Houston Rockets Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


James Harden's girlfriend Khloe Kardashian

Another day, another new James Harden lady. You thought we were kidding about that? James Harden's girlfriend Khloe Kardashian is well known for being on the show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. I've not seen one episode of it, but it's always sounded awful, and that's why I've never had any interest. And before we get too deep into this one, lets put that girlfriend tag into context. TerezOwens.com and OK Magazine were the first to this one, noting that Harden and Kardashian flew to Hawaii together, and while they are "dating," they are both working to keep it under wraps for now.

Of course, we know about Khloe's past relationship with Lamar Odom. Didn't Lamar run into addicition issues with crack? I seem to remember seeing a video of him supposedly high and singing with another dude. Anyway, Khloe has moved on from crack and is now addicted to men who have a new girlfriend every few weeks. James Harden's girlfriend Khloe Kardashian is known for being fairly tall: 5'10" to be precise. That is not a problem for Harden, who is 6'5". I sort of wonder why women think Harden is attractive because of his cloud-like beard and why men think Khloe is attractive because of her general awkward appearance, but then I remember they're both rich and famous.

I suppose now I also understand why James Harden's other "girlfriend" Farrah Flossit took the picture of him in the bed. It's because she wanted to ruin his new relationship with Khloe since she knew she'd never be able to have him. It's just as I had foreseen (chuckles like Emperor Palpatine). I mean, Farrah poses for pictures in bed with handguns in her mouth; Khloe would never do that. You might even say she posed with her side piece. I'm not exactly sure what Khloe does during the day. Based on tabloids, she walks around rich California neighborhoods and gets photographed by papa razzi. There's also a clothing company called Dash which I guess the Kardashians have something to do with, but I honestly don't care. I'll be honest: I have a general dislike of Kim and Kanye (Kim for being so overexposed and Kanye for being such a narcissistic sourpuss) so having so much to do with them generally puts me at odds with Khloe.


James Harden's girlfriend Farrah Flossit

Another day, another girl taking a sleeping bed shot and posting it on Instagram. Farrah Flossit, who clearly would like the title of James Harden's girlfriend recently posted a photo of herself just having awoken in the early hours next to a sleeping James Harden. We're using the term "girlfriend" pretty loosely here, I think, but Farrah seems to have cozied up enough to earn it. I don't really struggle with why some women take these sleeping shots. It's a trophy, and they must sense they won't be around for too long so they figure they've got nothing to lose.

Farrah herself seems to like hip hop and rapping. She asks people to send her beats to her email so she can come up with different rhymes. James Harden's "girlfriend" also considers herself something of an Instagram model, posing nude and covering her private area with her hand. She also has a few tattoos which some have called "kiss lips near the kitty." They're the marks made from kissing with lipstick on. There's a ton of not-so-nice comments made on Farrah's Instagram account, and I think she sort of courts controversy with the selection of photos she chooses to post. One commenter says "Like word James Harden, c'mon man. This ugly ass thirst trap. I know you hit 3's on the court; but off too. Shake my head..." People can be mean, Farrah.

Farrah seems to breed a lot of anger on the internet, but she seems harmless enough, if you ignore her strange pictures lying in bed licking the barrel of a revolver. Like I said, Farrah enjoys courting controversy. It's not the 1950's-- she's free to do what she pleases.


Daryl Morey's wife Ellen Morey

Daryl Morey's wife Ellen Morey is the mother of two kids named Scott and Karen. The Moreys are a little removed from having to travel around with the team, so I feel like they're a little more normal in the sense that they've all got regular facebook pages and are able to do family-oriented activities more often than coaches and players are able to. Houston's not far from Orlando, and they'll take a trip to Disney World and take pictures with all the characters. Then they'll all be at Scott's soccer game cheering him on. They're the picture of wholesomeness.

Ellen was briefly featured on the local Houston news recently for her handycraft hobby. Daryl Morey's wife Ellen Morey is apparently an excellent knitter, and she knitted a quality James Harden-- telling the news staff that she was on a mission to knit the entire team. Her next project was Dwight Howard. I'm not sure if I'd try to knit the entire team, though, Ellen. By the time you're done there will have been trades, and the amount of work it takes will feel like diminishing returns when you get around to the bench warmers. Then again, when you're talking about a high-caliber team, there aren't a lot of bench warmers.

Daryl and Ellen got engaged back in December of 1994, and that means they held off for awhile on having kids (until around 2000). They definitely strike me as the type that travel a lot and enjoy themselves. While Daryl is frequently busy with the team, it's still clear that they meet a lot of famous people. I don't think Ellen had the honor of meeting Bill Clinton, but Daryl got a picture with the man recently while he was in town to see a game. I guess the Moreys have a lot of solid connections because of Daryl being the a big shot executive. They recently took a trip to France and happened to catch some french basketball while they were there.