Larry Bird’s Wife Dinah Mattingly

Larry Bird's wife Dinah Mattingly

Larry Bird’s wife Dinah Mattingly is his second wife after his first marriage with a woman named Janet Condra. Dinah and Larry were actually both students at Indiana State and were married in 1989. The couple have adopted two children named Conner and Mariah. I’ll get to them in a moment. Before Larry married Dinah, he had a daughter named Corrie with his ex-wife Janet. There’s a few things to note about Dinah and Larry’s…

Paul George’s girlfriend Destiny Marie

Paul George's girlfriend Destiny Marie

Paul George’s girlfriend Destiny Marie is a lovely young dish who appears to have had a kind of religious breakdown about three months ago. She said she had taken on a lot of responsibilities with friends and pressures that had left her feeling overwhelmed and stressed. Then, she dropped to her knees and cried, according to a post she put up at the time. She talked at length about how devoted she is to her…

Myles Turner’s girlfriend Franchesca

Myles Turner's girlfriend Franchesca

Myles Turner’s girlfriend Franchesca graduated in May of 2014 and documented parts of her graduation on Instagram. She is a proud Puerto Rican and is obviously excited about Myles’ prospects for the NBA. At one time Franchesca even played basketball at Euless Trinity High School in Texas. I’m pretty sure that’s one of those high schools that takes football insanely seriously as well, in case you were wondering where to find good high school football…

Chris Copeland’s Girlfriend Katrine Saltara

Chris Copeland's Girlfriend Katrine Saltara - Instagram

Chris Copeland’s girlfriend Katrine Saltara was stabbed and slashed along with Chris himself last night outside of a New York City club. This all went down at 4AM, and the internet is all over that fact– saying basically that nothing good ever happens in New York at 4AM. I guess the nightclub is 1OAK, in case you’re wondering. I’ve heard of the place since I live there, but I’ve no interest in it. There was…

Paul George’s Girlfriend Daniela Rajic

Paul George's Girlfriend Daniela Rajic - Facebook

Another ugly case of baby mamadom here. Paul George’s girlfriend Daniela Rajic (excuse us, Paul George’s ex-girlfriend) has been vindicated in a court case which has unravelled for Mr. George. The judge presiding over the case, as the New York Post reports it, has apparently gone into full wrist slapping mode, saying “it is beyond comprehension how he could vouch for his skill at caring for the child while disparaging Rajic’s abilities when he has…

Paul George’s mother Paulette George

Paul George's mother Paulette George

Paul George’s mother Paulette George suffered a stroke, triggered by two blood clots, when he was only 10 years old. At one point she was pronounced dead, but made it through. After being in the hospital for four months and bedridden for nearly two years, the stroke left Paulette George paralyzed on her left side. Needless to say, Mother’s Day is important to Paul George. FOX Sports ran a feature on Paul George and his…

Lance Stephenson’s girlfriend Feby Torres

Lance Stephenson's girlfriend Feby Torres

Mazeltov! Lance Stephenson’s girlfriend Feby Torres gave birth to a healthy little guy on March 18th. Baby, Lance Bornready Stephenson, was born the same night the Indiana Pacers star was scheduled to do a paid appearance at Greenhouse NYC. And as a man of his word, Lance Stephenson made it to both events. After hour of awaiting the birth of his second child with the Brooklyn native Feby Torres, Lance Jr. was born at 9:18pm….

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