Sacramento Kings Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)

03/19/15 (Updated)

Demarcus Cousins' Girlfriend Morgan

Demarcus Cousins' girlfriend Christy West (OK, his girlfriend may actually be a woman named Morgan - we're working on confirming) is known by him as "WCW." That is, that's how he tags her on Instagram, which is essentially the only place you can see pictures of her or learn anything about her on the internet (and yes, we also recognize he's likely going for #WomanCrushWednesday too). She doesn't appear to be so friendly to the ways of social media, and I like that about her. The internet is essentially a graveyard of memories that never die. Once something is on there, it won't go off there.

There's rumors that Demarcus Cousins' girlfriend is the mother of his son, and they are most likely true since she is the girl who consistently appears on his account, but nothing is verified. We do know they like to hang out, go out, head to the beach-- the normal stuff couples do. His son is allegedly named Melo, but we haven't gotten confirmation on that either. It's also unknown if there's some sort of child support arrangement worked out between the two. Demarcus also appears to have another child, a daughter named Vana, who may or may not be his girlfriends child as well. He recently posted a picture of her celebrating her birthday and saying that she's making him feel old. Since I'm not a father, I've never really understood the "you're making me feel old" thing, but I get the sense that when you observe youth as a grown adult it reminds you of days gone by.

Boogie's girlfriend looks pretty snazzy in a two-piece bikini hanging out at the beach. That's for sure. Note the sign behind her and the poles and chains cordoning off the area. That's VIP style right there. Demarcus may be thinking of marrying when the time comes. The NBA schedule is hectic, and if and when he hangs up the sneakers-- who knows?

03/20/15 (Updated)

Rudy Gay's Wife Ecko Wray Gay

Rudy Gay's wife Ecko Wray Gay now has one of the catchiest sounding name combinations ever conceived. Ecko Wray Gay. You can't make up a name like that. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for Ecko Wray Gay. I think she could have a succesful career as a pop starlet just based on the catchiness of her name alone.

Rudy and wife Ecko married a little over a year ago in Aspen, Colorado. A bunch of his pro balling friends were at the wedding. Guys like my man Rajon Rondo were there, along with other notable players like Chris Paul. NBA weddings always look so fun. The groomsmen in this one were looking real sharp with cool black suits and black ties. The bridesmaids didn't look bad at all (it seems to be a rule in America to make bridesmaid dresses look awful for some inexplicable reason). But Ecko's bridesmaids did indeed look excellent. Ecko and Rudy have been dating since Rudy was 18. They started dating in 2004, and apparently Rudy didn't have a driver's license, and Ecko would drive him to his high school practices. So they've been together for 10 years, and Rudy last year made the statement that she's been there through thick and thin and that it was time for him to get married and settle his personal life down. He also said "she's the one." Music to Ecko's ears.

Rudy and wife Ecko have a daughter named Macee along with four dogs. Four is a pretty large number of dogs. I haven't seen any photos of them on her Twitter but I'd bet they're the smaller kind. Having four large dogs is like having a small band of cavemen living in your home. They make a mess. Ecko likes putting up pictures of Macee playing soccer on her Twitter, and she calls her daughter "Macaroni."


Chris Webber's Wife Erika Dates Webber

Chris Webber's wife Erika Dates Webber married him in 2009 after years of dating. They recently just celebrated their 5th anniversary to which Mr. Webber put up a few Instagram posts especially for Erika. The two have been photographed out at clubs with the rapper Nas, who Chris apparently worked with to produce a song at one point. Webber's music career included a rap album from 1999 which actually did fairly well and included some fairly big names from the late 90's hip hop scene.

Erika enjoys going out with Chris and is the president of the Social Butterflies Mentoring Program, which is a program that helps out low-income girls after school. The program seems really nice. I watched a YouTube clip that explains what they do, and it pretty much is just a group that gets together and does various activities and provides support for girls. Those activities include brunches, roller skating, book fairs at Barnes and Noble, ice cream socials, and something called a body image workshop-- meant to help girls appreciate themselves for who they are and develop their own sense of self-worth. Erika is not the only charitable one in the relationship, as Chris started something called the Timeout Foundation to help kids with educational and recreational opportunities. He started that charity back in 1993 when he was just 20 years old! That is really impressive to me.

Chris' wife Erika beat out the very famous Tyra Banks on the road to marrying C-Webb. His relationship with Tyra was highly talked-about back in the mid 2000's when Tyra was attending a lot of Sacramento Kings games. There was talk of a wedding after a few years, but they stopped dating and Chris found Erika. These two are really nice people, and you can tell how generous and giving they are based on everything they've done for those less fortunate.