Indiana Pacers Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Chris Copeland's Girlfriend Katrine Saltara

Chris Copeland's girlfriend Katrine Saltara was stabbed and slashed along with Chris himself last night outside of a New York City club. This all went down at 4AM, and the internet is all over that fact-- saying basically that nothing good ever happens in New York at 4AM. I guess the nightclub is 1OAK, in case you're wondering. I've heard of the place since I live there, but I've no interest in it. There was one other lady that got stabbed and cut, but we're unaware of her identity. There was also a short video taken of Katrine and Chris on the ground after the stabbing. I guess Katrine was trying to tend to Chris, who was stabbed in the abdomen, and maybe her cuts were a little less severe? Man, being stabbed in the abdomen does not sound like a good time at all. According to the NY Post, Chris was actually arguing with Katrine outside the club, and the suspect, a guy named Shezoy Bleary, was eavesdropping. Copeland accused the guy of eavesdropping, and the guy stabbed him.

Let's see what we know about the poor girl besides the fact that she got stabbed. First, Chris Copeland's wife Katrine Saltara got serious with Chris around 2012 (if you want to go by her facebook relationship status change). The police did in fact identify Katrine as Copeland's wife, but Chris's agent kept saying that he is not married to her. I think they may just be engaged. Katrine is a New York City native and attended CUNY John Jay in Manhattan a few blocks from Terminal 5, graduating in 2010. That school is a college of criminal justice, by the way, and maybe she picked up a thing or two about trying people in court for stabbing you? Katrine dabbled in some modelling back in 2011 with her sister Corina, but she deleted her Model Mayhem account.

03/19/15 (Updated)

Paul George's Girlfriend Daniela Rajic

Another ugly case of baby mamadom here. Paul George's girlfriend Daniela Rajic (excuse us, Paul George's ex-girlfriend) has been vindicated in a court case which has unravelled for Mr. George. The judge presiding over the case, as the New York Post reports it, has apparently gone into full wrist slapping mode, saying "it is beyond comprehension how he could vouch for his skill at caring for the child while disparaging Rajic's abilities when he has never even seen the child, asked to see the child, or offered to provide for the child's needs."

So essentially the judge is saying that everything George is looking for is wrong-headed, and both he and his  lawyers should be ashamed of themselves. Paul George's ex-girlfriend Daniela Rajic got the overwhelming decision on this one. Now, even though Daniela Rajic is or was a stripper (she apparently is now unemployed) and her pictures online are all sultry and come-hitherly, we should keep in mind that it's difficult for a woman sometimes to transition out of thinking of herself as eye-candy when everyone treats her as such. Now as a mother, she's got a new way to think about herself and a new angle to look at life.

Paul George's slamming continued by Justice Mathew Cooper when he essentially said that everything his council is claiming is a lie. Man, the official word of the judge really makes George look bad, and Paul George's ex-girlfriend Daniela Rajic has been awarded both the paternity and child support. Apparently George and his lawyers were trying to move the case to federal court and then start another trial in another state-- efforts that have all now been cut down with the righteous scythe of baby mama drama. Daniela Rajic may or may not decide to continue posting naughty photos of herself in a bra. That's up to her. Paul George paying child support for a baby he tried to ignore is not up to him.

05/28/14 (Updated)

Luis Scola's wife Pamela Scola

Luis Scola’s Wife Pamela Scola raises four kids, and none of them are Lebron James fans. The Pacers are up 1 game to none right now, and Scola, while not a big contributor, did pull down 5 rebounds.

We’ve got to remember that Scola’s trajectory as a player in the NBA started late. The story behind him entering the league and when he actually began playing is unconventional. First, the Spurs drafted him way back in 2002, but he never saw action until 2007 because of the league’s rule that no team can pay over $500,000 to buy out a player’s contract. That contract was for the Spanish Basque team Baskonia. In order to get out of the contract, Scola would have had to have paid Baskonia $2.5 million dollars. This did not happen. Eventually the Spurs traded Scola’s rights to Houston, and thus began the days of that large, sometimes annoying, head-banded presence in the paint (for everyone that wasn’t a Houston fan).

Scola’s best years were in Houston around the start of this decade. He was arguably an all-star in the 2010-11 season when he averaged 18.3 PPG, 8.2 RPG, .504 FG%, and 2.5 APG. That was good enough to bump his pay to $8.5 million next year- a nice take. He’s currently making about half that on a much better team. I wonder if the thought had crossed Luis’s mind to try and vie for the starting power forward spot on the Pacers. David West is a strong player, but Scola has posted similar or better numbers his whole career (except for this past season). In fact, Scola is posting the same points and more rebounds than West per 36 minutes. This makes him an asset coming off the bench.

Scola’s four sons are 8, 7, 5 and 3 by my calculations. That definitely puts a few of them in the sports-enjoying wheelhouse, though Luis has posted pictures of Playstation 4 on his twitter and mentions one of his sons so I think they’re probably more interested in mind-frying video games. It must be a fun thing to get together with your brothers and mom and watch your dad play a professional NBA playoff game.