Detroit Pistons Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Andre Drummond's "Girlfriend" Jenna Shea

The many lives of Jenna Shea. Andre Drummond's "girlfriend" Jenna Shea seems to have a knack for getting together with famous athletes and celebrities. In the strictest sense, Jenna Shea is certainly not a girlfriend. She has a long history of making this fact clear. Back in 2013, she went on a huge Twitter rant about how she is no one's girlfriend. This involved Peyton Siva thanking her on national television, and we talked about it at that time as well. Then, about a year later, Josh Gordon was photographed waking up in a bed next to Jenna during his year-long suspension for smoking marijuana (which I still can't fathom why that's a big deal).

Anyway, so Andre Drummond was photographed hanging out with Jenna Shea. No big deal, right? Drummond told TMZ,

I'm not dating her. I was at a bowling alley and she took a picture with me and my friend. I just figured she wanted to take a picture."

She initially backed up the story by telling TMZ that Drummond was correct, and that he "was a nice guy."

But then things changed.

Jenna Shea unleashed on Twitter to set the record straight - and included screen shots of Drummond asking her to meet up with him. She wanted to get it clear that this was no accidental meetup, and wanted to reset the public expectations of who is and isn't in demand here, sayig"

I'm one of the most sought out bitches DONT try n play me as a FAN u knuckle nose mutant @AndreDrummondd

The Twitter testimony was pretty clear about how this alleged (but clearly not at all) coincidental meetup happened. Verdict: #TeamJennaShea.

Drummond isn't the first celeb to get tangled in a Jenna Shea web. Other guys include rappers Fabolous, and Lil' Wayne, baller James Harden, television personality Rob Kardashian, and a makeout session with Kanye West.

Blunt is a mild way to describe Shea's communication style. The way she talks about herself is just... I don't even know. Exhibit A: "PSA IM A HOE I GET PAID TO F*** AS A LIVING.... NOBODY MAD ABOUT NOBODY HAVING A GF BUT U WANNA HOLLA BRING THE $$." I don't know-- it seems like she's got a lot of anger. I wonder if she's got any laughter in her life. Admittedly, the problem with her website and social media is you never actually get a sense of the person she is; you just get a projection of someone. This fact isn't lost on Shea who recently acknowledged as much by tweeting "The internet persona is not who I am it's who I portray." She has a dog who she cares for. She pretty much only talks about sex and money on her Twitter other than the occasional tweets about her dog.


Isiah Thomas' Wife Lynn Kendall

Isiah Thomas' wife Lynn Kendall has had a lot of emotional supporting to do over the years. Her husband, though a phenomenal player, followed a coaching path that just never seemed to work in any way, and no matter where Isiah went and what direction he turned, he could never seem to get wins out of his clubs. But one great win that he achieved off the court was nabbing Lynn.

Lynn was Isiah's girlfriend all the way back in the late 70's when they met. He proposed to her on the steps of the library at Indiana University because they apparently met there. Isiah actually got engaged to Lynn in the mid 80's-- a full 5 years after getting drafted in 1980. After marriage, he'd become a two-time champion, but not before the birth of their first son Joshua in 1988. Lynn's pregnancy and birth coincided exactly with the Finals series with the Lakers in '88, so you can imagine how stressful that time was for them both.

Lynn also had to go through a scandal involving Isiah's "liaison" with a woman named Jenni Dones in 1985. They got together and "conceived a love child on May 26, 1985," according to the New York Post. Isiah's son Marc Dones was born in February of 1986. So the way it all boiled down: Isiah married Lynn in July of 1985, but he got together with Jenni two months before. Isiah then agreed to pay Jenni "$2,764.78 a month until Marc Dones reached 18, when Marc would get a lump-sum payment of $100,000" according to the New York Post.

That's a pretty expensive liaison. Well, Lynn and Isiah have led a nice life for themselves outside of things like that. They're both known as philanthropists, and they are both firm believers in giving back to the community. New York Knicks fans definitely don't think Isiah gave anything to them, as they would boo him constantly when he was in their organization, but Lynn and Isiah are now comfortable and living fine with Isiah as an NBA analyst.


Andre Drummond's girlfriend Jennette McCurdy

God, I'm getting old. iCarly is a thing? To who? My kid sure doesn't watch it, but apparently it's a big kids show? Seriously, do people know this?

Apparently the Pistons big man knows about iCarly, as seen in Andre Drummond's girlfriend Jennette McCurdy. McCurdy held a role on the Nickelodeon teen-driven show, iCarly, from 2007 to 2012. McCurdy is the elder in the relationship, now 21, dating the 20 year old Drummond. Drummond publicy announced his crush on McCurdy through Twitter, and in a true first-world, 21st century boy meets girl romance story, got his followers to annoy McCurdy's followers to annoy her into finally meeting up. The couple has since met face to face in late August and now appears to enjoy their time together on Instagram.

Drummond posted a solid rookie season for the rebuilding Pistons, with the Motor City looking to him for more in 2013 as the team is poised for a big step forward. Drummond will be an integral part of their success, and as we've seen time and time again, Drummond may see a boost from the stability off the court.

OK but seriously. What the eff is iCarly?