Golden State Warriors Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Joe Lacob's girlfriend Nicole Curran

Joe Lacob's girlfriend Nicole Curran recently gave an interview to a wine website in which she talks at considerable length about drinking, wine, and the booze industry. It turns out she's pretty involved wine and has been her whole life. She first started by working for La Jota Vineyard, where she lived and worked right at the vineyard in Napa and represented them in sales and marketing. She was like that chick Stephanie in the movie "Sideways" that Thomas Haden Church picks up at one of the vineyards. She then went on to work for LVMH and represented a bunch of champagnes. When asked if she was drinking as much champagne as she was selling, she responded "I was drinking that stuff all the time! I basically got paid to drink for a living."

The whole story of how Joe Lacob's girlfriend Nicole Curran first met him is based on her working for LVMH and revolves around wine. So she was in Pebble Beach, he meets her and says it's cool she's in the wine business because he has a favorite wine but he can't remember what it is. He then asks for her email and says he'd like to know what she thinks of it after he remembers it. Nicole said of that, "I thought that was a bit strange, and definitely one of the more interesting pick-up lines." So he eventually emailed her and told her his favorite wine was 1982 Latour, to which she responded immediately "That's too bad. The 1982 Lafite is so much better."

All of that happened before Lacob bought the Warriors. Joe Lacob's girlfriend admitted she was a bit bummed out about him buying the franchise because she was looking forward to his retired life where they'd be able to travel around to places like France and Italy trying out wines and checking out vineyards. Then she kind of hedges and says the whole thing's been amazing and wouldn't trade it, etc. I believe what she says though because she's always at the games and looking quite fine. I'm not sure if she drinks wine during her time courtside. Someone will have to have a wine-tracker on her. Apparently James Harden got into it with Nicole after he thought she flipped him off, but she had been flipping off a referee and now her and Harden are buddies. I recommend checking out her full interview if you're interested in her.


This is NOT Draymond Green's Girlfriend

The ever-entertaining and charismatic Draymond Green must be given some of the spotlight here, but this picture certainly does not contain Draymond Green's girlfriend. No, readers, this is a fakeout. It's just his mother being happy for him at his draft day when he got word that he'd be part of the Golden State Warriors. His aunt Tina Green was also at the celebration along with his mom, Mary Green. If you look at the picture, it kind of makes you wonder how tall his mom is, right? I mean, Draymond Green himself is 6'7", but she doesn't look more than four inches short than the guy. So is she wearing 9-inch heels or is she really that tall?

Another lovely lady is his sister who is basically the only young lady he's ever posted on Instagram in the entirety of his NBA career. His Twitter account is similarly barren, and you've got to admire the man's ability to keep things on the down-low. Though Draymond Green's girlfriend eludes us, I wouldn't worry about her eventually popping up on the internet; especially if the Warriors take home a title. Of course, it could be that Draymond just doesn't have a girlfriend, preferring instead to play the field from city to city. Being an NBA player allows one to try all the flavors in the cupboard, so to speak.

I suppose we should try to entertain you with a little anecdote since Draymond Green's girlfriend isn't part of the equation. Green recently attended a Panthers and Seahawks football game with teammate Steph Curry and Steph Curry's wife Ayesha Alexander. Apparently Ayesha and Ayesha's mom (!?) started yelling at some Seahawks fans for bragging and taunting people that their team was going to win. Draymond Green saw the commotion, picked up some grapes from the snack section, and tossed them at the loudmouth fans. Now, if you ask me, that's a recipe for trouble for most people. I'm 5'9" and weigh 160 pounds, and when I'm tossing grapes at loudmouths, I'm also priming up for a fistfight because you know that's what could easily follow such an action. That is not so with a 6'7" power forward, though. Sometimes life is just easier for big guys.

06/04/15 (Updated)

Chris Mullins' wife Liz Mullin

Well, even though she's not often photographed, there's plenty to talk about with Chris Mullins' wife Liz Mullin. For starters, she witnessed one of her best friends get murdered in front of her when she was only 19 years old. I know this is grim, folks, but I've got to inform you. So she was walking home from a sports event with her friend Habeeb, two muggers jumped out and pointed a gun at them, at which point Habeeb ran away. One of the muggers then held a gun to Liz's head and made her call back Habeeb, threatening to kill her. Habeeb came back, and the other mugger threw her to the ground, stabbed her in the chest, and stole a necklace and a ring. Liz's friend died, and the two guys were sent to prison. Unfortunately, when the stabber got released from prison, he tried almost the exact same crime. He then got thrown right back into prison.

Chris Mullins' wife Liz Mullin still does not talk about the incident (for obvious reasons), though the two of them and Mark Jackson (who also went to SJU) set up a scholarship in Habeeb's name. So that's the story of Liz Mullin's near death experience in the city of New York. Chris, Liz, and Mark Jackson are all graduates of SJU. Another good tale was when Chris got suspended by his coach Don Nelson for his abuse of alcohol, and Liz had him checked into a rehab program. Chris thought it would ruin their relationship for some reason and Liz told him going to rehab was the best Christmas present he could have given her. That eventually led to him becoming sober.

Chris and Liz also have four kids: Chris, Sean, Liam, and Kiera. Liz is always tweeting about them and how proud she is, etc. She basically never posts pictures of herself, and most of her focus is on her kids. Kiera and Liam are still in high school but Sean played lacrosse at SJU and Chris Jr. played basketball at Loyola Marymount after attending Cushing Academy in Massachusetts.