Jerry Sloan’s wife Tammy Sloan and ex-wife Bobbye Sloan

Jerry Sloan's wife Tammy Sloan

I remember Jerry Sloan as the tall, shouty and somewhat awkward-moving coach of the Utah Jazz during the peek of the Jazz’s reign as top dog in the west. Unfortunately for the Jazz, Michael Jordan and the Bulls always stood in their way. Jerry Sloan’s wife Tammy Sloan wasn’t with him at that time since he was married to his high-school sweetheart and ex-wife Bobbye Sloan. Jerry Sloan’s ex-wife Bobbye passed away on 2004 of…

Trey Lyles’ girlfriend Olivia Jester

Trey Lyles' girlfriend Olivia Jester

Trey Lyles’ girlfriend Olivia Jester is your typical soccer-loving Wildcat, meaning she’s on the Kentucky soccer team and partakes in activities one would find normal for a college student. Lots of happy, fun-loving get-togethers with her soccer pals, and plenty of sporting events of the Kentucky varietal. Olivia has not been dating Trey very long. She was previously dating a guy who looked like a smaller version of Trey but wasn’t him. I think this…

Derrick Favors’ Girlfriend Shivolli DaSilva

Derrick Favors' Girlfriend Shivolli DaSilva - Facebook

Derrick Favors’ girlfriend Shivolli DaSilva recently registered herself a production company. I know this because I have seen the official LLC filing, which was completed on March 18 of 2014. So I’m guessing this company, called Volli Production, is going to have something to do with entertainment. Perhaps YouTube videos or music videos? I’m curious to know more, but she hasn’t yet put any other information online. Derrick’s girlfriend Shivolli has a pretty distinctive tattoo…

Trey Burke’s girlfriend Day Day

Trey Burke's girlfriend Day Day - Twitter

Some NBA players whose high school relationships spill into their professional years have an understanding, spoken or unspoken, regarding fidelity. One can’t help but wonder about this matter with Trey Burke’s girlfriend Day Day. In the hypothetical that this arrangement exists for Trey Burke’s girlfriend, we can now guess what keeps things afloat. The two have been together since high school, and word has spread around the internet (along with an instragram picture) of young…

Gordon Hayward’s Wife Robyn Van Vliet

Gordon Hayward's wife Robyn Van Vliet - Instagram

UPDATE 05/26/2014: Meet Gordon Hayward’s wife Robyn Hayward. Though the two have been together for a relatively quick period of time, and engaged for an even quicker period of time, the two tied the knot over Memorial Day Weekend, 2014. Plenty of Hayward’s Jazz teammates attended the nuptials, and with his impending restricted free agency, it may be a farewell of sorts for the shooting guard guaranteed to have plenty of suitors. Hope Robyn is…

Jeremy Evans’ wife Korrie Evans

(L-R)Gordan Hayward, girlfriend Kolbi Killingback, Korrie Evans, Jeremy Evans

It’s been a long time since the Slam Dunk contest has been relevant. Yes, in recent past Blake Griffin and Nate Robinson have provided some hype, but overall the event is nothing like it was back in the 90’s. All of that said, the show just go on. The defending champ is Jeremy Evans and his wife Korrie will certainly be watching him attempt to repeat. Jeremy Evan’s wife Korrie hasn’t been in that role…

Gordon Hayward’s girlfriend Kolbi Killingback


Gordon Hayward has launched himself on the national landscape with a more than solid sophomore season in Utah. Because of this, it would stand to reason that he’d have his choice of the hottest Mormon options in the greater Salt Lake area. However, like the nice looking kid he is, it appears Gordon Hayward’s girlfriend Kolbi Killingback is staying around for a while, and that Hayward has no interest in checking out the local scenery….

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