Toronto Raptors Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Dwane Casey's Wife Brenda Casey

Dwane Casey's wife Brenda Casey has had two kids in the past 7 years, and their names are Justine and Zachary. Justine's about 7 years old now, and Zachary is around 4 years old. The family really does enjoy living in the city of Toronto, it seems. Dwane has said Toronto is the best NBA city ahead of other cities like New York (which he ranked second), Dallas, and Los Angeles. I'm not sure how I feel about that, but I do know Brenda is enjoying her life as a mom and NBA wife.

In an interview with the Toronto Star about two years ago, Dwane said that his wife Brenda would say he cries any time he goes to the movies. I think that's a pretty powerful statement, especially for an NBA coach. You cry every time you go to the movies, ey? Brenda married an emotional guy, I guess. It was actually a fairly revealing interview: Dwane said his biggest regret was not being able to save Eddie Griffin from dying (he died in a car crash and led a hectic life). That's pretty intense. Anyway, what can we say about Brenda-- she's a very nice lady who was one of the three ice bucket-dumpers in Dwane's ice bucket challenge. She made him come back so Zach could dump his little bucket of ice on him after the main ice dump. Brenda is also a sports marketing executive (or she used to be) and one of her clients was Ben Wallace. That was back around 2007 so she may have just quit after having the kids, but that's pretty cool. She played basketball for much of her life as well, and she understands it as well as any coach's wife. Brenda certainly seems like the ideal coach wife and mom with that kind of background.


Lou Williams' Girlfriends Ashley Henderson and Rece Mitchell

Lou Williams' girlfriends Ashley Henderson and Rece Mitchell have been photographed hanging out together. These types of things can be far more complex than people would like to think. It's interesting and eye-catching, but I suspect the actual dynamic of this love triangle is fairly complicated. Not much of the details are known about it other than that the two ladies have been photographed together at a few different locations-- one a sports event and one a trip to the beach.

Lou Williams' first girlfriend, Ashley Henderson, is the mother of Lou's children. She appears bubbly, hopeful, warm, and sweet in all of her Instagram pictures (which there are a lot of). Being a full-time mom is a lot of work for her, and she's obviously very taken with the idea of having a stable family, as her biggest inspirations are her parents who have been married for 21 years and who she says she looks up to. She's described her stepfather as "a wonderful husband and a true definition of a father" and "what I wish to have in my future." She seems like a very nice person.

Lou Williams' second girlfriend, Rece Mitchell, appears quite different in her Instagram photos. She seems to favor the detached, icy poses that such classics as Charlie Villanueva's girlfriend Michelle Game have mastered. No one could ever mistake such poses as sociopathic, however, because she's surely the very definition of posh. Though she has posted dozens of photos (all of herself or her twin sister), not once do we see a glint of joy or even a smile, but that's because she must be very busy planning her next photos and thinking up new variations of her cool pose.

I have doubts whether this isn't a desperate attempt by Ashley to please the father of their children and remain stable at the cost of happiness, but it's sort of an unknowable thing for all but a few people. Lou may or may not be consciously hurting Ashley because he knows he can get away with it. On the other hand, Ashley may not even have a girlfriend-type relationship with Lou, or the three of them could be genuinely happy. It's not for us to know, but I hope they're digging it.

04/18/14 (Updated)

Jonas Valanciunas' wife Egle Acaite

Jonas Valanciunas' wife Egle Acaite is a good old-fashioned Lithuanian beauty. Blonde, slender, and a shopaholic (she maintains a shopping website to track which items she's bought and which items she wants), 24 year-old Egle will suffice as a trophy if the Raps can't get an actual one. To be fair, the championship trophy and Egle Acaite aren't mutually exclusive, and who wouldn't be happy to have a devoted fashionista as a wife? Mr. Valanciunas can now have his giant-sized suits made with distinction and style.

Jonas (pronounced Yo-nas) got himself noticed by NBA scouts for basically being the best young Lithuanian player in the world and leading them to a slew of FIBA championships in under-16, under-18, and under-19 classes. When he got drafted by the Raptors 5th overall in 2011, he started most of the games he was available and has since become a cornerstone for the team, averaging 11 points, 9 boards, and shooting a terrific 53%. Twenty-one years old, folks- it's money in the bank for Toronto if he improves his low-post game and builds on his foundation.

Big V was charged with drunk driving a little over a week ago. Everybody makes mistakes, and the day after he was charged, he apologized to his teammates and went out to score a career-high 26 points to beat the Sixers. According to Toronto National Post, Kyle Lowry has said that Jonas has become "much more aggressive. Much more hungry. He wants the ball. Tonight he was literally yelling at me to give him the ball. And I've got to do nothing but give him the ball, because he's our big fella." Egle Acaite agrees, Kyle.