New Orleans Pelicans Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)

03/20/15 (Updated)

Anthony Davis' girlfriend Dylan Gonzalez

If you’re watching women’s college basketball this season, you might think you’re seeing double. That’s because the Jayhawks recruited freshman twins this year. And Anthony Davis’ girlfriend Dylan Gonzalez is one of them.

The gorgeous, athletic and musically talented Dylan Gonzalez has a fraternal twin, Dakota Gonzalez. The twins are not only currently the hottest attraction at Kansas University; they are also amazing on the court. Dylan Gonzalez (Dyl for short) is a 6 foot guard with an impressive high school record. She’s a 2013 McDonald’s All-America nominee who ranked No. 85 nationally by Blue Star Basketball, and a three-star recruit according to who ranked No. 44 in the country among guards. In addition, Dylan Gonzalez lettered in basketball (4), volleyball (3) and track and field (2) and was named a first-team all-state and all-district selection in volleyball in 2009, 2010 and 2011. Now that’s one well-rounded athlete!

But, it’s no wonder Dylan Gonzalez made her way to the Jayhawks. Dylan Gonzalez’s mother, Angie (Snider), was an All-American honorable mention basketball selection at Kansas in 1984 before playing professionally in Germany.

But the freshman from Pocatello Idaho has interests outside of sports. The twins also have a love for singing, and an even deeper love for posting their singing sessions on the internet. The two have covered everything from Parnk Ocean’s “Thinking About You” to Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.” Here, check it out…

But let’s not forget Dylan Gonzalez’s true love, Pelican’s forward Anthony Davis. The couple apparently began dating in May of last year of 2013. After a single season in the NBA, the No. 1 pick in the 2012 NBA draft has erupted into the Pelicans’’ best player, and a legitimate top-15-to-top-10 player in the entire NBA. Could it be that Dylan Gonzalez is his good luck charm?

08/14/13 (Updated)

Ryan Anderson's girlfriend Gia Allemand

UPDATE 08-14-2013: Ryan Anderson's girlfriend Gia Allemand has died as a result of a suicide attempt on Monday. She was hospitalized in New Orleans after hanging herself and died today of "critical loss of brain and organ function". There are reports that Gia Allemand was distraught over her relationship with Ryan Anderson.

Let's not kid ourselves, Ryan Anderson is living the life these days. After a huge year for the Orlando Magic Ryan signed a massive deal with the New Orleans Hornets/Pelicans. As incredible as that deal was, even considering all the zeros at the end of the paycheck, it pales in comparison to Ryan Anderson's girlfriend Gia Allemand.

Back in February of 2011 Gia Allemand was on a photo shot in the Bahamas when she was introduced to Ryan. As I mentioned these days Ryan is a household name in the NBA, and was really the only bright spot to the side show train wreck that was the 2011-12 Orlando Magic. Before that season however Ryan was just another struggling NBA player trying to find his spot. Gia however was a household name for quite a few reasons. In 2007 she posed as a swimsuit model in Maxim and was plastered over the walls of college and high school boys across the country. Gia hit the big time when she was one of the ladies "competing" over Jake Pavelka on The Bachelor. Gia almost found the man of her dreams but was the second to last lady to exit the show. Gia was not done with the reality show circuit as she was a contestant on The Bachelor spin-off Bachelor Pad. Can't say I caught any episodes of Bachelor Pad but I'm sure I have a good idea what I missed.

Now back to Ryan and Gia, shortly after meeting, Gia was offered a job that would have her traveling constantly to and from the Bahamas. To make travel easier, she moved to Orlando so she and Ryan could continue their relationship while having quick access to a domestic airport with easy international/Bahamian travel options. To the best of our knowledge the relationship is still going strong even with Ryan moving to New Orleans.

04/05/14 (Updated)

Austin Rivers' girlfriend Brittany Hotard

At least we think that Austin Rivers' girlfriend is Brittany Hotard.

I probably spent the last 30 minutes trying to figure this out and I'm still not 100% if Austin Rivers is still dating Brittany Hotard. Here is what we do know.

For those not familiar with Austin, shame on you. Austin was the #1 recruit in college basketball and went to Duke where he put up some impressive numbers as a freshman. The numbers were good enough for Austin to declare for the 2012 NBA Draft where he could go anywhere from 8-18. Also Austin is the son of Celtics Head Coach Doc Rivers so there is no clue where he got his basketball skills from. Austin met Brittany while the two attended high school in Winter Park, Florida.

Like any true basketball player Austin was dating a few classes up with Brittany, as she was a senior when Austin was a sophomore. Now this is where the story slowly gets confusing. Birttany graduated high school and attend Wallace Community College to stay close to Austin. At Wallace CC she was on the cheerleading squad. Our audience first learned about Brittany when she appeared next to Austin at a Duke basketball game while he was being recruited... and unfortunately, this is where our info drys up. I can't find anything that says the couple is still dating. There are a couple of twitter posts from Austin with Brittany's name in them, including one where he asks someone to take down a fake account under her name. This would make me believe they are still together but again we can't confirm this.

I think we will get our answer during the draft as I'd be shocked if Brittany wasn't in attendance if she was still with Austin. But if she is,... we'll come through with photographic evidence for you.