Milwaukee Bucks Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


OJ Mayo's girlfriend Dona Lambert

OJ Mayo's girlfriend Dona Lambert may or may not have gotten hitched at some point last year or this year, but the couple was known to be engaged as far back as May of 2013. ​There is literally no mention on the internet at all of the actual marriage having taken place yet, so I'm going to assume that it's been held up by various circumstances (often the case). One of those circumstances may or may not have been the lawsuit filed against OJ Mayo. The lawsuit alleges that OJ paid for a private jet charter and some,... ahem,... partaking may have gone down on the same flight. Quantum Jets filed the lawsuit back in December of 2014, so it's likely not resolved yet, but a little property suit doesn't seem like the end of the OJ Mayo world.

OJ Mayo's girlfriend Dona Lambert was also rumored to be the one-time girlfriend of Derrick Rose before she met the man of her dreams. Good lord, the diamond ring that OJ gave her is huge. Every case of an NBA engagement is different, and I don't want to sound like a downer, but prenups are always wise. That is not to say the relationship isn't great, and it's not to say OJ isn't a great guy, but we're talking about professional athletes here, guys. Trust me, it's wise. Dona was lucky enough to accompany OJ to the London Games of 2015 in which the Milwaukee Bucks played the New York Knicks. That sort of seems like the NBA just tossed out to teams and said "London won't know the difference," but it's cool to get to travel there regardless.

I thought that OJ and Dona have a daughter named Jada, but it may just be Dona's niece who she loves to hang out with. She posts about her as if she was her daughter, so I'm about 80% that she is, but I can't find any sort of confirmation that she's OJ's, so I'll just leave it as a big question mark. Jada was born in October of 2013. That was the same year they decided to get engaged, by the way. Most of Dona's pictures that she posts of herself are her looking very serious but lovely and wearing stylish clothing.


Wesley Edens daughter Mallory Edens

Even though the Milwaukee Bucks lost out on the top overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, their fans have something else to celebrate: New Bucks Owner Wesley Edens daughter Mallory Edens.

During the NBA Draft Lottery, plenty of current players, NBA legends, front office staff represented their teams at the respective podiums. None, however caused the buzz that the stunning Mallory caused. The 18 year old Edens was front and center representing the Bucks with a couple of lucky Bucks pins, hoping that it would bring the team with the most ping pong balls the top pick for the June draft.

Mallory Edens is 18 years old who gained plenty of Twitter buzz and followers after her front and center interview during primetime on ESPN. Mallory went from less than 800 Twitter followers to more than 8,000 followers in the few minutes after her ESPN appearance (and given that she had less than 800, she probably hadn't turned off email notifications of a new follower,... poor kid is gonna have some emails to sort through). Edens seems to be a typical 18 year old celebrating friends, her horses and all things Milwaukee Bucks on her social media profiles. While it's unclear if she's currently in college or not, it probably doesn't matter to Bucks fans. Enjoy your chance at Wiggins or Embiid and enjoy the family of your new owners!