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Chris Webber's Wife Erika Dates Webber



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Chris Webber's wife Erika Dates Webber married him in 2009 after years of dating. They recently just celebrated their 5th anniversary to which Mr. Webber put up a few Instagram posts especially for Erika. The two have been photographed out at clubs with the rapper Nas, who Chris apparently worked with to produce a song at one point. Webber's music career included a rap album from 1999 which actually did fairly well and included some fairly big names from the late 90's hip hop scene.

Erika enjoys going out with Chris and is the president of the Social Butterflies Mentoring Program, which is a program that helps out low-income girls after school. The program seems really nice. I watched a YouTube clip that explains what they do, and it pretty much is just a group that gets together and does various activities and provides support for girls. Those activities include brunches, roller skating, book fairs at Barnes and Noble, ice cream socials, and something called a body image workshop-- meant to help girls appreciate themselves for who they are and develop their own sense of self-worth. Erika is not the only charitable one in the relationship, as Chris started something called the Timeout Foundation to help kids with educational and recreational opportunities. He started that charity back in 1993 when he was just 20 years old! That is really impressive to me.

Chris' wife Erika beat out the very famous Tyra Banks on the road to marrying C-Webb. His relationship with Tyra was highly talked-about back in the mid 2000's when Tyra was attending a lot of Sacramento Kings games. There was talk of a wedding after a few years, but they stopped dating and Chris found Erika. These two are really nice people, and you can tell how generous and giving they are based on everything they've done for those less fortunate.

02/15/12 (Updated)

Tyreke Evans girlfriend Corina



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Ladies and gentlemen, we are setting an all time record.
With what you ask?
Because we officially know less about Tyreke Evans' girlfriend Corina than any girl ever featured on this site (in fact, we're not even sure if her first name is Corina or Cornia).
Pictures of the couple surfaced during the NBA lockout, with the two vacationing in the Caribbean. Some sites suggest they've been dating for a "long time," but who knows what that represents. We think we've pinned down a last name, but not strongly enough to print on the site. But seriously, that's officially all we have.
Unofficially, there are reports that she used to be a member of the Sacramento Kings dance team, and that she now owns her own dance studio which specializes in working with kids on choreographed dance teams. The website for the studio seems to indicate that Corina is the main cog, teaching many classes, while still maintaining the business end of the house as the owner. All of this information is totally unverified as of yet.
So while we definitely know she exists, we don't know much else. OK, fine, we don't know anything else. If anyone wants to help fill in some blanks, please, let us know using the contact form above.

06/24/12 (Updated)

Jimmer Fredette's wife Whitney Wonnacott



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06/02/2012: 9 months of engagement was all it took for Jimmer and Whitney to make their wedding plans. The couple was married Friday, June 1 2012 at the Denver LDS near Jimmer's hometown of Littleton, CO. Again, Jimmer Came through with the news on Twitter to let us know:

"Wedding Day today! Ready for the best day of my life with @whitwonnacott!"

Whitney is at the tail end of a whirlwind spring. She just graduated from BYU with a degree in broadcast journalism, and also finished an internship at a Salt Lake City television station.
After an up and down rookie campaign, Jimmer's minutes can only serve to be helped be relieving some tension so to speak. Congratulations to the newly declared Mr. and Mrs. Jimmer Fredette.

08/27/2011: We'll let Jimmer handle this update.:
@jimmerfredette: I'm officially engaged everyone. She Said yes and she was completely surprised! It was perfect!! #perfectnight

07-14-2011: Jimmer Fredette's girlfriend Whitney Wonnacott was with him last night at the 2011 ESPY award show. See the pictures of Jimmer Fredette and his girlfriend to the right. Since then we have also confirmed that the two have been together since Jimmer's sophomore campaign at BYU, when Whitney was a freshman cheerleader. They met at the NCAA tournament in Philadelphia that season which saw an early exit for BYU at the hands of Texas A&M.

Meet BYU cheerleader Whitney Wonnacott who also appears to be the clubhouse leader for the chick most likely to be dating college hoops sensation Jimmer Fredette.
Here's what we do know. Yahoo! Sports wrote an article about Fredette referencing his girlfriend named Whitney (no last name provided). In researching this post, a University of Utah fan message board provided a list of personal information about BYU players in an effort to get inside their opponents heads. This article mentioned Whitney Wonnacott by name as Jimmer's possible kryptonite.
So that's what we got. Whether they are or ever were together is unconfirmed. Her hotness? That is confirmed.