Los Angeles Lakers Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)

08/19/14 (Updated)

Julius Randle's girlfriend Kendra Shaw

Julius Randle's girlfriend Kendra Shaw is proud to be his girlfriend.

The college kid is more than happy to put their relationship all over Instagram, and honestly, we get it. Randle should go early in the 2014 NBA Draft, and we fully expect Kendra to be there front and center in the green room with him.

The Kentucky native Shaw appeared more than happy to bring the Dallas kid Randle to the highest sports event in the Bluegrass State. The couple donned their finest and attended the 2014 Kentucky Derby where Randle garnered the same attention as many other sports stars in attendance including Wes Welker and Tom Brady.

One item we found interesting while learning more about Kendra Shaw. Among her 1,400 Twitter followers, include the official account of the Los Angeles Lakers. Randle is predicted to head to Los Angeles with the 7 pick in many mock drafts. Could be a team doing it's homework,... could be a foreshadowing of Thursday night's Lakers pick,... or could just be a guy in the Social Media department following guys rumored to be on the teams radar. By 9:00 Thursday night, we'll all know for sure where Randle and Shaw are headed (and predict we'll see an ESPN sighting of Kendra Shaw in the green room).


Nick Young's girlfriend Iggy Azalea

Nick Young has had a hell of a year for himself. And if you don't want to take our word for it, Nick Young's girlfriend Iggy Azalea will help set the record straight.

The 7th year swingman has had a big year for the admittedly struggling Los Angeles Lakers, and is taking that fame to new heights.  Young took to Twitter to declare Austrailian rapper his #WomanCrushWednesday and the rest is history.  The couple later met  up in Los Angeles and began dating from there.   In an article in GQ, Azalea explained what she saw in the man they call Swaggy P.

Nick's really goofy and funny.  We don't really watch basketball in Australia.  I always joke with him, ‘I hope we don't break up, because you'd ruin basketball for me.’ I really hope he doesn't ruin basketball for me.”

Not to be outdone, Nick Young chimes in on what attracted him to Iggy

Because of the way she dresses and her, uh, figure. It's hard to top that,ya know?

To save you guys the legwork of having to look it up yourselves, and considering you know that's why our site exist, we dug for some more information on Iggy Azalea.   Iggy, born Amethyst Amelia Kelly in 1990, is a model and rapper made famous for being one of the first non-American females to ever be named one of XXL's Freshman talents.  Iggy previously dated A$AP Rocky, which included her getting a tattoo of A$AP on her fingers.  After the couple split in July, 2012, Iggy went through the process to have the ink covered up leaving her readily available to take up with Young in November, 2013.

04/22/13 (Updated)

Mike D'Antoni's wife Laurel D'Antoni

The new and somewhat surprising replacement head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, Mike D'Antoni is about to take over a team desperate for a somewhat competent coach. The team which oozes with talent is off to an abysmal start, and is ready to see D'Antoni reunited with his longtime PG, Steve Nash. It remains to be seen if the Lakers are ready to take on a :07 second or less philosophy, but they'll surely be ready to do something different than they've been doing under Mike Brown.

For D'Antoni, the Lakers gig will represent his third chance in the NBA. Though his stint with the Knicks didn't go quite as planned, D'Antoni had a long run of relative success with Nash and the Phoenix Suns. Mike D'Antoni and wife Laurel D'Antoni and family live in Rye, NY, which is definitely a slower pace of life than Los Angeles. As he heads to LA, his time may not be completely wasted, as he and his family now have experience in a major media market under his belt.

This job move represents an even stranger move considering that D'Antoni just spent a week living in a Westchester, NY retirement home. According to an article on SI.com, after Hurricane Sandy took out power to the D'Antoni's home last week, Laurel found a room at the home for Mike, as he'd recently had a knee replacement and is still on crutches.

Mike and Laurel were married in 1984 after originally meeting in Italy while Mike was playing basketball.