Miami Heat Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Goran Dragic's Wife Maja Dragic

Goran Dragic's wife Maja Dragic was married to the Slovenian hoopster about five months ago in a large and stately church somewhere in Slovenia. The biggest thing about their wedding to me was the venue and the fact that the bride and groom wore crowns. I wish I could have watched the entire video but it's private and requires a password, so I was left to pick through pictures and a written account of the merry occasion. Apparently there were kids wearing spooky joker masks in attendance as well.

Maja was busy decorating their new home in Slovenia that Goran helped design in their home country. Goran has said that Maja really likes American furniture and will be importing tons of it into their home. They've also already had a child named Mateo back in 2013. Maja does a lot of cooking at home, and Goran has said it's a different style of cooking than he was used to from his Mother, but that he still really likes it. They go out to see movies and buy clothes. I'm sure a lot gets lost in translation when it comes to their day-to-day life, but it looks like Maja is having a nice time in Slovenia taking care of their son. Also, it should be noted that Maja is not a news anchor. There's been a ton of confusion plaguing the internet because there's apparently another Maja Dragic that is a news anchor with black hair, but she doesn't really look like Goran Dragic's wife Maja Dragic since she's about ten years older and has a much more angular face. Some careless internet sites don't really pay any attention. Trust me, Goran's wife does not spend her time reporting on Serbian conflict in the Balkans. She spends her time shopping, going to basketball games, and taking care of her small child.


Rashard Lewis's Wife Giovanni Fortes

The volatile world of NBA dating. You gotta love it. Rashard Lewis’s wife Giovanni Fortes tied the knot with Lewis after a long, long period of time. Reports vary but it was something like 10 years. In the real world, that’s perfectly fine, but in the NBA it’s unusual. Hey, a man gets older, sitting atop his pile of questionably-deserved cash, and he thinks to himself, “you know, the best things in life may well be free, but I want to be extra sure of that before I commit.” Perfectly understandable, Mr. Lewis.

Lewis is somewhat famous for his entrance into the NBA in 1998. I like to call him “Green Room Lew.” Rather than attending college, Lewis elected to declare himself eligible for the NBA draft, where he was passed by every NBA team until the 2nd round, getting picked 32nd overall. This may not seem all that bad to you, but the green room where he was sitting in is for the top 15 prospects. It’s supposed to be a veritable VIP section, and there he sat watching player after proven player get up and put on their hat and jersey with a big moneyed grin on their face. It’s gotta’ be a little embarrassing, but the man brought it on himself. He wasn’t a valuable player his first two seasons, and those were the seasons he would have been crushing in college, too. He was paid $287,500 and $385,000 those seasons. Maybe he just really needed the cash to help his family out, but I remember at the time people were upset that he entered the league so young. Ah, the days of “Jerry Maguire,” Rod Tidwell, and Rashard Lewis. Late 90’s moneyball.

Now, yes, Giovanni is indeed a lovely woman. She’s beautiful, and she strikes a serious figure in the moonlight and all that jazz, but there’s just one more aspect to the Lewis/Fortes knot-tying that should be explored, and that is the ultra magnanimous signing of his Orlando Magic contract. Folks, he signed a $118 million deal with Orlando in 2007. Who in god’s name was his agent? I’m telling you, Jay Mohr put on his best suit from “Jerry Maguire” and absolutely steamrolled the Magic front office. I have no idea how they were able to convince the Magic that Rashard Lewis was going to be the next Kevin Garnett or whatever they said to them. I’ve seen Lewis’s numbers from his last season with Seattle, and while they are decent, they are in no way deserving of $118 million. Lewis got those decent numbers by playing on a losing team the season before (the 31-51 Sonics). I understand the Magic realized he’d work with okay Jameer Nelson and Dwight Howard, but they burnt through their wallet quite badly, as they’d soon realize. Anyway, after he amassed his Scrooge McDuck-like fortune, he was able to fly Giovanni and 25 bridesmaids out to Vegas to have a killer bachelorette party. The fact that there were 25 bridesmaids flown to Vegas is the thing people end up talking about when they reference his marriage; not where the money that gave him such amazing bridesmaid-flying power came from.

04/10/14 (Updated)

Chris "Birdman" Andersen's girlfriend Tina Wiseman

Chris “Birdman” Andersen may have hit rock bottom after his last nasty break-up, but he sure is back on top now. And Chris Andersen’s girlfriend Tina Wiseman (now his fiancé actually) has everything to do with it.

The Miami Heat power forward/center came from rough beginnings. After his mom took off and his dad started traveling all over the world to sell his art, Chris Anderson was forced to choose between military school and a children’s home. He chose the children’s home and, from these humble beginnings, made it all the way to the NBA. Unfortunately Chris Andersen eventually got hit all at once with troubles once again and he got heavily involved with drugs. Chris Andersen not only lost his home in hurricane Katrina, his fiancé at the time Bandy Newman ended their engagement. But after a two-year ban from the NBA beginning in 2006, Chris Anderson made a solid comeback in 2008 and in 2013 was picked up by the Heat. Now he’s in his second year of playoffs with the Heat.

Birdman built his life back up and has an amazing fiancé to prove it. He first appeared for the press with Tina Wiseman about a year ago in June of 2013. The couple was photographed together at the Hard Rock Café in Hollywood, Florida. Tina Wiseman is apparently a model, and when photos of the couple hit the internet, fans went nutty.

In addition, Tina Wiseman seems to be really good for her 6 foot 10 tattooed man. She was there for him last June when Chris Andersen signed his one-year $1.7 million dollar NBA contract. Apparently Tine Wiseman expressed her happiness about the deal via Twitter. And the couple is also quite charitable together. In March of 2013, they were guests at a charitable event for Lauren’s Kids, an organization aimed at preventing childhood sexual abuse and helping survivors heal.

If the Heat do win the championship again this year, I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of Tina Wiseman on the internet.