Brooklyn Nets Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Joe Johnson's Girlfriend Shannon Becton

Drama in Georgia doesn’t always have to come from television shows about zombies. Joe Johnson’s ex-girlfriend Shannon Becton is involved with him in a rather unpleasant court battle over their six-year old son.

The timeline goes like this: while Joe still played for the Atlanta Hawks in 2007, Shannon and Joe had a son. Five years later they had long been split, but Joe filed legal documents to establish himself as the father of the child in order to share joint custody and to be able to allow his son to inherit money from him. He also requested that his son take his last name. This was all contingent on a DNA test proving that Joe was the father, which it did. It was technically a lawsuit against Shannon, who is a working nurse in Georgia.

Flash forward to now, and according to TMZ, Shannon has claimed, “I’m unaware of my child’s whereabouts, and Joe is interfering with me maintaining a healthy relationship with my son.” Joe had previously agreed to move Shannon out to New York City to have her live there, paying as much as $5000 per month for an apartment for her, but he has allegedly not come through with the deal. So as of March 11, Joe was found in contempt of court for not fulfilling that part of the arrangement. This has now led to the Judge threatening to throw him in jail.

Boy oh boy, this situation does not sound fun. It sounds like the opposite of fun. Anyway, let’s take a look at Joe Johnson’s output on the basketball court rather than the custody court:

He was originally drafted by the Boston Celtics 10th overall back in 2001. That feels like ages ago (the Celtics fan tells himself). He was traded in the middle of his rookie season to the Suns, where it took him about two years to suddenly mature into a serious threat. His salary went from $2.3 million in 2004 to $12 million in 2005, when he was signed to the Hawks. At the age of 25, Joe began putting up mammoth numbers for the Hawks- his best season had him pumping out 25 PPG, 4 RPG, 4 APG, and playing a staggering 41.4 MPG. This led to his signing a whopping $123,658,089 contract for six years in July of 2010. The Brooklyn Nets have since taken him on, and he was paid over $21.4 million this season. So you can understand why they call it the “baby mama lottery.”

12/31/13 (Updated)

Jason Terry's wife Johnyika Terry

Jason Terry's wife Johnyika Terry went to a rival high school. Despite the fact that Johnyika used to attend Jason's basketball games and jeer him, the two eventually became friends off the court, started dating and have been together ever since. They now have four daughters together, Jasionna, Jalayah, Jaida and Jasa Azuré.

So, some of you may have read ESPN's blog by Anonymous NBA Player X. Some folks have put together a pretty impressive argument suggesting that Player X is in fact none other than Jason Terry.

Whether or not he is, NBA Player X wrote a long blog about being a married professional athlete while the Tony Parker/Brent Barry divorce saga's unfolded. Player X (again, whether it's Jason Terry or not), writes one particularly insightful paragraph about the married life of a professional athlete.

Being home is no picnic, either. You've been apart from each other so long you've changed a bit. Over time it adds up, and after a while you begin to feel you don't know each other anymore. Plus, there's another side to the story. Our wives are prone to wander too. And the truth is, that can be okay -- provided you've got a strong relationship and have agreed to certain arrangements.

Player X then talks about pre-nups, open door marriage policies, and the one hard and fast rule in the NBA: You never mess with a teammates wife or girlfriend. Insightful prose, whoever the author may be.

04/23/13 (Updated)

Joe Johnson's girlfriend Wynter Thompson

So we'll full admit that there are contradictory reports floating around about these two, and we'll give you both sides
Joe and Wynter met at a local Atlanta hotspot, called Magic City.
Magic City also happens to be a strip club.
Some stories say that Wynter also happened to be working for tips when they met, and she wasn't delivering drinks. Other reports say she was just a hard working hostess fighting to make her way in this crazy world, or some song and dance like that.
After the story of their relationship began gaining steam, reports blew up that Wynter was carrying Joe’s first kid. Those reports were challenged suggesting that she was already pregnant when they met, and that the kid may be that of an Atlanta hip hop star (and she’s previously been linked to Lil Zane in the past).
While we don’t know the validity of the child together, or her official job duties in the club, we do know the two were a serious item at one point. During the summer of 2010, she moved into Joe’s Miami mansion. We’re not sure if they’re still together, but we’ll keep you posted if we ever do find out for sure.