Cleveland Cavaliers Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Shawn Marion's girlfriend Jennifer Christensen

Shawn Marion's girlfriend Jennifer Christensen is the mother of their son Shawn Jr., and she apparently is the author of an ebook as well. Its called "Real," and its about her facebook posts. I watched her on a news channel promoting the thing. You can't really make much of an impression with people who read books if your shucking an ebook about your experiences staring at a screen. She says that much of the book is her rehashing other people's stories that they shared with her online (with their permission). Essentially what this amounts to is aggregating messages from her followers on facebook into a patchwork of and then reselling it back to her followers on facebook. I wonder if the people following her on facebook were really following her for her literary prowess?

I have to applaud Jennifer for using words rather than simply Instagram photos to build up a following. Granted, her goal is still to monetize her following, but at least she tries to have something to say to them. Shawn Marion's girlfriend Jennifer Christensen specializes in retweeting catchy sayings, but some of her own tweets consist of things like: "Dear God, Easter is fattening. In honor of Jesus, please take away my sins and calories!" I wonder what Jennifer would write about if she decided to write a novel? I'll leave that one to you guys to figure out. Jennifer does seem pretty committed to the bible. Most of her tweets are quotations and sayings revolving around it.

Jennifer used to have her own website, but she's since not renewed it, and it serves no purpose now. I should also mention that she's a former beauty pageant contestant and apparently was the runner-up for the Miss Illinois USA 2012 crown. I'm not entirely sure, but the transition from beauty pageant contestant to "author" may include more than browsing your facebook page.


Matthew Dellavedova's girlfriend Anna Schroeder

What's better than a couple of American college sweethearts? Nothin', but I should inform you that ​the phenomenon of the high school and college sweetheart is not exclusive to our bi-coastal patch of fast-food heaven. Matthew Dellavedova's girlfriend Anna Schroeder is his college sweetheart from Saint Mary's College, but Matthew thought he could get in on the American sweetheart craze. The two were both athletes while they attended (presumably both on scholarships).

Matthew Dellavedova's girlfriend Anna Schroeder is not a native Australian who flew over to attend Saint Mary's like he is. She's from a town in California called Concord, and her sport is volleyball. I could tell you some of her stats, but since I don't even know what a "dig" is, I'm not going to pretend to know what I'm talking about. She's 5'7", though, in case you were wondering. My guess is you sort of have to be tall or be able to jump like Jordan if you are going to play volleyball. Anyway, she graduated around 2012, a year before Matthew, and now she's out in the world attending his games and traveling with him.

Matthew himself seems to be close friends with Varejao Anderson, whom he's often photographed with goofing around. One gets the sense Matthew Dellavedova's girlfriend Anna Schroeder is having a lot of fun hanging out with him and some of the Cavaliers. A few places they've traveled together are Brazil, Spain, and Australia on a trip to see family. The couple also vacationed in Paris in September of 2014, roaming around the always-annoyingly-crowded Louvre and seeing the Arc de Triomphe. You gotta' be really careful not to get accosted by the children thieves in some parts of Paris. Since they're little, they can get away with pickpocketing much easier than the adults. Little travel tips are free here, readers.


David Blatt's wife Kinneret Blatt

David Blatt’s Wife Kinneret Blatt is a pretty interesting woman. She’s an Israeli native who met David there during his 33-year stint as the Maccabi Tel Aviv head coach. Israeli basketball is actually pretty decent. A lot of NBA’ers that would otherwise be put out to pasture seem to migrate there to continue their career, and the money’s not too bad either, from what I’ve seen.

So David Blatt and wife Kinneret have a total of four children, but their oldest is David. David is around 18 years old and plays for a team called Hapoel Tel Aviv now. That’s something of a big deal in Israeli basketball since its “first tier,” but their arena only holds around 3500 people. Well you can’t always be the big show. Kinneret is also a doctor, and she graduated from Tel Aviv University. David actually coached Kinneret before they were married in 1991. That seems pretty weird, but it’s perfectly legal so who really cares. I’m sure she was a super hot basketball player back then.

I’m still not entirely sure what Kinneret is a doctor of, but she apparently still lived in Israel shortly after David got the job at Cleveland. I think it’s a strong possibility she’ll relocate to the Cleveland area to be around her husband if she hasn’t already. When he was hired, David mentioned that they would all move to the States eventually. Getting visas for that sort of thing can take a little time. I think Kinneret may be aware that Lebron James holds serious influence over the fate of her husband David’s job. Like it or not, in the NBA franchise players sometimes get to dictate to the ownership and front office whether something is working or not, and Kinneret is likely crossing her fingers that their relationship will strengthen.