Houston Rockets Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Daryl Morey's wife Ellen Morey

Daryl Morey's wife Ellen Morey is the mother of two kids named Scott and Karen. The Moreys are a little removed from having to travel around with the team, so I feel like they're a little more normal in the sense that they've all got regular facebook pages and are able to do family-oriented activities more often than coaches and players are able to. Houston's not far from Orlando, and they'll take a trip to Disney World and take pictures with all the characters. Then they'll all be at Scott's soccer game cheering him on. They're the picture of wholesomeness.

Ellen was briefly featured on the local Houston news recently for her handycraft hobby. Daryl Morey's wife Ellen Morey is apparently an excellent knitter, and she knitted a quality James Harden-- telling the news staff that she was on a mission to knit the entire team. Her next project was Dwight Howard. I'm not sure if I'd try to knit the entire team, though, Ellen. By the time you're done there will have been trades, and the amount of work it takes will feel like diminishing returns when you get around to the bench warmers. Then again, when you're talking about a high-caliber team, there aren't a lot of bench warmers.

Daryl and Ellen got engaged back in December of 1994, and that means they held off for awhile on having kids (until around 2000). They definitely strike me as the type that travel a lot and enjoy themselves. While Daryl is frequently busy with the team, it's still clear that they meet a lot of famous people. I don't think Ellen had the honor of meeting Bill Clinton, but Daryl got a picture with the man recently while he was in town to see a game. I guess the Moreys have a lot of solid connections because of Daryl being the a big shot executive. They recently took a trip to France and happened to catch some french basketball while they were there.


Corey Brewer's girlfriend Monique Mongalo

Well, Corey Brewer's girlfriend Monique Mongalo is a caring and beautiful woman whom for a long time the internet thought had hidden her identity away, but we managed to track her down. She was interviewed by the Minneapolis Star Tribune right after Corey got traded to the Rockets. The couple had planned on both being there for a charity event for kids, but Corey had to leave to be with the new team and Monique stepped in to answer some questions.

Monique is originally from Los Angeles and was more than game to answer questions from CJ in Minneapolis, who I guess is sort of a minor celebrity reporter? CJ asked her how many cowboy boots and hats they have in their closet and she told her none and that he is only allowed to wear them in Tennessee. I think I completely missed the reference here because that question made next to no sense to me. The big news that shocked NBA fans is that Corey Brewer is a very hands-on father. Corey Brewer's girlfriend Monique Mongalo said that Corey had changed more diapers than she had, which I kind of find hard to believe since he spends a ton of time playing basketball and traveling, but the point was that he takes care of his kid. They had their son, Sebastian, pretty recently. Monique also confirmed that Corey likes to do a lot of chores like go shopping for food and stuff.

I should also mention that Corey Brewer's girlfriend Monique Mongalo is engaged to him, and I'm pretty positive they haven't tied the knot yet. Most sports couples wait until the season is over to get married, which is why so many basketball marriages happen in the summer. They'll generally also take a long honeymoon in the summer to an exotic location, but that's standard for most couples with money anyway. Monique seemed happy about Corey's trade to Houston and said he'd adjust well, but she mentioned it's sort of like a new kid in a new school and that you never know what to expect. Well, things seems to be clicking at the moment.


James Harden's Girlfriend Sarah Vivan & A Little Extra Amber Rose

Man, James Harden always seems to have interesting things happening with the ladies. James Harden's girlfriend Sarah Vivan and Amber Rose apparently have a little competition going on. Amber was apparently hanging out with Harden in Houston even though Harden is reported to be in a serious relationship with Sarah Vivan. Sarah then posted a very combative and agitated rant on Instagram saying "Right that's cool and all but I'm a lover not a fighter. I only got so many rounds in me before my spirit starts to fade. If you're not fighting for me at some point and feeding my spirit, then I'm just out here gassed up for nothin." Why people still try to communicate about their relationship on a public forum is beyond me, but it's not a good look.

Anyway, James is surely not with Amber now because Amber has moved in with Wiz Khalifa. So let's talk about James Harden's girlfriend Sarah Vivan. Sarah is a radio personality on a station called "Streetz 94.5" in Atlanta. She's on there Monday through Friday from 2-6 PM (according to her Twitter) and is the mother of one of 'Lil Wayne's kids. They were together years ago, but they still get together to celebrate birthdays and stuff like that. I get the sense that 'Lil Wayne is a cool dude about past relationships. Sarah recently took out her son with 'Lil Wayne to go bowling. It must be a weird and complicated life when you know all these famous people and you've got kids. Anyway, James and Sarah have been dating for around two years now. I get the impression that being Sarah is like being a gatekeeper for a lot of hip hop artists in Atlanta. She probably meets all of them because they come on the show to promote themselves. I'm not entirely sure how Sarah met James, but they're certainly keeping their relationship on the down low (with the exception of Instagram rants).