Becky Hammon’s girlfriend Brenda Milano

Becky Hammon's girlfriend Brenda Milano

Nothing is has been officially confirmed about Becky Hammon’s girlfriend Brenda Milano actually being her girlfriend, but it’s been suspected for years that the two are together and even possibly married. Whether or not that’s true is probably going to remain unknown for quite awhile…

This Is Not Kawhi Leonard’s Girlfriend

This is Not Kawhi Leonard's girlfriend

Kawhi Leonard has massive hands. But hearing that a professional athlete has massive hands is an abstract concept for many people to try to put together. Leonard’s hands are big, even for an NBA player, but how do they measure up against the average joe….

Cory Joseph’s Girlfriend Stefanie Gazmin

Cory Joseph's girlfriend Stefanie Gazmin - Facebook

Well look at this: two Canadian, professional sports-affiliated individuals who managed to slip through the all-devouring jaws of hockey and land in the heartland of The United States. Cory Joseph’s girlfriend Stefanie Gazmin is from Toronto, and Cory is from Pickering, Ontario. They did it,…

Patty Mills girlfriend Alyssa Levesque

Patty Mills girlfriend Alyssa Levesque - Twitter

Patrick “Patty” Mills’ girlfriend Alyssa Levesque is a long-time gal. She’s been with him for years, and she “helps to quiet the storm,” according to their friend. Hey, it’s a storm you want if you’re on the court playing in the NBA Finals. Mills has…

Tim Duncan’s girlfriend Vanessa Macias

Tim Duncan's girlfriend Vanessa Macias - Amazing Race

UPDATE 05/20/2014: Tim Duncan’s girlfriend Vanessa Macias has a message for Charles Barkley. BARKLEY DON’T KNOW After Charles Barkley made comments about the bigger ladies in San Antonio, many of the Spurs Wives and Girlfriends set out to remind him he’s wrong,… and boy does…

Tiago Splitter’s wife Amaia Amescua Splitter

Tiago Splitter's wife Amaia Splitter @

Tiago Splitter’s wife Amaia Splitter dawned a white dress on July 3rd, 2010 and joined her husband at the altar. Presumably Tiago met the former Amaia Amescua Vitoria while Splitter was playing in Spain, as her hometown is Victoria, Spain. Their first child (son Benjamin)…

Gregg Popovich’s wife Erin Popovich

Gregg Popovich's wife Erin Popovich

Gregg Popovich’s wife Erin Popovich is the daughter of late Air Force Academy athletic trainer Jim Conboy. Erin’s Air Force connection plays a large part in the life story of Gregg Popovich. Pop was an assistant coach at Air Force when he met and married…

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