Jimmy Butler’s Girlfriend Shay Mitchell

Jimmy Butler's Girlfriend Shay Mitchell- Instagram

Is Jimmy Butler’s girlfriend Shay Mitchell? Shay is an actress, and best known for her role in the show “Pretty Little Liars.” They were spotted by TMZ recently when they went to get lunch in Los Angeles back in May. If actually together, they must have been dating for a few months.  They even split up as soon as the camera guy showed up to avoid him figuring it out. Jimmy went one way and Shay went the other. It…

Kirk Hinrich’s Wife Jill Hinrich

Kirk Hinrich's wife Jill Hinrich - PlayerWags.com

Kirk Hinrich’s wife Jill Hinrich just gave birth to twins in September of 2014, so she’s very busy taking care of their stable of four children. Their kids are named Kolton, Kinley, Kenzie, and Kyla. I’m seeing a pattern here, Kirk. Maybe Jill will think about changing her name to Kelly. Jill had a very athletic history before she became a professional mom. Kirk Hinrich’s wife Jill Hinrich was once simply Jill Fisher, and she…

Nikola Mirotic’s Wife Nina Mirotic

Nikola Mirotic's wife Nina Mitotic - Twitter

Nikola Mirtoci’s wife Nina Mirotic is the daughter of his coach and mentor from Montenegro, Jadran Vujacic. This caused them some strain for a little while, apparently. There’s an account where Nikola told Jadran about their relationship when Nikola was around the age of 20, and their relationship was strained for about a month before everything got ironed out and back to normal. Now Nikola Mirotic and wife have been married since 2012. They have…

Mike Dunleavy’s Wife Sarah Dunleavy

Mike Dunleavy's wife Sarah Dunleavy -

I’m hoping Mike Dunleavy’s wife Sarah Dunleavy is as close to his best friend’s wife as Dunleavy is to his best friend. Let me explain that somewhat confusing sentence: Mike Dunleavy is best friends with Shane Battier, as they were college teammates at Duke. They also play practical jokes on each other, and one such prank had Dunleavy leaving messages on Battier’s phone pretending to be their old coach and telling him to drop his…

Aaron Brooks’ Wife Shavonne Bland

Aaron Brooks' wife Shavonne Bland Brooks - Twitter

Aaron Brooks’ wife Shavonne Bland gave birth to their daughter Mikah back in 2007 right around the time he was trying to finish up college at Oregon and get drafted into the NBA. He didn’t really think he could make it to the NBA, but he got drafted 26th that year and went straight to the Rockets. Aaron and Shavonne actually came close to him quitting basketball and moving back to his hometown where Shavonne…

Jimmy Butler’s Girlfriend Charmaine Piula

Jimmy Butler's Girlfriend Charmaine Piula - Facebook

Jimmy Butler’s girlfriend Charmaine Piula is a lovely young lady of Polynesian descent. She grew up in Utah and went to school at Snow Canyon High School in St. George, right on the border of Arizona and directly south of Red Cliffs Conservation Area. I imagine this was a pretty cool place to grow up, but that’s because I’ve only been through that area of the country once, and it seemed like an exotic land….

Is Jimmy Butler’s girlfriend Miley Cyrus?

Jimmy Butler's girlfriend Miley Cyrus - Instagram

I get the sense that hooking up with Miley Cyrus is much harder than it may appear to the casual pop enthusiast. The promotional strategy of purveying an image of outrageousness and forcing reactions out of people has worked soundly for her, but when it comes to actually permitting someone to enter the sacred temple of twerk, my guess is you’ve got to bring some strong game. Guess what? Strong game is what Jimmy Butler’s…

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