Indiana Pacers Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Lance Stephenson's girlfriend Feby Torres



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Mazeltov! Lance Stephenson’s girlfriend Feby Torres gave birth to a healthy little guy on March 18th.

Baby, Lance Bornready Stephenson, was born the same night the Indiana Pacers star was scheduled to do a paid appearance at Greenhouse NYC. And as a man of his word, Lance Stephenson made it to both events.

After hour of awaiting the birth of his second child with the Brooklyn native Feby Torres, Lance Jr. was born at 9:18pm. Can you guess where Lance Stephenson was at midnight? That’s correct; he rolled into the club late Tuesday night, popped a bottle of Bottega Rose champagne and sipped on D'Ussé cognac with some of his pals from the Pacers. (Promoters get pretty ticked off when a celeb no-shows). But after he put in his time at the club, Lance Stephenson managed to keep his prior commitment and returned to the hospital to be with family. He also played in a game the next night and dropped 21 points and 9 rebounds, leading the team in scoring and rebounds. Even though the Knicks won 92-86, Lance Stephenson certainly isn’t to blame for that.

But he may be to blame for his breakup with K. Michelle last October. K. Michelle and Lance Stephenson broke up after he allegedly cheated on the recording artist/reality show personality. Then in December, rumors abound that K. Michelle and Lance Stephenson got back together. Three months later, Feby Torres gave birth to baby Lance. Perhaps K. Michelle's suspicions of Lance cheating were right.

Whatever went down, Lance Stephenson and Feby Torres are proud parents. And on march 19th Feby Torres, a communications, media studies and broadcasting major at LaGuardia Community College, posted the announcement on facebook.

“My Love was born last night at 9:18pm just want to thank the man above for getting us through it though I am not feeling well and little man is in icu god is still good and everything is going to be alright! Happy his dad is here for him love my boys and my Lylah baby.”

Congrats to you both on your little bundle of joy!


Roy Hibbert's wife Valerie Cooke



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Roy Hibbert's girlfriend Valerie Cooke is one of the few to slow down the Pacers center.  As one of the most dominant big men in the league, Hibbert is a key cog to the Pacers run for the Eastern Conference title this year.  While there's rarely an instance of hesitation when it comes to Hibbert on the floor, it appears there's been some reason for pause off the court in months.

Hibbert and Cooke met while attending Georgetown together and have been dating ever since.  In 2012, Hibbert got down on one knee and the couple became engaged with a wedding date set for August 31, 2013.  August 31 came and went, without much notice of a wedding having taken place.  There are rumors online that some of the wedding precursors such as a bachelor party, and bridal shower have already gone down during the summer of 2013.

Things get complicated in December 2013, when Hibbert mentioned his fiance, and not his wife.  While our best efforts to verify the truth are inconclusive at best, we are still under the impression that the couple is together. We'll keep our eyes peeled to see if we learn any more on the official status of the Hibbert-Cooke marriage, but as of now, it's radio silence.

As we mentioned, Valerie Cooke attended Georgetown with Hibbert, where she got a degree in Marketing & International Business.  She is currently working in the marketing field at a small company in Indianapolis.  Cooke was born in 1987 in Connecticut before going on to Georgetown Prep.


Paul George's girlfriend Callie Rivers



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Paul George's girlfriend Callie Rivers has had a rough go of it.

Rivers, the daughter of NBA Head Coach Doc Rivers, has previously been involved in relationships with NCAA star Dexter Strickland, as well as Patriots linebacker and Florida classmate Brandon Spikes. After both of those relationships ended (and the Spikes relationship ended in spectacularly public fashion - his choice, mind you), one may have thought Callie would take a break from dating high profile athletes.  Unfortunately, it would appear chose yet another high profile boyfriend, this time in the form of Indiana Pacers star Paul George (this is admittedly this is the first we've heard of the couple being together, but multiple media reports have cited this relationship).

Paul George has seen his fame rise in recent months, and with the fame comes notoriety, and with the notoriety comes plenty of opportunity, and Paul George's mistress Daniela is a perfect example of this.  Reports allege that George and Daniela (a former stripper at Tootsie's in Miami) met at a yacht party over the summer, and became involved in a relationship that ultimately ended in Daniela getting pregnant.  After signing a $90M extension with the Pacers, and becoming involved in a stable, feel good story with the daughter of a highly respect head coach, the last thing George wanted to deal with was battling a child support battle.  In the latest example in a bizarre and alarming trend of professional athletes offering payouts for their mistresses to get abortions, Paul George allegedly offered Daniela $1,000,000 payout to not follow through with the pregnancy.  The same reports indicate that Daniela declined the offer, and is proudly showing off her bump on Instagram.

Neither George, Rivers, Daniela or the Indiana Pacers have publicly spoken on the issue.  Paul George gears up for All-Star Weekend in New Orleans, where he's sure to get plenty of quality time with Callie Rivers brother, and current New Orleans Pelican, Austin Rivers. If the story is true, let's all hope that Callie Rivers can move on and find someone to stay faithful to her.