Golden State Warriors Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)

03/19/15 (Updated)

Klay Thompson's Girlfriend Hannah Stocking

Oh my Lordy. Well, awhile back we were telling you about a girl named Sheila Singh having been Klay Thompson's main squeeze for years. Well, move way over Sheila! Mr. Thompson has just perfected the art of girlfriend-having. Klay Thompson's girlfriend Hannah Stocking does indeed look like a true ten to me. A rare and visually electrifying species indeed. They are rarely sighted outside of their natural habitat of poolsides, well-appointed verandas, and nicely lit patios. Hannah is known for her lovely Instagram photos.

The story last time about Klay was that his Dad has control over all his money. It's sort of a weird deal but I'm not going to go over it again, and it may have even changed since then anyhow. The funny aspect about it was that Klay gets something like 300 bucks per week for expenses, and his Dad told him if he wants to take a girl out on a date, he can cook for her and buy her a bottle of wine. Well hey, Klay is doing something right because he's getting some pretty attractive girlfriends. Klay's new girlfriend Hannah was formerly dating Kyrie Irving, the Cavaliers guard. She has now moved on to young Mr. Thompson, who may not score as many points as Kyrie, but he is a better outside shooter.

So as for Hannah's Instagram account: it's pretty cool. I mean, there's only so many ways you can take a picture of yourself in a bikini or fashionable threads, but there's a few other ones where she's SCUBA diving and visiting wacky places and apparently setting a sea turtle free into the ocean. She's keeping it interesting for her army of followers. The last tally, she had 729,845 people following her. It's a visual culture, folks. Instagram models are doing big things these days.


Steve Kerr's wife Margot Kerr

Stephen Douglas Kerr, the old sharpshooter, winner of rings, loser of nothing. Steve Kerr's wife Margot Kerr seems like a cool lady. You can tell by her twitter account that she's got a sense of humor and seems happy with life. She wears aviators and hails from Arizona. Chances are she's laid back and fun, right?

Steve and Margot met their sophomore year of college at Arizona. They were married in 1990. Ah yes, 1990, the year young Margot realized she had an authentic sharpshooter on her hands (and by no means a poor man's Mark Price). Point of fact-- Steve was always a pretty deadly outside shooter; known primarily as a slow outside guy throughout college and during the 1986 FIBA World Championship, which was the last year amateurs shot hoops in that competition and won a gold. Well, the two eventually had three kids: Nick, Matthew, and Maddy.

Personally, I always liked Steve as a commentator on TNT. He had a straight-to-the-point, incisive and empathetic style that was refreshing alongside Marv Albert's tired, campy schtick. What most people don't know about Mr. Kerr is that he was once punched in the face by Michael Jordan during practice. According to Jordan, it was all MJ's fault. He had come back from retirement and was struggling to regain captaincy of his squad, and he took out his frustrations on Steve's eye. Realizing his folly, he apologized profusely the next day, and Steve accepted. Free rein on Steve Kerr's face-- the proper way for an ultra-competitive legend to release frustration. Steve fought back though, and Margot iced his eye.

One more very important detail: Steve Kerr is the all-time leader in career 3-point percentage. He maintained an astonishing .454% over his 910 games played. It's pretty cool that he coaches Stephen Curry now, who is painfully just out of reach of that percentage (even though he shoots a bajillion more shots than Steve).


Stephen Curry's mother Sonya Curry

Meet the Curry’s!

They should have their own reality show. Steph Curry’s mom (and Dell Curry’s wife), Sonya Curry, is the heart and soul of the Curry cheering section. This cheering section also extends to Seth Curry, a Duke alumni who now plays for the Santa Cruz Warriors in the NBADL. If you look at old Duke games from a few years back, you’ll probably spot Sonya doing her thing in the crowd. You’ll definitely see her at some point if you turn on a Golden State playoff game now.

Dell Curry met Sonya at Virginia Tech back in the 80’s when Sonya Curry was playing team volleyball and leading in aces. Dell got drafted to the Jazz in 1986, bounced to Cleveland after a year and finally landed with the Charlotte Hornets, a new team at the time. Clad in aqua bluish-green (also known as turquoise for those aspiring experimental team uniform designers), Dell would launch five 3-pointers a game. Turquoise Dell Curry, that’s the guy I remember. He did, in fact, lead the NBA in 3-point FG percentage in 1998 playing one season for the Bucks alongside burgeoning downtowner Ray Allen.

His glory days were with the Hornets, though, and he was on one of the most exciting teams of the early 90’s with guys like Larry Johnson, Alonzo Mourning, Muggsy Bogues, Hersey Hawkins, and Scott Burrell. They could never quite fully launch themselves into contenders, always running into teams like the Knicks and the Bulls, who dominated the eastern side in that era.

Stephen Curry actually shares the exact same name as his father: Wardell Stephen Curry II. Nothing like keeping that time-honored tradition of naming your kids Wardell. In all seriousness, Steph has become one of the league’s premier shooters. You can tell immediately how good of a shooter he is by looking at his 3PA per game and then looking at this 3P%. He shoots eight 3’s per game and still somehow keeps his percentage well above 40%. He may be the best long-range shooter in the game. Guys that lead the league in 3-point percentage always end up not being pure outside bombers, shooting a couple a game at most. He shoots more than 600 three-pointers a season! I can guarantee he used to have shooting competitions with his dad growing up.

It’s also worth mentioning that Sonya’s daughter, Ayesha, plays team volleyball like her mom, and she’s also part of the Golden State cheering section.