Eric Bledsoe’s Girlfriend Morgan


Eric Bledsoe’s girlfriend Morgan has been dating him since high school, and she’s loved every minute. He recently proposed to her. What do you guys think she said to that charming young fellow. She said yes, and now Morgan is looking forward to the big day. Eric has two children, and Morgan is the mother of both kids. One is a little lady who is five years old, and she does some mean back flips! The other…

Kevin Johnson’s wife Michelle Rhee

Kevin Johnson's wife Michelle Rhee on cover of Newsweek

In light of the Mayor of Sacramento and former NBA guard Kevin Johnson releasing a statement on behalf of the NBA Player’s Association about Donald Sterling’s retrograde, senile nonsense, we thought we’d introduce you to Mayor Kevin Johnson’s wife Michelle Rhee. Rhee stands for improving the education of children. She was on the cover of both Time and Newsweek Magazine! How many wives of professional athletes can say they actually stand for something? First, let’s…

Alex Len’s girlfriend Essence Townsend

Alex Len's girlfriend Essence Townsend-Instagram

Alex Len’s girlfriend Essence Townsend was recently described by USA Today as “taller than Michael Jordan.” She’s nearly a foot taller than I am, but she’s one of the most attractive super-tall women I’ve seen. She could certainly be a model, in my humble opinion. She’s got a cool, slender and stylish look, and she sort of does model-like pictures on her Instagram too. Recently she said about Alex during his birthday, “I could get…

Eric Bledsoe’s girlfriend Morgan

Eric Bledsoe's girlfriend Morgan

The Clippers have become LA’s favorite team this season, finally breaking free from the shadow cast by the Lakers. Don’t get me wrong, Lob City was very popular last year, but this team seems like a much more legit title contender this season. And it certainly helps that Kobe’s squad is floundering around .500 and just lost big man Gasol for an extended duration. As Celtic’s fans, this is one of the few bright spots…

Mike D’Antoni’s wife Laurel D’Antoni

Mike D'Antoni's wife Laurel D'Antoni @

The new and somewhat surprising replacement head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, Mike D’Antoni is about to take over a team desperate for a somewhat competent coach. The team which oozes with talent is off to an abysmal start, and is ready to see D’Antoni reunited with his longtime PG, Steve Nash. It remains to be seen if the Lakers are ready to take on a :07 second or less philosophy, but they’ll surely…

Steve Nash’s girlfriend Brittany Richardson

Steve Nash's girlfriend Brittany Richardson @ abc / LarryBrownSports

When Steve Nash and his wife divorced after the birth of their third child, the rumor mill blew up. Most of the rumors were salacious, suggesting that the former Mrs. Nash had been cheating on Steve and that the other man(purportedly a teammate of Steve’s) was the father of child #3, which was ultimately debunked. While rumors persist that Alejandra Nash was unfaithful, it’s pretty clear that Nash is the father of their third child….

Tyson Chandler’s wife Kimberly Chandler

Tyson Chandler's wife Kimberly Chandler

Tyson Chandler’s wife Kimberly Chandler, besides frequenting the top of the “best dressed list” is also involved in charity work, donating money and needed items to super storm Sandy relief in New Orleans. Before ever playing for the Hornets, the Chandler’s were helping people in New Orlean by creating their own charity designed to helping families hit by Katrina to buy small things, for their homes; such as TVs, refrigerators, microwaves, ovens, and pots and…

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