Los Angeles Clippers Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Blake Griffin's girlfriend Kari Klinkenborg

Blake Griffin’s girlfriend Kari Klinkenborg is known as Terrell Owens’ ex, but she’s a pretty cool person in her own right. Number one, she runs a charity dedicated to providing shoes and socks to Los Angeles people in need. It appears they collect them from any and all sources and then distribute them.

Back in the day before Blake Griffin’s girlfriend was Kari Klinkenborg, Kari was still doing this kind of thing on a smaller level. She was a volleyball player at the University of Florida on a full scholarship. She participated in a thing called Goodwill Gators, and her favorite event in that group was the shoe drive. She decided she would extend the idea to her own charity in Los Angeles. So the name of her group is Feeding Soles (very clever), and I have to admit it’s a great cause. If you think about it for a second, shoes are absolutely essential. You cannot function (especially if you’re homeless) without some kind of footwear, and new shoes and socks is like a godsend if you’re wearing ones that are falling apart.

Kari Klinkenborg originally moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting, but since that’s like trying to win the lottery, I say her charity is an absolutely great way to keep busy. I’m sure Blake would agree with me. As a side note, Kari was recently in a video of “What HBO’s Girls Show Would Be Like if It Were Directed by Michael Bay.” I haven’t bothered to watch the video because I get the general concept, but I’m sure she’s pretty proud of it. She posts about it all the time on Twitter lately. She’s also fond of posting pictures of her dog Major and occasionally dressing him up. Who doesn’t like to dress up a dog in a an American flag bandanna?

04/19/15 (Updated)

Glen Davis' Girlfriend Jasmin Jaye

Glen Davis' girlfriend Jasmin Jaye was recently spotted by TMZ with Glen, and the guy working for TMZ managed to get the maximum value out of the interaction. Those TMZ guys know how to approach sports stars and their girlfriends. Jasmine wanted to make it clear that Glen is divorced and that she has never had anything to do with Glen leaving his wife or anything like that. Apparently Glen was married to Jenna Gomez on December 31, 2013, but it didn't last long at all. That couple had known each other for a long time, but that didn't appear to matter.

Now then, Big Baby Davis' girlfriend Jasmin Jaye is a model and has a pretty substantial following on Instagram of about 251,000. I honestly don't know how these people build up their followings to such a degree in such a short amount of time. It couldn't have been more than three years that Jasmin has gotten so many fans, but a lot of it probably had to do with her relationship with Glen. Like most models, she takes a lot of selfies, and she looks happy in exactly none of them. No smiles, no good vibes-- just that bothered look that seems to say "can I help you with something?" I found one picture where she was smiling, and it was for an advertisement for Protein World. Maybe being with Glen makes her smile, though. He seems like a fun-loving guy. I like one of the quotes she put up on her Instagram though: "You have to learn to get up from the table when love is no longer being served." Based on her pictures, I sort of wonder how much love she gives back. Glen met her after a ballgame, having spotted her wearing a fur and looking classy. He approached her and that was that.


DeAndre Jordan's Girlfriend Amber Alvarez

Who doesn't love DeAndre Jordan? He's hilarious, and he's got a smokin' lady. DeAndre Jordan's girlfriend Amber Alvarez is a model who posts some pretty sharp pieces of wisdom quotes on her Twitter from time to time. She's also in the habit of posting link after link to her private Instagram account, so you can look at tons of her pictures without having access to all of them. There must be a treasure trove of less-than-stunning home pictures that she doesn't want strangers to see...

Amber and DeAndre were spotted a few months back in the summer attending the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie premiere in Los Angeles. Man, how cool would it be to be on a winning pro ball club in LA and get invited to movie premieres and hang out with movie stars.

DeAndre Jordan's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel's "Mean Tweets" was very memorable. He was the last dude on that edition, and his tweet was "DeAndre Jordan looks like he doesn't know how to read," and DeAndre got up and said angrily, "Well, I just read that you fuckin' idiot!" and stormed off. Classic DeAndre Jordan humor.

DeAndre's girlfriend Amber is from Texas, and she seems like she keeps real busy with modeling. Every now and again she'll post some deep quotes on her Twitter, and I sometimes enjoy these if they're good. One such nugget: "Pain isn't supposed to define you; it's supposed to refine you." So that's like if you're on a modeling shoot and you stub your toe-- don't let that person saying "ouch my toe!" be who are you at your core-- let it be a lesson to you to watch out for the ends of fireplaces and ornamental chair legs. I kid, I kid. Amber is always saying how happy she is to be around such great people, and she herself really does seem like a cool girl.