Kevin Durant’s Girlfriend History


  1. Guest Star

    Too bad about him and Monica; of all the girls associated with him, I thought she was the best choice. She’s got her own shine so she isn’t looking to sponge off him, and they genuinely look good together (better than anyone else he’s been associated with). However, if he wasn’t feeling it then it’s better to nix it now than after – or just before! – a blinged-out wedding.

  2. Cornelius Lola Oloyede

    My dearest Kevin Durant, I’m pastor C.L.Oloyede, I love you so much and I have been praying for you ever since you are in Oklahoma, the spirit of God in me goes with you to California. I always join you in prayer in any situation wants to underrate your career.
    K D, it time to choose a girl who will be your second mother (wife). How can this be possible? It is possible by prayer. Pray that God should give you a wife like your mother; who will love you the way your mother loves you and you also will love her the way you love your mother. In Africa especially Nigeria, we christian call our wives “mother” because they treat us like our mom. I believe, our Father in heaven through His Jesus will do it very soon.
    Remember: Sarah called Abraham her husband “My lord” that was undisputed love between the two.

  3. Marcus

    I think he likes Scarlet Johnson personally though he knew the limit and gotta wait…Or maybe not. Sigh,I think he can only succeed if he found to what’s right for him. Maybe start from finding his own right values of love he had been working hard through these years of growing for the NBA, and of course reflecting his past behavior to be better person. Look, I knew KD has a lot of dollars in his pocket but I think he will never satisfied if he never find his problems.

  4. Nancy Levine

    I have a message for Mr. Kevin Durant! I live in your home town of PG County. I have a daughter that is looking for a man that knows what he wants in a lady, how to treat, respect, spending quiet time when we’re not busy, him with basketball lifestyle and my daughter’s lifestyle. As an Army Military Intelligence Officer traveling around the world, and working on her PHD she’s is a Self-motivation, has her own how, never married and I don’t have any grandchildren. So no she doesn’t have any kids. If you wants to me my beautiful daughter. Please contact me. Thanks Nancy

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