Washington Wizards Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Martell Webster's wife Courtney Webster

Martell Webster's wife Courtney Webster is happy that Martell has become such a family man. It may be that he always was and just needed to find the perfect match. Martell has one child from a previous relationship that he's since officially adopted. He was married once before Courtney, but that situation seems to be straightened out now.

The couple has three kids aged 10, 6, and 4, and the oldest is the adopted child from the previous marriage mentioned above. Martell Webster's wife Courtney Webster knows that the reason their relationship is so good and indeed the reason he's so committed to being a good father comes from the pain he experienced as a child growing up without either a mom or a dad. It's a brutal tale, but apparently Martell's mother was slain by one of the most prolific serial killers in United States history-- Gary Ridgway a.k.a. "The Green River Killer." This monster was convicted of killing 48 separate people and confessed to nearly 100 murders. Not only that, but when Martell went to live with his grandmother, his father knew where he was the entire time and never once visited him until after he was drafted. Ouch.

Courtney married Martell in 2010 and has been credited by Martell as being a major influence on his reputation turnaround amongst his peers (at one time he was thought of as a loner who wasn't much of a teammate). Courtney is a homebody just like Martell, and the three kids is certainly something that keeps her occupied. She's very much a family person like Martell, and in a conversation with them they are both clearly into raising the three kids. I think once you get Martell on board, Courtney is and always was very much a fan of that lifestyle.


Bradley Beal's girlfriend Mikala McGee

Bradley Beal's girlfriend Mikala McGee is a twenty year-old athlete, so right there they've got a whole lot in common. Being a young NBA player is very often like being a perpetual free agent on the relationship/ relations market. There's just a lot going on for those guys, but with Mikala-- I sort of wonder if the two don't just talk about basketball all the time since their lives have been so wrapped up in it.

Previously, Bradley Beal's girlfriend Mikala McGee had been playing at Missouri State and doing okay there, but now she's transferred to George Mason and is "red-shirted," which I think means she can't play. That's just the rule, but she was apparently a ridiculously successful player when she was a high school player at Pattonville High School outside of St. Louis. Her man had far more success as a player at a young age-- drafted into the NBA after one season in the NCAA, and now he's averaging 15 points per game at the age of 21.

Most of Mikala's Twitter output is her quoting the bible and wishing people to have a "blessed day," which is one of the most common words used by player wives from rural areas, believe it or not. One interesting thing I noticed on her feed is that her brother died at a young age (probably early 20's) and she posted that she "always saw the goodness in you. you will always & forever be my brother. meet you in paradise." That was a somewhat unexpected fact to learn. That must have been rough to lose a brother. She operates on the "there is always a bigger picture" living model, which is a convenient way for a lot of people to move through life relatively stress-free. That's sort of the gyst of all of what she says on Twitter. Another good example of this is when she says, "When God starts pulling you out of your comfort zone, he is preparing you for his next big blessing." Another way of saying this is "ups and downs."

03/20/15 (Updated)

John Wall's Girlfriend Hazel Renee

John Wall's girlfriend Hazel Renee has her own modeling website loaded with all kinds of information about her, so it's not too hard to get an idea of the kind of lady she is. Her interesting look comes from being Filipino, African American, and Puerto Rican. I just wish she wouldn't wear fake eyelashes in her photos; I never think any woman looks good with those things on, but that's just me. I guess Hazel was really big into singing and dancing on the stage because there's a lot of emphasis about that in her early years bio, and she started entering beauty pageants and talent shows. She's got a long history of competing in these types of things. She almost made it onto the MTV Show "Making The Band 3" with Sean Combs. According to her bio, she's placed Top 16 in the Miss Michigan Pageant. She's also done a bunch of other stuff involving TV appearances and magazine shoots, but I won't get too into detail about them because they're sort of obscure.

John Wall's girlfriend Hazel Renee also managed to grab herself a bachelor's in entertainment PR and marketing from Michigan State, so I guess that's a good notch on the belt. I've looked through her blog, and there was one entry that caught my eye about cheating in relationships. It said, ""It's the thrill and the rush of being sneaky and the thought of gettting caught (or atleast the potential of it). The more we continue to live like this, we come alive. We feel that little texts here, little dinner there and little flirty stuff won't cause any harm." This doesn't implicate Mr. Wall of anything whatsoever, but it's always interesting to hear the perspective of a professional athlete's girlfriend. I'm still waiting for a professional athlete's girlfriend to write up a blog entry about why they'd stick around afterward.