Houston Rockets Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


James Harden's Girlfriend Sarah Vivan & A Little Extra Amber Rose

Man, James Harden always seems to have interesting things happening with the ladies. James Harden's girlfriend Sarah Vivan and Amber Rose apparently have a little competition going on. Amber was apparently hanging out with Harden in Houston even though Harden is reported to be in a serious relationship with Sarah Vivan. Sarah then posted a very combative and agitated rant on Instagram saying "Right that's cool and all but I'm a lover not a fighter. I only got so many rounds in me before my spirit starts to fade. If you're not fighting for me at some point and feeding my spirit, then I'm just out here gassed up for nothin." Why people still try to communicate about their relationship on a public forum is beyond me, but it's not a good look.

Anyway, James is surely not with Amber now because Amber has moved in with Wiz Khalifa. So let's talk about James Harden's girlfriend Sarah Vivan. Sarah is a radio personality on a station called "Streetz 94.5" in Atlanta. She's on there Monday through Friday from 2-6 PM (according to her Twitter) and is the mother of one of 'Lil Wayne's kids. They were together years ago, but they still get together to celebrate birthdays and stuff like that. I get the sense that 'Lil Wayne is a cool dude about past relationships. Sarah recently took out her son with 'Lil Wayne to go bowling. It must be a weird and complicated life when you know all these famous people and you've got kids. Anyway, James and Sarah have been dating for around two years now. I get the impression that being Sarah is like being a gatekeeper for a lot of hip hop artists in Atlanta. She probably meets all of them because they come on the show to promote themselves. I'm not entirely sure how Sarah met James, but they're certainly keeping their relationship on the down low (with the exception of Instagram rants).


Patrick Beverley's Girlfriend Amber

Patrick Beverley's girlfriend Amber has been called a rebound by many on the internet, but Patrick has been called the same. We are not here to say whether or not this fine couple has a fair shot of sticking around for awhile, but we are here to tell you as much as we know about Amber and her new relationship.

So Amber is finishing up college now and has recently moved on from a relationship with an NBADL player named Eric Moreland. Rumor is she's still sort of in love with the guy, but we don't know that for sure, and she seems to be doing just fine right now. Patrick Beverley's girlfriend Amber looks like his main squeeze in the pictures he's posted with her on his Instagram. On his side, Patrick is just recently getting over a relationship with a young lady named Lira. Lira had a baby with Patrick, and she's a clothing designer. There's also talk of Amber changing the baby's name from Pat Jr. to Elijah, but none of that is confirmed at all.

The other big news that came out recently is that Patrick Beverley's girlfriend Amber is engaged to Patrick now. This is a fairly recent development, and it seems Patrick appears to want to settle down to some degree. It was only a year ago that Patrick was thanking ex-girlfriend Lira for the child and saying she would be a great mom, and now it appears he wants to marry Amber. The truth is, I still don't know her last name. And on the "rebound" front-- rapper Drake went out on a date with Patrick's ex Lira in October of 2014. I seriously doubt Drake himself is in a monogamous relationship right now (being a traveling famous person makes it tough), but here's to hoping everybody finds some happiness.


James Harden's girlfriend Maliah Michel

James Harden’s girlfriend Maliah Michel has had some experiences, if you care to get to know her. She might actually be more interesting than her rockstar basketball boyfriend! Yes, she’s a stripper with some considerable assets, but that’s just the beginning of the tale, no pun intended.

Maliah managed to get herself a scholarship to Cal State Northridge for softball, and she lived with her sister and her sister’s two children in a small apartment thanks to an assisted living program called Americorps. To earn money, she became a stripper at the age of 18, starting at a “white club in Beverly Hills,” according to her Vibe Magazine interview, earning 80 dollars a night. When she switched to a black club, she started earning a minimum of 500 dollars a night. She credits the uptick in monetary appreciation to her voluptuousness. She saved and earned enough money to buy her own house in Las Vegas. Then she got engaged, but her fiance got addicted to both crack and heroin, and she lost all of her money and her house. She then became deeply religious and quit stripping. “All I did was go to church. I mean, I literally had to pull a gun on my ex-fiance. That whole experience led me to God.” Goodness gracious! I feel like I’m reading a 21st Century draft of The Brothers Karamazov (only with cool strippers instead of Russian brothers).

Well, things are looking up for M&M now. Things are so good, in fact, that she’s relaxed her piety and returned to the occasional high-end stripping. Before getting together with James Harden, she starred in Drake’s cinematic music video “Find Your Love.” She was with him for awhile, but she’s since upgraded to the 6’5” Mr. Harden-Fast, who is one of the league’s premier scoring guards. After leaving Oklahoma City, James’ numbers shot up, and he’s now averaging 24 PPG over the last two seasons. He got paid over $13,000,000 for his 2013-14 season. I wonder if his contract stipulated for him to be paid in all one-dollar bills?