San Antonio Spurs Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)

07/30/15 (Updated)

Becky Hammon's girlfriend Brenda Milano

Nothing is has been officially confirmed about Becky Hammon's girlfriend Brenda Milano actually being her girlfriend, but it's been suspected for years that the two are together and even possibly married. Whether or not that's true is probably going to remain unknown for quite awhile now that Becky has been hired as an assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs. If that's the way they've liked to keep their alleged relationship, there doesn't seem to be any reason why they'd make it publicly official now.

Brenda was the head coach of the women's team at St. Francis for nine years. She resigned in 2012 with a record of 58-184. Hey, it's a tough game, and not every coach can have a winning record. The Terriers actually never had a winning season under Milano. I'm not entirely sure what she's been up to in the past couple years, but she might not want to coach college basketball any more. Becky Hammon's girlfriend Brenda Milano has been photographed with Becky in what looked to be like gym clothes maybe after a workout? Again, we're not 100% confident the two are an item because they're pretty much all business. Becky is extremely busy with her new responsibilities as assistant coach, and she was recently drenched with water and sports drinks after the Spurs won the summer league championship. Granted, I didn't even know there was such a thing as a championship when it comes to the summer league, but if you're looking to get a permanent job placement on the spurs coaching staff, winning is better than losing.

From the few interviews I've seen of Becky Hammon's girlfriend Brenda Milano, she's always well-spoken if not a little quiet when it comes to the camera. Back in 2009 she had a lot to say about the prospects of the Terriers while being interview by some kid who was mumbling into the microphone. She talks about the challenges and expectations and all those coaching buzzwords that you always hear after post-game interviews. I wonder if Brenda will live vicariously through Becky now as a coach? My guess is after a 58-184 career, she might not be so into it.


This Is Not Kawhi Leonard's Girlfriend

Kawhi Leonard has massive hands.

But hearing that a professional athlete has massive hands is an abstract concept for many people to try to put together. Leonard's hands are big, even for an NBA player, but how do they measure up against the average joe. In what's become a famous picture a fan approached Leonard to get some perspective on the whole hand size situation, and the Internet immediately tabbed the hand that of Kawhi Leonard's girlfriend.

The picture first appeared on a Spurs Reddit page, and the backstory was told:

She saw him and Corey (Joseph) shopping at the store she works at in Dallas. He was reserved at first so she was talking to Corey a lot until she asked him why he was so shy, then he said, "I'm not shy, I'm talking now aren't I?" After that Kawhi opened up and was friendly.

So while this has been proven to not be Kawhi's girl, who is exactly? If our research is true, the only dude under the age of 57 getting big minutes for the Spurs, appears to be enjoying the single life. There's no rumors, stories or names attached to the guy tasked to guarding LeBron in the second straight finals matchup between the two squads. While the glare from the media spotlight is a little less bright in San Antonio compared with Boston, Miami or LA, there's just not much on Leonard's Love Life. If anything happens to crop up, or a girl appears with Kawhi when the confetti falls, we'll be sure to keep you posted.


Cory Joseph's Girlfriend Stefanie Gazmin

Well look at this: two Canadian, professional sports-affiliated individuals who managed to slip through the all-devouring jaws of hockey and land in the heartland of The United States. Cory Joseph’s girlfriend Stefanie Gazmin is from Toronto, and Cory is from Pickering, Ontario. They did it, folks. Or more specifically- Cory did it. He managed to become a professional athlete from Canada that doesn’t play hockey. The NBA, no less. Where the hell is Steve Nash to cheers him and talk some of that wacky Canadian talk? Justin Bieber’s not invited to that party, though. As for Stefanie, she’s kind of just along for the ride, though she did just graduate college a few weeks ago so she’s got that accomplished.

These are youngsters. Cory is the old man of the duo at the age of 22. He’s talented; you’ve got to be to hang with the Spurs. He specializes in slashing and mid range pull-ups. He’s a fill-in guy with his pal Patty Mills, the excellent Aboriginal import who we’ve covered previously. San Antonio guards are awesome. Backing up Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker? It’s a great gig because you’re going to be learning from two of the best. That explains, of course, why young Cory is only getting 14 minutes per game in the regular season. $1.1 million a season is sort of the NBA standard for guys in his position. Seems very fair to me.

Cory recently saluted Kevin Durant for his heartfelt speech at the Kia MVP awards. The two are both Texas alumni, though neither spent more than a season playing for the Longhorns. I think as far as Cory’s drafting is concerned, NBA scouts can tell when they see a professional-caliber player who’s putting up decent but not mind-blowing numbers in college. Take Cory’s numbers, for example: 10 PPG, 3.6 APG, and 3.0 RPG. Yet he gets drafted straight after his freshman year at the end of the first round. Granted, it took him two years to rise out of the D-League, but that’s still a little shaky to me as far as pulling the trigger and entering the draft. Compare Durant’s college freshman stats and it gets a little silly: 25 PPG, 11 RPG. A tale of two Longhorns. You’ve got to tip your hat to Cory for fighting his way into the spotlight.