New York Knicks Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)

03/19/15 (Updated)

Iman Shumpert's Girlfriend Teyana Taylor

Iman Shumpert's girlfriend Teyana Taylor may not be a star pop singer-songwriter signed to Sony Music, but she is signed to Interscope. Apparently Iman only dates women who are signed to recording contracts? The reason I bring this up is Shumpert's previous relationship was with Elle Varner, a singer who debuted her album at #4 on the Billboard charts. That's pretty impressive. I'd never heard of her, but then again Michael Jackson is on the Billboard 200 right now with an album at #18 so all kinds of weird stuff happens with the charts.

Mr. Shumpert himself has been in the league for about 3 years now and is a roleplayer on the squad, but his hightop gets some good attention. He averaged 6.7 PPG and 4.2 RPG over 26.5 MPG, which is mediocre, frankly. Get those numbers up to 10 points and 5 rebounds over 26 minutes and we're starting to see some pay-bumps, but for now there's a lot of room for growth.

As it relates to Iman Shumpert's girlfriend Teyana Taylor- her career is actually doing really well. I'd be surprised if there's much of a difference in reputation and success between her and Elle Varner. The two have been photographed together (seeing as their both in basically the same musical sphere). She had a single called "Maybe" that featured some other rap/r&b dudes that apparently some people were into. I think a lot of the couples that get together in this realm are sort of pre-packaged and approved. For instance, Iman Shumpert is seen as a cool guy; he's got the hightop fade, the tattoos, he's an NBA baller. That kind of get-together is perfect for a young attractive r&b singer like Teyana. Iman is pretty funny though, as he recently made a Vine about having ashy hands: "Shorty asked me why yo' hands always ashy? Prolly cuz I washed'em. Let me give y'all a pointer: if his hands ain't ashy, he don't wash'em. Unless he keep lotion on'em like a female. Get a dude with ashy hands!"


Phil Jackson's girlfriend Jeanie Buss

With the New York Knicks hiring Phil Jackson as team president, a lot of questions were raised. Who will the Knicks target? Will Phil let Carmelo walk? Will he ultimately install himself as head coach? And, with Phil Jackson's girlfriend Jeanie Buss serving as executive vice president of business operations for the Los Angeles Lakers, does their relationship pose a conflict of interest?

The last question also piqued the interest of the NBA. According to an ESPN report first filed by Darren Rovell and Ramona Shelburne, the league is looking into the issue. While the report indicated no specific direction, action or parameters as to how to monitor or avoid any conflict, there seems to be consistent measure of protection from many parties involved. Jeanie Buss had dinner with new NBA commissioner Adam Silver this week, and indicated that the topic did come up. She noted that there should be no problems, given her lack of involvement in basketball decisions. Current Laker Pau Gasol, who previously played for Jackson, told reporters that he cannot speak with his old coach given his pending free agency and any perception of tampering between the parties.

NBA spokeman Mike Bass told

The Knicks’ hiring of Phil Jackson is subject to the league’s conflict of interest rules. To avoid even the appearance of a conflict, we have addressed the issue with the Knicks and Lakers to ensure that the relationship between Jeanie Buss and Phil Jackson will not affect how the teams operate.”

Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss have been dating since 1999. After years of Jeanie's outward expression to lock it up officially, Phil finally proposed for Christmas, 2012. Jeanie Buss was happy to share the news with the world going on Twitter to announce: "Twitter family - Phil finally gave me that ring I wanted! :-)" The couple has no one, but a dog. Phil Jackson has five children and seven grandchildren.

07/03/13 (Updated)

Andrea Bargnani's girlfriend Nabila Chihab

Andrea Bargnani's Girlfriend Nabila Chihab is a professional volleyball player of Moroccan-Italian descent who is over 6 feet tall. Born in September, 1984 in Casablanca, Morocco, Nabila now plays center and wears #14 for RDM Pomezia Roma. Andrea and Nabila began dating in late 2011 or early 2012 and, as best we can tell from all of the Italian language sites that we visited when researching this post, the pair still live together.

Being a basketball player that was always too short all of my life, I can't help but wish that these two were my parents. Athleticism and height from both your mother and your father? Not to mention the fact that Andrea Bargnani and his girlfriend Nabila Chihab are both fairly attractive people. It will be the gene jackpot for some kid if these two ever marry and decide to procreate.