Utah Jazz Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Derrick Favors' Girlfriend Shivolli DaSilva

Derrick Favors' girlfriend Shivolli DaSilva recently registered herself a production company. I know this because I have seen the official LLC filing, which was completed on March 18 of 2014. So I'm guessing this company, called Volli Production, is going to have something to do with entertainment. Perhaps YouTube videos or music videos? I'm curious to know more, but she hasn't yet put any other information online.

Derrick's girlfriend Shivolli has a pretty distinctive tattoo on her left arm that reads "Addictive Loyalty," and it has a bunch of leopard spots around it with candy, lipstick, and a large Hello Kitty character in the middle. I did not understand this when I saw it, but I think it means she has brand loyalty to Sanrio, the company that created the character for marketing purposes. Why anyone would tattoo a corporate brand on their arm is beyond me, but it does catch one's eye and make one stop and pause, so Shivolli's got that going for her.

The lovely Shivollia and Derrick recently through a back-to-school event where they played some basketball with about 30 children in the Utah Jazz practice facility. Derrick and his girlfriend Shivolli had their friends help organize the youngsters while they shot around, talked about basketball, took pictures, and ran some layup drills. Derrick even picked up one of the smallest kids so that she could dunk the ball. Shivolli and Derrick live in North Salt Lake on a large hill overlooking the expanse of land and mountains. It's a fairly new development judging by the Google Maps street view (Shivolli's company was registered to their home address) and it appears that the developers are planning to add on many more houses, since the green grass stops immediately after their lot stops. I'd say if you're a fan of dirtbiking or off-road vehicles, this neighborhood is perfect for you.


Trey Burke's girlfriend Day Day

Some NBA players whose high school relationships spill into their professional years have an understanding, spoken or unspoken, regarding fidelity. One can’t help but wonder about this matter with Trey Burke’s girlfriend Day Day. In the hypothetical that this arrangement exists for Trey Burke's girlfriend, we can now guess what keeps things afloat.

The two have been together since high school, and word has spread around the internet (along with an instragram picture) of young Day Day becoming pregnant as of January 2014. This will definitely pose a challenge for the 21 year-old rookie, Trey. Or maybe it won’t; maybe that’s where the understanding comes in? Just speculating, people. On the plus side, it likely means Day Day and “‘Lil Trey” will be taken care of financially for quite some time. Day Day is very pretty, and even though Trey hasn’t officially announced anything or even mentioned the pregnancy, I’m sure it’s more a good thing than a bad thing for Day Day.

Speaking of good things, Trey is a serious young talent. Although he needs to bring his field goal percentage up (.378), he’s shown some lightning quickness, shoots .893 from the line, and is dishing out 5.6 dimes per game. One can’t help but be impressed by the youngster being a starter at the tender age of 21. Don’t be surprised If you see him on the back nine with fellow barely-old-enough-to-drink star Jordan Spieth. The younger they start, the sooner they arrive.

05/27/14 (Updated)

Gordon Hayward's Wife Robyn Van Vliet

UPDATE 05/26/2014: Meet Gordon Hayward's wife Robyn Hayward.

Though the two have been together for a relatively quick period of time, and engaged for an even quicker period of time, the two tied the knot over Memorial Day Weekend, 2014. Plenty of Hayward's Jazz teammates attended the nuptials, and with his impending restricted free agency, it may be a farewell of sorts for the shooting guard guaranteed to have plenty of suitors. Hope Robyn is up for a move, because our money says Boston is in his future to reunite with college coach Brad Stevens. With an 8 figure payday on the horizon, and a brand new bride, everything's turning up Gordon.

Congratulations to the newlyweds.

On the surface, Utah Jazz shooting guard Gordon Hayward seems like he belongs in Utah. The nice white kid from the small school (Butler), who loves shooting threes. For his sake, we hope that Gordon Hayward's girlfriend, who is soon to be Gordon Hayward's wife Robin Van Vliet likes Salt Lake City, because she'll be sticking around for a while.

The last we knew, Gordon Hayward's girlfriend Kolbi Killingback, was in the picture having dated since college. In the time that's passed, Hayward and Van Vliet have begun dating, and proudly took to Twitter and Instagram to announce the news on Christmas Day:

Merry Christmas to everyone out there! Hope it's a good one! Mine was especially good bc SHE SAID YES!!!! So thrilled I get to marry my best friend and such an amazing person @robynvanvliet! I love you!!! - @gdhayward - Instagram
Soo happy I get to marry this babe .. Finally engaged to the love of my life - @robynvanvliet - Instagram

Hayward isn't shy about going public with his relationship, often posting pictures of Van Vliet and telling the world how much he's missing her while on the road. Not much else is known about Van Vliet, but Hayward is certainly proud to be marrying her. Congratulations to the newly engaged couple.