Kevin Johnson’s wife Michelle Rhee

Kevin Johnson's wife Michelle Rhee on cover of Newsweek

In light of the Mayor of Sacramento and former NBA guard Kevin Johnson releasing a statement on behalf of the NBA Player’s Association about Donald Sterling’s retrograde, senile nonsense, we thought we’d introduce you to Mayor Kevin Johnson’s wife Michelle Rhee. Rhee stands for improving…

Alex Len’s girlfriend Essence Townsend

Alex Len's girlfriend Essence Townsend-Instagram

Alex Len’s girlfriend Essence Townsend was recently described by USA Today as “taller than Michael Jordan.” She’s nearly a foot taller than I am, but she’s one of the most attractive super-tall women I’ve seen. She could certainly be a model, in my humble opinion….

Shannon Brown’s wife Monica

The two met in 2009 while filming a video for Monica’s song, Love All Over Me (which sounds flat out dirty if you ask me. The two dated for a few months before getting engaged in October, 2010, which they announced via Twitter. The two…