Boston Celtics Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Bob Cousy's Wife Missie Cousy

Bob Cousy's wife Missie Cousy died in 2013 after suffering for a dozen years of dementia. It's a pretty sad story, but it's a tale about two people who really loved each other. Missie knew Bob Cousy in high school, and they were married in 1950. That means the couple was married for 63 years! Around the early 2000's, Bob noticed that Missie had started to have memory lapses and was asking the same questions over and over, and she was later diagnosed with dementia. But she was stubborn and refused to believe that there was anything wrong with her, so as time went on and she went about her daily business, Bob could see that her condition was deteriorating, and rather than allow her to believe she was losing herself, he set about doing all the things she normally did and letting her think she had done them.

These types of things included planting flowers and shipping her car to their vacation home. Bob Cousy's wife Misse Cousy didn't see Bob as much at the beginning of their marriage as she did after he retired from basketball, and he commented that, "Most couples have the most intensity in the beginning. But I was always working. So we had the best and most romantic part of our marriage at the end. We literally held hands for the last 20 years." The couple went to a lot of Celtics games after he retired and would go out and socialize with friends, but after she started to get sick, they started staying in all the time so that Bob could help her out and answer her questions and make sure she was okay. He said, "It drew us closer together. It was never a chore because I knew she wold have done the same for me. You just have to go with the flow. Every three months, I'd scream out something just for release." Eventually she had a stroke and passed away. It must be very hard for Cousy to be away from her now after being together their whole lives.


Isaiah Thomas' Girlfriend Kayla Wallace

Isaiah Thomas' girlfriend Kayla Wallace is a very good looking young lady and the parent of their child, Jaiden. It appears to me that the couple is in fine form and really enjoying themselves and their life together. Since Isaiah was just traded to the Boston Celtics a few days ago, they'll all pick up and move to Boston, and Kayla posted pictures just a few days ago of them driving there from Phoenix (long drive). She also posted a few pictures of Jaiden saying goodbye to his friends at school. That's got to be tough for a kid. They seem to be the kind of couple that loves to be together as much as possible. Isaiah also has another son named James who lives with his ex-girlfriend in Washington, and by all accounts he goes to see him frequently and often. I get the impression Isaiah is a pretty good dad for being a professional athlete and such a young guy.

Isaiah Thomas Jr.'s girlfriend Kayla Wallace may have never had the time to start up a career of her own, but even though she's really busy as a mom, she could easily be a well-paid model, as I see it. She's got that warmness about her, and she's just really nice looking. I kind of got hypnotized looking at her Instagram pictures; I'll sheepishly admit it. She seems to spend a good amount of time actually looking after Isaiah's other son too. Jaiden spends a lot of time with him. Kayla also goes to all of the Floyd Mayweather fights with Isaiah. They've posted pictures of themselves attending the last couple of them. I've checked ticket prices for these fights (since I myself am a fan) and the cheapest tickets usually go for around $1200 a pop, and I'm curious whether the couple will be going to see Mayweather and Pacquiao. My guess is they will definitely not miss it, since they appear to be fans.

08/19/14 (Updated)

Did Texas Tech fan Jeff Orr insult Marcus Smart's girlfriend?

The recent situation with Marcus Smart falling into the crowd and subsequently shoving Texas Tech fan Jeff Orr has many questioning what prompted Smart's actions. Smart has gone on record saying that Orr used a racial slur (the rumor is that he told Smart to "go back to Africa"), though Orr denies that and claims he called Smart a "piece of crap". This whole "he said, she said" (or, I guess "he said, he said") situation has me wondering what really went down.

I can't imagine that Smart reacted that way after being called "a piece of crap". I mean, that's a third-grade-recess-level insult, definitely not worthy of risking your NBA draft stock by shoving a guy. A racial slur, now that I understand. But let's pretend for a moment that Orr is telling the truth and that didn't happen. What else could Orr have said to prompt the shove? I think a well placed insult about Marcus Smart's girlfriend likely would have done the trick.

There is really no evidence that Marcus Smart actually has a girlfriend, and I highly doubt that Jeff Orr had any inside information to that end. That said, going for the girlfriend insult is pretty easy go-to in a situation like that. If that's something along the lines of what Jeff Orr said - then that would certainly give evidence to the fact that Marcus Smart's girlfriend may exist. Unfortunately though, I'm guessing that we will never know for sure - it's between Orr and Smart and I doubt they'll say much more than they already have.