Andre Drummond’s “Girlfriend” Jenna Shea

Andre Drummond's girlfriend Jenna Shea - Twitter

The many lives of Jenna Shea. Andre Drummond’s “girlfriend” Jenna Shea seems to have a knack for getting together with famous athletes and celebrities. In the strictest sense, Jenna Shea is certainly not a girlfriend. She has a long history of making this fact clear….

Isiah Thomas’ wife Lynn Kendall

Isiah Thomas’ wife Lynn Kendall has had a lot of emotional supporting to do over the years. Her husband, though a phenomenal player, followed a coaching path that just never seemed to work in any way, and no matter where Isiah went and what direction…

Andre Drummond’s girlfriend Jennette McCurdy

Andre Drummond's girlfriend Jennette McCurdy - Instagram

God, I’m getting old. iCarly is a thing? To who? My kid sure doesn’t watch it, but apparently it’s a big kids show? Seriously, do people know this? Apparently the Pistons big man knows about iCarly, as seen in Andre Drummond’s girlfriend Jennette McCurdy. McCurdy…

Chauncey Billups’ wife Piper Billups

Chauncey Billups wife Piper Billups @

Chauncey Billups’ wife Piper Billups has been in the picture for the long haul. The two have been together since their days at George Washington High School in Denver, when Piper was Chauncey Billups’ girlfriend. They have three daughters: Cydney, Ciara and Cenaiya. Ciara’s godfather…

Jason Maxiell’s wife Brandi Maxiell

Brandi Duncan The two have been together for years, but were finally married on August 1, 2009. For their honeymoon, the two went to Africa on both a vacation and as part of the NBA Cares program. In 2007, Brandi was diagnosed with ovarian cancer….