Atlanta Hawks Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Kent Bazemore's Girlfriend Samantha Serpe

Kent Bazemore's girlfriend Samantha Serpe is a twenty-five year old former Villanova Wildcat lacrosse and field hockey player. So right out of the gate it's cool that she was playing sports competitively. It's always nice to see a couple matched up based on some kind of actual common interests.

Another one of those interests is physical fitness. It seems Kent Bazemore's girlfriend Samantha Serpe is still maintaining a high level of athleticism, as she's trying to become a spinning instructor. Spinning is the term used to describe a certain kind of bike training in a gym. Usually it involves uptempo techno music and an instructor to lead the other bikers and psych them up and stuff. I've heard it's a pretty popular thing in New York City, and I imagine it's the same in other big cities.

Kent Bazemore's girlfriend Samantha Serpe is dating a guy who isn't well known enough to draw a lot of attention from Instagram and Twitter followers yet, so taking a peak at her Instagram activity doesn't involve a lot of strangers shouting out random compliments etc. A look at her Twitter page shows that she's her own person, opinionated, into animals, and she likes people with principles and good manners. On multiple occasions she has made comments about "this generation," which is a bit of an unusual tendency for a lady in her mid-twenties. Generally, it may belie a sense of cynicism or frustration, but it's not necessarily a bad thing to have character standards, right? I will say, though, that both Kent and Samantha are not really big fans of smiling in their photos. It looks like they're not having as much fun as they probably really are!


Jeff Teague's Girlfriend Tyrina Lee

Jeff Teague's girlfriend Tyrina Lee is not what you'd call arm-in-arm type of lady right now. That's not her fault-- it's just that it's tougher to be in a committed and serious relationship when you're dating a young NBA baller who travels all the time. Tyrina's one of those ladies that takesa million selfies, smiles in almost none of them, and then pops in a weird quote or rambling. One such rambling was attached to a picture of her looking sultry and serious in a selfie she took in her car that read, "Your thoughts express the core of your identity." It's actually a pretty interesting quote, but I do not understand the context at all. I mean, the thought she was having when the picture was taken was "I think it'd be pretty cool to take a picture of myself behind the wheel of this car." So does that mean the core of her identity is a self-absorbed narcissist? Nah, I must be reading too far into things.

Jeff Teague's girlfriend Tyrina Lee has had a somewhat checkered past involvement with a rapper named Future. She has been blamed for breaking up Ciara and future, but I really don't know how much she herself can claim responsibility. I'm sure Future had a whole lot more say in the matter. I'm trying to even out my karma towards Tyrina here as I was a little skeptical about her earlier. Her profession is a stylist, and she seems to be good at that. She's always dressed well, and I like how she mixes it up with different looks. She was formerly dressing Future, and I suppose it makes sense that the two got entangled. It must be interesting to have a stylist as attractive as Tyrina. She could be wearing almost anything and still look reasonably nice. I wonder if Jeff is taking clothing suggestions now?


Paul Millsap's Wife Latoria Millsap

Paul Millsap's wife Latoria Millsap likes to mix it up with the names the couple gives their kids. They've got three of them, and the most recent one was named Paular. It's a bit of a headscratcher but maybe it sounds cool when you hear it said in real life. Their first girl was named Xylah-- now that's a cool name. The second girl was named Pnyona, and I'm again scratching my head on that one. I think I'm definitely getting tripped up on the pronunciation. Is it Pa-yo-na? That "n" in the middle of the name is what's getting me confused.

Well, somebody's certainly got her hands full with the three kids. Paul Millsap's wife Latoria Millsap does a good job taking care of them while Paul is out on the road. Latoria was formerly Latoria Scott and has known Paul since high school. They are yet another pro athlete couple who will be classified in the high school sweetheart category. The percentage of high school sweethearts in American professional sports is climbing ever higher, people. It's an epidemic. Luckily we still have some young bloods out there getting paid vast sums of money and hitting up the dance clubs with ladies they just met. It's almost like there's two extremes in the NBA: you're either a high school sweetheart or you are ordering up girls via Instagram like an internet takeout service.

Well regardless, Latoria had their latest kid on the same day that Randy Foye had his. At the time, they were teammates, and Randy named his daughter Pilar while Paul and Latoria named their daughter Paular. It must have felt like a pretty odd coincidence at the time for the two players, but now Paul Millsap's wife Latoria Millsap has likely already packed up the family and moved to Atlanta, and life in Utah is a distant memory.