James Harden’s Girlfriend Queen Pee

James Harden's girlfriend Queen Pee - Instagram

James Harden’s girlfriend Queen Pee appears to be the Khloe Karashian replacement. Rumor has it that she is the new girlfriend. An updated and new version of what we’ve seen a lot from Mr. Harden. However, she seems to have a keen sense of business, which is always a plus. That’s not to say that Khloe didn’t have some good business happening, but this lady doesn’t have her own television show to work off of….

James Harden’s girlfriend Khloe Kardashian

James Harden's girlfriend Khloe Kardashian

Another day, another new James Harden lady. You thought we were kidding about that? James Harden’s girlfriend Khloe Kardashian is well known for being on the show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. I’ve not seen one episode of it, but it’s always sounded awful, and that’s why I’ve never had any interest. And before we get too deep into this one, lets put that girlfriend tag into context. TerezOwens.com and OK Magazine were the first…

James Harden’s girlfriend Farrah Flossit

James Harden's girlfriend Farrah Flossit

Another day, another girl taking a sleeping bed shot and posting it on Instagram. Farrah Flossit, who clearly would like the title of James Harden’s girlfriend recently posted a photo of herself just having awoken in the early hours next to a sleeping James Harden. We’re using the term “girlfriend” pretty loosely here, I think, but Farrah seems to have cozied up enough to earn it. I don’t really struggle with why some women take…

Montrezl Harrell’s girlfriend Randi Ewing

Montrezl Harrell's girlfriend Randi Ewing

Montrezl Harrell’s girlfriend Randi Ewing is indeed the daughter of Patrick Ewing, and she completed her masters in communications from Louisville after graduating from Fordham here in New York City. I’ve been reading her blog, and it’s mostly about her studies from college in communications and how to reach people via social media in business. Apparently back when the 2012 Olympics were happening Montrezel Harrell’s girlfriend Randi Ewing got to travel to London and work…

Daryl Morey’s wife Ellen Morey

Daryl Morey's wife Ellen Morey

Daryl Morey’s wife Ellen Morey is the mother of two kids named Scott and Karen. The Moreys are a little removed from having to travel around with the team, so I feel like they’re a little more normal in the sense that they’ve all got regular facebook pages and are able to do family-oriented activities more often than coaches and players are able to. Houston’s not far from Orlando, and they’ll take a trip to…

Corey Brewer’s girlfriend Monique Mongalo

Corey Brewer's girlfriend Monique Mongalo

Well, Corey Brewer’s girlfriend Monique Mongalo is a caring and beautiful woman whom for a long time the internet thought had hidden her identity away, but we managed to track her down. She was interviewed by the Minneapolis Star Tribune right after Corey got traded to the Rockets. The couple had planned on both being there for a charity event for kids, but Corey had to leave to be with the new team and Monique…

James Harden’s Girlfriend Sarah Vivan & A Little Extra Amber Rose

Amber Rose

Man, James Harden always seems to have interesting things happening with the ladies. James Harden’s girlfriend Sarah Vivan and Amber Rose apparently have a little competition going on. Amber was apparently hanging out with Harden in Houston even though Harden is reported to be in a serious relationship with Sarah Vivan. Sarah then posted a very combative and agitated rant on Instagram saying “Right that’s cool and all but I’m a lover not a fighter….

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