Chicago Bulls Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Kirk Hinrich's Wife Jill Hinrich

Kirk Hinrich's wife Jill Hinrich just gave birth to twins in September of 2014, so she's very busy taking care of their stable of four children. Their kids are named Kolton, Kinley, Kenzie, and Kyla. I'm seeing a pattern here, Kirk. Maybe Jill will think about changing her name to Kelly.

Jill had a very athletic history before she became a professional mom. Kirk Hinrich's wife Jill Hinrich was once simply Jill Fisher, and she was known as a state champion long jumper for Bishop Heelan high school in Sioux City, Iowa. The couple has been dating since 1997, according to the Sioux City Journal, and they've known each other since high school. So chalk another professional athlete's relationship under the old high school sweethearts column. Being an NBA wife is tough, and that means Jill had to say goodbye to what was called her "dream house" when Kirk was traded from Chicago to Washington. The house was 9270 square feet and cost $4.4 million. Then the guy gets traded back a few years later, and they're right back where they wanted to be.

Kirk and Jill also do a lot of nice charity work. Kirk's got a charity golf tournament called Camp High Hopes, and the aim there is to help special needs kids. I think he should start a charity for his wife, who's now got to take care of 4 little kids while he's away shooting jump shots. I don't imagine Jill longs to be back in Sioux City, but they do visit there often enough to see family and old friends. There's speculation around the internet that Kirk will seek employment working for the Bulls organization when he retires, and that would suit Jill and the family nicely, as they've mostly put down roots in Chicago. I wonder if they reacquired their dream house. My guess is it was sold within the three years time that they were away.


Nikola Mirotic's Wife Nina Mirotic

Nikola Mirtoci's wife Nina Mirotic is the daughter of his coach and mentor from Montenegro, Jadran Vujacic. This caused them some strain for a little while, apparently. There's an account where Nikola told Jadran about their relationship when Nikola was around the age of 20, and their relationship was strained for about a month before everything got ironed out and back to normal.

Now Nikola Mirotic and wife have been married since 2012. They have a son named Aleksandar, and they had to adjust to moving from their home in Spain (while Nikola was playing for Real Madrid) to Chicago. They'd been in Spain around three or four years, and their son was only a month old when they had to decide whether or not to come to America. After some wrangling and dealing, the Bulls scraped together $5.3 million to pay Mirotic to move with his son and wife to Chicago. It must be a tough transition for Nina to first go from Serbia all the way to Spain and then move to the States, but since there was a 3 year buffer in between those moves it sort of gives her time to catch her breath. I'm wondering how her English is shaping up now that she's growing accustomed to being here.

The couple have always enjoyed going to shows, musicals, and operas, from what I can see. They would attend shows in Spain, and they're still doing it in Chicago. Nikola Mirotic's wife Nina Mirotic was recently hanging with him at the opera where he posted a picture of them taking it all in. And of course they no longer have the chance to attend world-class soccer matches now that they're here. As an aside, Nikola's first love is the sport of soccer, and his family had to convince him to play basketball instead of soccer when they noticed him growing so tall.


Mike Dunleavy's Wife Sarah Dunleavy

I'm hoping Mike Dunleavy's wife Sarah Dunleavy is as close to his best friend's wife as Dunleavy is to his best friend. Let me explain that somewhat confusing sentence: Mike Dunleavy is best friends with Shane Battier, as they were college teammates at Duke. They also play practical jokes on each other, and one such prank had Dunleavy leaving messages on Battier's phone pretending to be their old coach and telling him to drop his Chinese shoe company and take less three pointers. It's up for debate whether Shane actually believed it was Mike Krzyzewski.

Sarah herself treks with Mike to visit Shane and his wife every summer, and she was also a Duke student back in the early 2000's. There's an account online at Duke's website of how she was crying hysterically when she was first driven to Duke. It's told by her younger sister, and her brother chimes in and says, "When Sarah first came here, it was raining, cold, and she hated it. My dad had to force her to come back." Weirdly, after she got over whatever was bothering her about Duke, pretty much all of Sarah's sisters and brothers attended Duke after her. There's apparently a bunch of them, and the only one that didn't go was her oldest sister Alexandra. Mike Dunleavy's wife Sarah Dunleavy sets the Duke attendance trends. Good thing she decided she'd actually go to the school after her dad made her.

Sarah's oldest sister isn't totally out of the picture, though. She really shines in her participation with various foundations. She was photographed by the New York Social Diary back in 2009 at a Breast Cancer Research Event in New York, attending with her older sister Alexandra. Sarah also attends charity and foundation events with Mike pretty regularly. Ever since their marriage in 2008, Mike Dunleavy's wife Sarah Dunleavy has become a staple at such events.