Atlanta Hawks Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Dominique Wilkins' wife Robin Wilkins

Dominique Wilkins' wife Robin Wilkins is the proud mother of three, though Dominique himself has five children because of his other marriage to a woman named Nicole. Dominique is one of those guys that has had rumors hovering around him about fathering a boatload of illegitimate children, and many on the internet believe he stayed in the NBA for so long because he had to pay for all the paternity suits. One comment on a forum about Dominique simply read: "Dude be potent." Indeed, internet.

Robin Wilkins herself is a lovely lady who I'm sure was given the ground rules of marriage ahead of time: please no suing me! Well, the couple has been hitched since 2006, and it seems to be working alright. Any time I see Dominique in an NBA capacity (like as a semi-host or commentator at the ALl-Star game for example) I wonder what one of those appearances pays. See, Dominique Wilkins' wife Robin Wilkins met Dominique after his NBA career was over so it set a different precedent. Dominique was known as a guy who was "too nice" to his family and closest friends when it came to giving away money. In fact, his brother Gerald Wilkins was quoted as having told his own mother 'I'm going to give you all gifts — that's it. You're not taking all my money like you did to Nique.'

As you can imagine and as it goes with most player wives and mothers of three, Robin is always busy with the kids, but she always has time to attend charity functions and things of that nature. These are usually the times when photos get snapped of her. A lot of Dominique and Robin's closest family friends are old players from his playing days and their wives. I believe John Sally and his wife was photographed with Dominique and another couple recently.


Mike Budenholzer's wife Mary Beth Budenholzer

Mike Budenholzer's wife Mary Beth Budenholzer has had four children with Mike so far, and their names are Will, Libby, Hannah, and John. ​I suppose the biggest news we can really come up with for her is how disturbed she might have been after Mike got busted for a DUI back in 2013. Putting your job in jeopardy there, Mikey. Can't be boozin' and cruisin' when you're supposed to be the leader of a team.

The thing about being a stay-at-home mom is there's really not much for her to take part in if she doesn't feel like it. Taking care of four kids is work enough, I suppose. Still, Mike Budenholzer's wife Mary Beth apparently took part in the whole "sweeping" (putting out brooms) when Mike was coaching the Spurs. Mary Beth has got to be proud of Mike now that he's coach of the year. I'm not entirely sure if there's financial bonuses that go along with that, but I can tell you that he's doing more than his fair share when it comes to contributing through his salary. He's bringing in a square $2,000,000 a year, and the contract goes for six years.

If you think about it, spending 18 years with the San Antonio organization before moving into the bigboy league as a head coach yourself, that right there is a reason Mike Budenholzer's wife Mary Beth Budenholzer could be a little disappointed in the guy. I mean, come on Mike! Get a move on and take the plunge. Guy gets coach of the year almost right out of the gate-- he may have had an opportunity for that way earlier. It's not like Mary Beth had more time with the guy when he was an assistant coach either. Believe me, being an assistant coach in the NBA is extremely demanding.


Zaza Pachulia's wife Tika Pachulia

Zaza Pachulia's wife Tika Pachulia looks fantastic for a woman that recently had a son. The couple has had a total of two sons and were married in 2008. Tika definitely gets herself to the gym and has some gym friends that she shares her time with.

Guys, if you haven't heard about Zaza's marriage inheritance package, have I got a treat for you. Zaza Pachulia's wife Tika Pachulia is one of the luckiest women ever married to a Georgian baller. Basically it breaks down like this: Zaza's uncle was an incredibly wealthy land baron, and he left Zaza the equivalent of $100 million in Russian real estate holdings and business interests on the condition that he gets married and stays married for 5 years! Imagine that. Look, the guy was probably a business genius, but that seems like one of the oddest things ever. You're basically coercing a guy into fulfilling one of your own moral standards. Seems a bit retrograde to me, but hey his uncle sure as hell got what he wanted from beyond the grave. Ghost Uncle Pachulia is happy.

So anyway, Baroness Tika Pachulia does just about everything you would expect a Baroness would do. She seems way more mobile and active than your typical player wife with two kids. She travels all over the place and seems to be engaging in all types of cool activities like traveling to the inimitable Cabo. I swear, Cabo is by far the most traveled-to destination by professional athletes by far. I pay close attention to the vacation destinations of all these guys, and it just crushes every other destination. So lots of travel for Tika, lots of fun-looking hangout shots with the kids, some working out. There's lots of shopping going on for Tika as well, and Tika and Zaza love to travel back to Eastern Europe to visit friends and family.