Dallas Mavericks Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Charlie Villanueva's Girlfriend Michelle Game

He got Game. Charlie Villanueva's girlfriend Michelle Game is now Charlie's fiance. He popped the question on October 26th, and he was packing some major carbon power-- the diamond on Michelle's ring is quite large. I'm pretty curious about how much that badboy cost. I'm thinking a million dollars. If you look up "million dollar diamond rings," they look exactly like the one she's now sporting. Charlie's got the bank for it.

Michelle keeps herself busy with various projects, and her number one project is the maintenance of her own body. She uploads many, many pictures of herself in various arched poses. She's a model, or a "published model" if I may use her term, so it makes sense she's going to want to show off the goods and services she provides. Most pictures on her Instagram are exactly the same but with a different outfit, and that helps her to show off various styles-- sort of like Zoolander's "blue steel" and "le tigre" looks help him show off styles. Very chic! Some of the hater types might say Michelle affects an air of vapid unnaturalness, but they're of course not used to appreciating her fineness. Her true fans are quick to point out that she's "bootyful." Charlie seems happy with his girlfriend Michelle, and he can provide her with the expensive treasures she seeks. She likes to show those treasures off, and a great example of this is a picture of her posing in a Ferrari with a Louis Vuitton bag positioned in front of her like it was a fresh kill from a hunting expedition. Don't mistake her expression for a vindictive, self-satisfied sneer, haters! She's simply letting us know she's a winner. She's reached the top of the mountain!

Charlie's girlfriend Michelle has some pretty sporty styles that she's come up with for a line of fitness clothing. She's shown off a sneak-peak of a workout two-piece on her gamefitness Instagram account, and the pattern is pretty cool.

08/19/14 (Updated)

Chandler Parsons' girlfriend Robyn Crowley

Chandler Parsons turned 25 this past October. Not only did he get to celebrate with his Houston Rockets teammates, Chandler Parsons girlfriend Robyn Crowley was there to party it up with him too.

Apparently the couple has been dating for over a year and a half; that is, according to Robyn Chandler’s Instagram page. She posted photos of the party back in October that included teammates James Harden, Dwight Howard and Jeremy Lin. Robyn Chandler also has a pretty solid Twitter page. She loves to post lots of photos of her dog, shoes, her peeps and vacations. At times, it almost seems like she loves her bulldog, Bro, almost as much as she loves Chandler Parsons. “I’m in love with a bulldog, he trippin he playin he playin” Robyn tweeted on March 23rd.

As for vacations, Chandler Parsons and Robyn Chandler made a recent Valentine’s Day get away. They flew off together to Cabo to lounge in the sun. It’s good to be young and in love.

But when Robyn Chandler touches back down to reality post-vacation, she returns to her hometown of Houston Texas. Her parents live nearby and she often stops by for dinner and to see her two sisters. As for her day-to-day affairs, Robyn Chandler is a TexAgs intern with her own newsfeed page. She has interviewed A&M superstars on and off camera. Highlights of her budding career include interviewing Breeja Larson, the NCAA's new record-holder in the 100-yard breaststroke, Alexis Klegou, A&M's senior tennis star. Check out her newsfeed page at: http://texags.com/Premium/TagFeed/2612.


Monta Ellis' wife Juanika Amos Ellis

Monta Ellis’ wife Juanika Amos Ellis has no problem dealing with adversity. Six years his senior, Juanika is a Memphis police officer and has dealt with plenty trouble both on the job and off.

Juanika and Monta met in their hometown of Memphis back in 2006 and were married by 2010. Shortly before meeting Juanika, Monta was drafted 40th by the Golden State Warriors and ended up being one of those players that explodes with talent after learning the ropes. He was named most improved player in 2007 and by 2008 had earned a $66 million contract with the Warriors, making him their highest paid player. Juanika and Monta were living the dream, and they had two children following Monta’s big deal. Then came adversity...

Monta was sued for sexual herassment in December of 2011 by a team employee named Erika Ross Smith. She worked for the Warriors’ community relations department. Ellis allegedly sent dozens of explicit text messages and pictures to her. As you might imagine, this was bad news for Mr. Ellis. According to Sporting News, the case was settled out of court six months later, which essentially means Ellis paid her a tidy sum of money to stand down. To the left a large cash payout, and to the right a very disappointed police officer whom you just happen to be married to. Sigh...time to hit the court, Monta!