Frankly, I never really understood why there weren't female referees in sports before. I mean, I get the whole thing about male-oriented sports culture, but I thought it was really cool when Violet entered the league and started ignoring player whinings just like the rest of the refs.

It must feel so very good to ignore a multi-million-dollar basketball player when he whines. You could even say something like "Yeah, okay, I'm not listening at all to whatever it is you're going on about. I'm too busy ignoring you to listen." God, that would be awesome. Violet's girlfriend and future wife Tanya Stine always said they would tie the knot if they reached the twenty year milestone, according to USA Today. Well, it's here, and we wish them luck in their future.

Violet's girlfriend Tanya is also apparently quite gifted at the styling arts, working as a professional hair stylist for movies and television for some time. I've never heard of any of the productions (such as 2003's "The Watermelon Heist) on her hair and makeup list on IMDb, but so what. As they say in the hairstyling industry: "If they be payin', you best be sprayin'". The announcement of Violet and Tanya's engagement is also their official coming out announcement for Violet, as she did not formally say anything or make any announcements before. She waited a good ten years to tell any of her peers that she was gay, but she says the believes the NBA still would have hired her in 1997 if they had known. That's pretty cool. Man, working in the NBA sounds awesome. Remember that movie "Forget Paris" where Billy Crystal plays an NBA ref and gets whined at by Charles Barkley? No? Nevermind.

08/19/14 (Updated)

Julius Randle's girlfriend Kendra Shaw



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Julius Randle's girlfriend Kendra Shaw is proud to be his girlfriend.

The college kid is more than happy to put their relationship all over Instagram, and honestly, we get it. Randle should go early in the 2014 NBA Draft, and we fully expect Kendra to be there front and center in the green room with him.

The Kentucky native Shaw appeared more than happy to bring the Dallas kid Randle to the highest sports event in the Bluegrass State. The couple donned their finest and attended the 2014 Kentucky Derby where Randle garnered the same attention as many other sports stars in attendance including Wes Welker and Tom Brady.

One item we found interesting while learning more about Kendra Shaw. Among her 1,400 Twitter followers, include the official account of the Los Angeles Lakers. Randle is predicted to head to Los Angeles with the 7 pick in many mock drafts. Could be a team doing it's homework,... could be a foreshadowing of Thursday night's Lakers pick,... or could just be a guy in the Social Media department following guys rumored to be on the teams radar. By 9:00 Thursday night, we'll all know for sure where Randle and Shaw are headed (and predict we'll see an ESPN sighting of Kendra Shaw in the green room).

08/16/14 (Updated)

Nerlens Noel's Girlfriend Jordan Walsh



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UPDATE 08/15/2014: Nerlens. You ARE the father.

In the evolving saga of the woman once known between Nerlens Noel, Nerlens Noel's baby Mama Jamie, and the 14 month old child alleged to be Noel's, we have an answer. Noel, is the biological father of the 14 month old after DNA test confirmed their ties. No word on a response from and Nerlens Noel's girlfriend Jordan Walsh.

Court documents filed state that Noel has had limited contact with his son, and is relinquishing primary custody to the child's mother, Jamie. Noels is seeking a "minimal level of child support," which you know, since a top 10 NBA pick doesn't really have expendable income to spend on his friggin kid or anything.

Good luck to Jamie, good luck to Jordan, and good luck to this poor kid. Noel, way to be a man.

Nerlens McMerlins be twirlin's and unfurlin's. So the guy's got a wacky name; just having a bit of fun with it. Where to begins withs youngs Nerlens? Well, Nerlens Noel's girlfriend Jordan Walsh may or may not still be with him, but there's other more "dramatic" controversies at hand. I'm talking about some good old fashioned baby mama drama (with a girlfriend before Jordan Walsh entered the picture).

It was reported just yesterday by TMZ that Nerl has stopped child support of $10,000 per month to a woman named Jamie because he wants to make sure his baby is actually his. It started out when a mysterious girl named Jamie claimed her baby sprung forth from The Nerl, and then he signed an affidavit admitting that he was the father of the baby. He then committed pay the amount each month but then stopped, counter-claiming that he didn't understand what he had signed previously. This is your classic BMD, people. It's got all the right ingredients: backpeddling, confusion, and frownin' baby mamas with expensive pacifiers.

Nerlens is known far and wide as Mr. Flat Top, which adds an inch or two to his 6'11" height (7'1" flat top included). Incidentally, flat tops do not increase powers of logic and common sense. Nerlens had a good year at Kentucky, averaging 10.5 points, 9.5 rebounds, 2 steals and a most impressive 4.4 blocks per game. I suppose NBA scouts revered his athleticism, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say picking him 6th overall was foolhardy. I know, you think I'm crazy, but he hasn't proven anything yet (aside from he can block and steal the basketball in college), and an ACL tear is extremely serious. No one knows if it'll hobble him permanently, which does happen. That's not to say he won't rehabilitate and be able to get on the court, but it is to say that players can lose a step and play conservatively after ACL rips- permanently. I hope he proves me wrong though. He's already getting paid $3.1 million which, again, I think is ridiculous, but who cares what I think.

As for this Jordan Walsh chick: she's a confirmed NFL and NBA mega-groupie, as reported by Nerlens has been seen and photographed kicking it with her in limousines and couches. I'd say the chances that they're "boyfriend and girlfriend" or "going steady" in the classical 1950's wholesome sense are about the same as the chances the Sixers will win a championship next season, but it still helps to know a bit about what's going on in Nerlens' World. I'm going to write out a legal document for 10 grand a month, bring it to a Sixers game, and then tell him I want his autograph.