Minnesota Timberwolves Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)

08/19/14 (Updated)

Andrew Wiggins' girlfriend Alex Reid

UPDATE 08/18/2014: Is Andrew Wiggins girlfriend now Andrew Wiggins' wife Alex Reid?!?!?

According to rumors that began circulating today the soon-to-be Minnesota Timberwolves star of the future and his Jayhawks loving girlfriend tied the knot over the weekend. The basis of the rumors seem to be photos of Alex Reid chilling in the back of a pick up truck in a wedding dress. As a model, it's perfectly viable that Reid could have been on a shoot since a pick-up does seem like an odd mode of wedding day transportation.

We'll keep an eye out on this one to see if it proves true. If so, congratulations to the new Wiggins'.

UPDATE 03/05/2014: Looks like Andrew Wiggins' girlfriend Alex Reid is the real deal.
When we first wrote the post om December of 2013, we weren't quite sure on their status. But after Reid has shown up to many of the Kansas home games, and had countless fan interactions, we're calling this relationship legit.

Wiggins has a huge March ahead and will certainly be in the national spotlight despite an up and down season on the court. We'll see if he's ready for primetime yet - because the world will be watching.

Andrew Wiggins is the biggest name that NCAA Men's hoops has to offer this year, and rightfully has NBA execs drooling at his potential.
Holding the world by the balls, one would think Andrew Wiggins would want to enjoy the off court life that accompanies the best college player in America (any girl, any night,...), but it looks like he prefers a different, more settled path. Proof? Look no further than Andrew Wiggins girlfriend Alex Reid.

According to TerezOwens.com, Wiggins has recently started dating Reid, a singer/songwriter currently living in Los Angeles. While their Twitter timelines don't offer us even the slightest hint that there is a romantic relationship here, they do follow one another. Reid, is also an unabashed JayHawks fan, often tweeting and posting pictures in her support of the school.

Right now the status of this relationship rests on the reports of one TO tipster - and we'll be the first to admit, they've had the scoop on plenty of sports gossip stories. We'll see how this one plays out, but we know we'll see Alex Reid in full "Rock Chalk Jayhawk" mode come March.

10/24/13 (Updated)

Kevin Martin's wife Jill Martin

Coming into the 2012-13, there were lofty expectations placed on Kevin Martin. With OKC deciding they couldn't (or didn't want to) give James Harden a new max contract, they traded him to Houston. Martin was shipped to the Thunder in that deal and essentially had to try and replicate Harden's offensive output from the bench. While not as explosive, Martin did his best impression as the Thunder marched their way to the 1 seed in the West.

Martin started his career in Sacramento, which is a far cry from his hometown of Zanesville, OH. This is relevant because its also the hometown of Kevin Martin's wife Jill Martin. When Kevin started his NBA career, the couple has just started getting serious. Jill recalls taking many flights back and forth to visit on the weekends when the Kings were playing at home.

Kevin and Jill were married on July 15, 2011. The couple actually met in high school but did not begin dating until college. Both are self-described as shy, so the relationship took quite some time to get off the ground. They spent about 4 years together before finally tying the knot. We don't usually make note of wedding details, but this is one we just had to point out - Kevin and Jill had an Oreo bar for their guests. There's no way that didn't live up to expectations.

Photo Credit for Second Photo: www.djcarl.com

12/05/11 (Updated)

Isaiah (JR) Rider's Wife Vanessa Rider


UPDATE: Former #5 overall pick and slam dunk champion, Isaiah Rider was arrested a few days ago for parole violation. TMZ spoke with Isaiah Rider's wife Vanessa Rider who told them that the parole officer is abusing her power and not giving JR a fair chance. Given all of JR Rider's prior troubles with the law, forgive us if we have a hard time believing that. The story goes that Rider left the state, with permission from the parole courts to pursue a basketball coaching gig - and was busted for it by his parole officer. According to Vanessa, who has been incredibly outspoken on her Twitter account against the "she-devil, man-hating" parole officer, the parole officer wants JR to work at McDonald's. According to Vanessa, "He's not going to work at McDonald's ... he's a retired athlete". Though my guess is that he'd rather work at McDonald's than be in prison, which is where he currently is.

Vanessa Cassidy

Isaiah Rider and his wife Vanessa Rider have two children and live in the Phoenix area. They originally dated during his (very) brief stint with the Lakers and recently reunited as JR made attempts to clean up his life. They were married a short time later. Rider was actually arrested in January 2008 for domestic violence as he forced a former girlfriend into a car and drove off with her, eventually crashing that car into a deputy's police car when confronted. No word on whether that former girlfriend was actually Vanessa Rider.