Cleveland Cavaliers Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Tristan Thompson's Girlfriend Jordan Craig

Tristan Thompson's girlfriend Jordan Craig is one of those anatomy-defying models that have had a little help from modern technology, if ya' know whatta' mean. Her absolute favorite thing to do is have pictures of herself taken on Instagram and give shout outs to the designer of the garment. She likely gets paid a small amount for each little shout that she gives about them. My guess is a spokesperson from the clothing company works out a price via email, they send her the clothes, and she puts up a photo of herself wearing their clothes. It's not a bad deal if you've got 135,000 followers. I do wonder, though, if she immediately discards the clothing right after the photo is taken and changes back into the actual clothes she likes, though I'm sure the cagey response would be "she only takes pictures in clothes she likes."

Apparently Tristan Thompson's girlfriend Jordan Craig has also dated some rapper named Tyga and (of course) Baron Davis. She has definitely traveled extensively, going to places like Dubai, Paris, Disney World, Jamaica, St. Maarten. You know, your typical glitzy "I'm classy and I need you to know" type destinations. Or maybe that's just the vibe she's going for. She actually looked like she was having a lot more fun in her 2012 pictures, but that was probably when she wasn't getting paid for each picture. The traveling and the Instagram modeling is about all the lovely lady does as far as her social media presence, meaning her Instagram account is a strictly business affair except for the occasional setup shots of her kissing Thompson. The overall effect is very planned and deliberate, but it comes off as classy if not a little sterile. Make sure you don't miss this opportunity to snap a photo of me getting out of my luxury sports sedan. Just because it's fun!


Timofey Mozgov's Wife Alla Mozgov

Timofey Mozgov's wife Alla Mozgov got married to him in a famous cheapo wedding chapel in Las Vegas, and his account of the event, which took place back in March of 2011 is pretty interesting. According to Yahoo Sports, Michael Jordan, Bruce Willis, Frank Sinatra, Demi Moore, and Britney Spears all said their vows at this chapel in Vegas, and it's just like the ones you hear about or see on movies-- Mozgov describes it as a "McDonald's drive-through." Now, at first I thought this was an exaggeration, but no. It is literally a drive-through wedding chapel. Timofey said, "But the great country of the United States has given him the necessary privileges, so he looked inside the window and proclaimed us to be wife and husband! What do you want-- this is Las Vegas."

Timofey Mozgov's wife Alla Mozgov had a child with him a few years ago, and they do everything together as a family. Judging by Timofey's Instagram, they travel pretty extensively. You can catch a glimpse or two of some European speed trains, lots of Vegas backgrounds, plenty of Russian shots, and tons and tons of cars (Timofey appears to be obsessed with cars). It seems like Alla is a good sport when it comes to all the trips to Las Vegas. I don't imagine it's her that feels the need to travel there so much, but she looks like she has fun. According to Timofey, all of Alla's friends live in Moscow, and that's probably where they had their official wedding celebrations. Also, if you're interested to know, Alla studied at a school in Moscow called PMAT. I think it's a hospitality school where you can learn about running hotels, but some of the finer details may be lost in translation, so I won't attempt to tell you anything more. Apparently the couple still live in Moscow during the offseason as well, and you'd expect that since Alla has really close ties there.

08/19/14 (Updated)

Kevin Love's girlfriend Cody Horn

With the 2014 offseason Kevin Love Lottery in full effect, the sports world is speculating wildly on where the Minnesota big man will land. Among the many potential destinations, people seem to be pointing to Kevin Love's girlfriend Cody Horn as reason why the Lakers make the most sense.

To be accurate here, Kevin Love doesn't fully control his destiny this year. Yes, he could certainly sway the TimberWolves or his new team one way or another, but it really isn't fully up to him. All the same, Cody Horn seems to be one of many factors influencing people to believe the California kid may want to head home. Cody Horn is an actress with a pretty solid resume to date including movies Magic Mike, and End of Watch,Rescue Me, and The Office. Love was born in Santa Monica, though attended high school in Oregon before returning for college ball at UCLA. Horn was born, raised and now lives in Los Angeles.

Cody Horn has spent plenty of time in the spotlight, with her mother being a former model, and her father currently serving as the Chairman of Walt Disney Studios. If Cody Horn really has so much pull in the Kevin Love sweepstakes (and since we know she's reading this), we'd like to chime in with our own sales pitch. With so much time on the west coast, isn't it time for a change? Boston is a great place to live with plenty of movie and TV gigs shooting in the city. Plus, wouldn't KLove look great in the green and white? If you make this happen, we'll buy you a beer down at The Legends Club too. Thanks in advance Cody Horn!!