Ben Simmons’ Girlfriend Brittany Renner


Ben Simmons’ girlfriend Brittany Renner is a famous Instagram personality in her own right. She’s got over 1.5 million followers, and she is hot business.  She has a killer body, and is not afraid to show off.  She has some very definite thoughts about hair as well.  “I believe hair is your pride, a form of art, and should be respected as so”.   She offers a discount code for a hair product that she’s hawking….

Nerlens Noel’s Girlfriend Jordan Walsh

Nerlens Noel's girlfriend Jordan Walsh - Instagram

UPDATE 08/15/2014: Nerlens. You ARE the father. In the evolving saga of the woman once known between Nerlens Noel, Nerlens Noel’s baby Mama Jamie, and the 14 month old child alleged to be Noel’s, we have an answer. Noel, is the biological father of the 14 month old after DNA test confirmed their ties. No word on a response from and Nerlens Noel’s girlfriend Jordan Walsh. Court documents filed state that Noel has had limited…

Spencer Hawes girlfriend Gina Antoniello

The NBA Playoffs are great for so many reasons; the drama, the upsets, the rise to pressure, and for us here at, the increased reports of girlfriend sightings in the stands. Spencer Hawes is seeing his stock rise after a solid opening round, and now has the bulls-eye on his chest as the man charged with shutting down the hyper-motivated Kevin Garnett in round 2. It should come as no surprise that a man…

Thad Young’s fiancee Shekinah Beckett: A exclusive interview

In what is fast becoming a trend at, we have another interview for you. This week, we’re talking with Thaddeus Young’s fiancee Shekinah Beckett about their upcoming marriage, Thad’s free agency and the life of an NBA WAG. Enjoy. We’ll keep bringing you the interviews (and trying to get ourselves courtside seats in the process). How long have you and Thad been together for? How did you meet? Shekinah Beckett: 7 years! Thad…

Allen Iverson’s wife Tawanna Iverson

UPDATE: 03/20/2012: Boy, Allen Iverson’s wife Tawanna Iverson has changed her tune in a big way. According to various reports, Tawanna Iverson has filed documents demanding receipts of every purchase Iverson has made over $1,000 during their marriage, suggesting he was spending money only on himself and neglecting her and their children. She has also filed demanding that Allen, “give the name and telephone number of every person other than your spouse whom you have…

Elton Brand’s wife Seneca Shahara Brand

Seneca Shahara Simmons The two met while attending Duke together. They got engaged in 2003, and were married in July, 2006. The couple were vacationing in Los Cabos in 2003, when Elton hired a private plane to fly his proposal overhead with a message reading, “WILL YOU MARRY ME, SENECA?”