Indiana Pacers Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)

05/28/14 (Updated)

Luis Scola's wife Pamela Scola



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Luis Scola’s Wife Pamela Scola raises four kids, and none of them are Lebron James fans. The Pacers are up 1 game to none right now, and Scola, while not a big contributor, did pull down 5 rebounds.

We’ve got to remember that Scola’s trajectory as a player in the NBA started late. The story behind him entering the league and when he actually began playing is unconventional. First, the Spurs drafted him way back in 2002, but he never saw action until 2007 because of the league’s rule that no team can pay over $500,000 to buy out a player’s contract. That contract was for the Spanish Basque team Baskonia. In order to get out of the contract, Scola would have had to have paid Baskonia $2.5 million dollars. This did not happen. Eventually the Spurs traded Scola’s rights to Houston, and thus began the days of that large, sometimes annoying, head-banded presence in the paint (for everyone that wasn’t a Houston fan).

Scola’s best years were in Houston around the start of this decade. He was arguably an all-star in the 2010-11 season when he averaged 18.3 PPG, 8.2 RPG, .504 FG%, and 2.5 APG. That was good enough to bump his pay to $8.5 million next year- a nice take. He’s currently making about half that on a much better team. I wonder if the thought had crossed Luis’s mind to try and vie for the starting power forward spot on the Pacers. David West is a strong player, but Scola has posted similar or better numbers his whole career (except for this past season). In fact, Scola is posting the same points and more rebounds than West per 36 minutes. This makes him an asset coming off the bench.

Scola’s four sons are 8, 7, 5 and 3 by my calculations. That definitely puts a few of them in the sports-enjoying wheelhouse, though Luis has posted pictures of Playstation 4 on his twitter and mentions one of his sons so I think they’re probably more interested in mind-frying video games. It must be a fun thing to get together with your brothers and mom and watch your dad play a professional NBA playoff game.

05/12/14 (Updated)

Paul George's mother Paulette George



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Paul George's mother Paulette George suffered a stroke, triggered by two blood clots, when he was only 10 years old. At one point she was pronounced dead, but made it through. After being in the hospital for four months and bedridden for nearly two years, the stroke left Paulette George paralyzed on her left side.

Needless to say, Mother's Day is important to Paul George. FOX Sports ran a feature on Paul George and his mom Paulette on Mother's Day 2014. As Paul tells it,

I remember every moment of it. I was always there on hospital visits, right by her bed. When she got a hospital bed in our room, I would lay in my bed right next to her. I was there. I saw all of it.

Aside from being Mother's Day, the feature also coincided with American Stroke Month, who the George's teamed up with for a series of PSAs to raise Stroke awareness. Paulette George has recovered well enough to attend many of her son's games lately, which is almost a shame given how the Pacers have been playing.


Lance Stephenson's girlfriend Feby Torres



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Mazeltov! Lance Stephenson’s girlfriend Feby Torres gave birth to a healthy little guy on March 18th.

Baby, Lance Bornready Stephenson, was born the same night the Indiana Pacers star was scheduled to do a paid appearance at Greenhouse NYC. And as a man of his word, Lance Stephenson made it to both events.

After hour of awaiting the birth of his second child with the Brooklyn native Feby Torres, Lance Jr. was born at 9:18pm. Can you guess where Lance Stephenson was at midnight? That’s correct; he rolled into the club late Tuesday night, popped a bottle of Bottega Rose champagne and sipped on D'Ussé cognac with some of his pals from the Pacers. (Promoters get pretty ticked off when a celeb no-shows). But after he put in his time at the club, Lance Stephenson managed to keep his prior commitment and returned to the hospital to be with family. He also played in a game the next night and dropped 21 points and 9 rebounds, leading the team in scoring and rebounds. Even though the Knicks won 92-86, Lance Stephenson certainly isn’t to blame for that.

But he may be to blame for his breakup with K. Michelle last October. K. Michelle and Lance Stephenson broke up after he allegedly cheated on the recording artist/reality show personality. Then in December, rumors abound that K. Michelle and Lance Stephenson got back together. Three months later, Feby Torres gave birth to baby Lance. Perhaps K. Michelle's suspicions of Lance cheating were right.

Whatever went down, Lance Stephenson and Feby Torres are proud parents. And on march 19th Feby Torres, a communications, media studies and broadcasting major at LaGuardia Community College, posted the announcement on facebook.

“My Love was born last night at 9:18pm just want to thank the man above for getting us through it though I am not feeling well and little man is in icu god is still good and everything is going to be alright! Happy his dad is here for him love my boys and my Lylah baby.”

Congrats to you both on your little bundle of joy!