Mike Conley’s wife Mary Conley

Mike Conley wife Mary

Mike Conley’s wife Mary Conley is his longtime squeeze since their days at Ohio State. They were married on the 4th of July in 2014. It’s funny how Mike chose to talk about his wedding: “Back in the States after a successful wedding and honeymoon!”…

David Joerger’s Wife Kara Joerger

David Joerger's Wife Kara Joerger - Facebook

David Joerger’s wife Kara Joerger met him back in 2001 at a birthday party in a bar. Joerger was the coach of the Dakota Wizards at that time in something called the IBL, which I’ve never even heard of. David had just gotten finished with…

Vince Carter’s Ex-Wife Ellen Rucker

Vince Carter's wife Ellen Rucker - Instagram

Vince Carter’s ex-wife Ellen Rucker is the sister of Antawn Jamison’s ex-wife, Lone Rucker. Together, they are starring in a new reality show on the WE channel called “Love Thy Sister.” I watched a bunch of promotional videos and trailers or whatever you call them….

Tony Allen’s Wife Desiree Allen

Tony Allen's wife Desiree Allen - agapemeanslove.com

Tony Allen’s wife Desiree Allen had to be happy after his $20 million contract got inked back in 2013. Having been ranked one of the best perimeter defenders for years and being selected to the All-Defensive team (in my mind a serious achievement) made him…

James Johnson’s wife Callie Johnson

James Johnson's wife Callie Johnson - BallerWives.com

James Johnson’s wife Callie Johnson was allegedly hit during a domestic dispute Saturday morning, which ultimately led to the Grizzlies forward arrest and charges filed. The two began arguing after leaving Beale Street in Memphis around 2am. Johnson was arrested and booked into County Jail…

Zach Randolph’s girlfriend Faune Drake

Zach Randolph's girlfriend Faune Drake - Twitter

In this day and age of information access and immediate news, no matter the sourcing or lack thereof, we see plenty of rumors about professional athletes (and holy hell, if we weren’t terrified of the lawsuits, we would LOVE to let you guys read our…

Marc Gasol’s girlfriend Cristina Blesa

Marc Gasol's girlfriend Cristina Blesa @ talk-sports.net

At least we have a name. Cristina Blesa is the girlfriend of Memphis Gizzlies star, Marc Gasol. There is virtually no information in English on Cristina Blesa online, though we did come across a site in what I think was German which may have had…

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