Oklahoma City Thunder Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)

09/23/14 (Updated)

Steven Adams' girlfriend Kayla Kiriau

Ah, New Zealand, land of giants, orcs, hobbits, and large athletic centers!

Steven Adams girlfriend Kayla Kiriau has struggled to climb the ​basketball ​heights like he has. ​Steven was able to leave New Zealand and land in Oklahoma. So...that's...good. ​

A moderately talented basketballer herself, she started at Sheridan Junior College and then transferred to Point Park in 2013. If you’re wondering, Point Park is a college outside of Pittsburgh. She transferred there from Sheridan in Wyoming in order to be closer to Adams, who was attending Pitt. He then ​got drafted and signed in 2013 by the Thunder for about 2,000,000 bucks a year, but that’ll climb to about 3,000,000 by the time 2016 rolls around. Adams has a pretty interesting background.

His father, Sid Adams, was a navy guy who settled in New Zealand and seemingly attempted to set the world record for most children fathered in the country, having eighteen kids with five different women. Spread the seed far and wide, Sid.
​He died when Steven was thirteen, and he had difficulty without his father, but he got through it.

Another really cool fact about Steven is his sister is basically the greatest woman shotputter that ever lived. Her name is Valerie Kasanita Adams. Look her up, seriously. She is a shot-putting machine. 6’4”, 250 pounds, charismatic, and a collector of gold medals of all stripes. She has two Olympics golds in shot-putting, and she pretty much wins any competition she enters. That’s what you get when you’re Sid Adams’ kid. According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, sons of ​Sid ​Adams average 6’9” and females 6’. Here’s to hoping that Stephen puts those genes to good use and improves his numbers up from the 3 PPG and 4 RPG that he’s averaging. He’s only 20 so he’s got a lot of time.

​​​ The Eye of Sauron is watching everything he does.

07/08/13 (Updated)

Kevin Durant's fiance Monica Wright

UPDATE: 07-08-2013: Following the Minnesota Lynx' victory over the Phoenix Mercury on Sunday night, Kevin Durant's girlfriend Monica Wright confirmed that she is now Kevin Durant's fiancé. Considering how well the pair kept it hidden that they were dating (despite having known each other since the 2006 McDonald’s High School All-American Game), this engagement has come as a big surprise.

In the immortal word's of Kevin Durant's new agent, Jay-Z, KD ain't a business man, he's a business,... man.

And in that light, it's not surprising that Durant was quick to offer a non-committal response to the question asked directly, Is Kevin Durant's girlfriend Monica Wright?

While still wanting to keep with the wholesome, golly gee image off the court, it's probably best for him to keep his personal dating life out of the public discussion. The ever image conscious KD has infamously been tattooed under his basketball jersey, but leaving nothing visible while he's playing. For a long time, he also wanted to keep his basketball shoe affordable, and was reasonably successful hovering around the $100 price point until the launch of the KD VI (and yes, I've already bought my pair). And while there's definitely nothing wrong with dating a woman, and nothing surprising about dating another professional basketball player, it would likely remain in his best interest to keep the details cloudy and the exact relationship status unclear.

For those unaware, Monica Wright is a guard in the WNBA currently playing for the Minnesota Lynx. Durant recently sat courtside at a WNBA game between the Los Angeles Sparks and Wright's Lynx which market his second courtside WNBA game in just over a month. The recent game in Los Angeles was broadcast on NBA TV where Durant was pressed directly about whether or not he was dating Monica Wright. Durant had no reply other than a coy smile and an unclear answer to a rather specific question.

We'll keep an eye on this one as it develops. It may wind up as the perfect chapter to Durant's Disney-esque biography.

04/19/13 (Updated)

Serge Ibaka's girlfriend Keri Hilson

With the influx of social media and the unconfirmed rumors that come along with it, the new trend in sports is to see insane rumors fly about a player once he leaves town. While the most realistic explanation for James Harden's surprising deal out of OKC comes down to a potential contract extension, a new and much more entertaining rumor has hit the internet version of the airwaves recently.

According to one theory, James Harden has a difficult time adhering to the time honored code of "Thou shall not chase a teammate's girl." Now granted, we've see it violated from time to time, but it's still one of those rules that you just don't see violated. In this case, Harden is rumored to have been chasing Serge Ibaka's girlfriend Keri Hilson. This rumor was actually the first we'd heard about Serge Ibaka dating Keri Hilson. However, after deeper digging, we're fairly confident that the two are dating at this time, but found nothing in regards to official word of the two being together.

The rumor persists that Harden had been openly hitting on Hilson, which obviously caught Ibaka's attention. One could speculate that if this were true, it would surely cause disharmony inside the otherwise harmonious Thunder locker room. Consider that Harden wouldn't sign the team friendly extension, and that he may be upsetting locker room chemistry, and suddenly this rumor doesn't seem quite so impossible to believe. While we doubt the Thunder would ever make personnel decisions on a couple guys fighting, we can believe that if this were true, it certainly didn't make it harder for the Thunder to trade him.

For those (like us) that needed a quick reminder of who Keri Hilson is, she is an R&B singer/songwriter who has been in the mainstream public eye since 2007 when she appeared on Timbaland's "The Way I Are," song (THAT'S where I remember her from). Her 2009 debut album hit #4 on the Billboard top 200, though future albums have seen significantly less success.

We are going to keep a close eye on this one to see if anything else comes out about Serge and Keri as a couple. If anything comes out, we'll keep you posted.