Eric Bledsoe’s Girlfriend Morgan


Eric Bledsoe’s girlfriend Morgan has been dating him since high school, and she’s loved every minute. He recently proposed to her. What do you guys think she said to that charming young fellow. She said yes, and now Morgan is looking forward to the big day. Eric has two children, and Morgan is the mother of both kids. One is a little lady who is five years old, and she does some mean back flips! The other…

Derrick Rose’s Girlfriend Alaina Anderson


Derrick Rose’s girlfriend Alaina Anderson loves cupcakes. One of her habits is posting cupcake pictures- sometimes stacks of them. She just celebrated her twenty-second birthday. Miss Anderson is quite charismatic. Someone took videos of her birthday party and she was hamming it up. Alaina spends half her time in Chicago because Derrick plays there and she attended school there, but she also loves LA and New York. They already vacationed to Paradise Cove Beach in…

Nicolas Batum’s Wife Lily Etchart


According to, Nicolas Batum’s wife Lily Etchart was once friends with Batum’s ex-wife. That always stings. She’s a French lady who Nicolas travels with to France often. Being French himself, speaking his native language with his loved one is a good foundation for a relationship since it makes communication easier. Batum calls Lily “his queen” just like everybody else. So being French doesn’t exclude dudes from referring to their significant others in that way.  Most people…

Jahlil Okafor’s Girlfriend Lauren Oglensky


Jahlil Okafor’s girlfriend Lauren Oglensky graduated from the University of Arizona in 2014. She did some low-level swimsuit modeling during her stay at that school. I watched a somewhat confusing video of her on Youtube. The video features her in a bikini stuffing marshmallows into her mouth. They call that a “chubby bunny,” apparently. I also know her GPA at school ended up at 3.2. That is admittedly pretty good, but University of Arizona isn’t exactly…

Ray Allen’s wife Shannon Walker Williams

Ray Allen’s wife Shannon Walker Williams has teamed up with him to open an organic fast-food restaurant in Miami. While the phrase “organic fast-food” sounds like an oxymoron, the couple hopes the concept catches on. They have named the restaurant Grown. The inspiration for the restaurant came from their son’s dietary needs as a type-1 diabetic. Ray and Shannon developed the menu at Grown, in cooperation with Todd Kiley. Kiley was formerly the executive chef of Rainforest Cafe. Pricing will range from $4…

Tristan Thompson’s Girlfriend Khloe Kardashian


Tristan Thompson’s girlfriend Khloe Kardashian is talking about marrying him. This may be a premature observation, but it came from Terez Owens. Generally they are on top of things. The source said Khloe always knows when she likes someone, and she makes quick decisions. That was certainly the case with Lamar Odom. The couple married after about a month. Or was it two? Whatever the case, I want to remind you of her fun party exploits…

Ben Simmons’ Girlfriend Brittany Renner


Ben Simmons’ girlfriend Brittany Renner is a famous Instagram personality in her own right. She’s got over 1.5 million followers, and she is hot business.  She has a killer body, and is not afraid to show off.  She has some very definite thoughts about hair as well.  “I believe hair is your pride, a form of art, and should be respected as so”.   She offers a discount code for a hair product that she’s hawking….

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