NBA Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Vince Carter's Ex-Wife Ellen Rucker



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Vince Carter's ex-wife Ellen Rucker is the sister of Antawn Jamison's ex-wife, Lone Rucker. Together, they are starring in a new reality show on the WE channel called "Love Thy Sister." I watched a bunch of promotional videos and trailers or whatever you call them. The show looks utterly unwatchable, frankly, though I'm sure people will watch it. The entire show "reality" looks scripted, and one video I watched was Antawn's ex-wife Lone sitting down with one of their other sisters, named Londyn. At some point they start throwing wine at each other for no reason other than the producer probably asked them too.

Ellen is a chiropractor in a town called Lancaster in South Carolina. She's been practicing there for ten years and owns the business. She's currently dating a guy named named Bakari Sellers, who is a very young South Carolina congressman and a pretty big deal considering he was elected in 2006 at the age of 22. If there's a congressman in the world you can begin to feel like trusting (not sure there is), it's a young black guy from South Carolina. Generally speaking, the United States is not a place that empowers young black men. This guy seems seems pretty cool to me, and he seems like a real catch for Vince Carter's ex-wife Ellen Rucker. They've been dating for about five years.

Ellen says her biggest disappointment was her divorce from Vince. They had been college sweethearts, and they had a kid together named Kai. She says she thought she knew Vince (she did for ten years) but in the end she didn't. Ellen is quite a classy lady, to be sure, and I'm glad she's with Congressman Sellers. If you want a little anecdote about her ex-husband: I went to a Celtics game about nine or ten years ago, and I was with a guy who had a real talent for getting under player's skin and having them jawwing back at him. Of all the players who he heckled, Vince was by far the most animated and fiery. At one point, my friend had wondered aloud if Vince had recently spent some time playing for an Eastern European team (implying he wasn't hacking it recently at the NBA level). Vince was yelling all sorts of stuff back to him. When he got substituted, he was sitting on the bench pointing to his ankle and trying to tell my friend that he was injured and so that's why he wasn't playing up to his potential. He also threw out a dumb insult about my friend's mom. If you don't use any swear words, you're allowed to heckle the players as much as you want, and it helps if you have a really funny pal with you.


Nikola Vucevic's Girlfriend Jovana Pavlovic



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Nikola Vucevic has started off this season real, real strong. He's averaging 18 points and 15 rebounds so far. So let's talk about his girlfriend! Nikola Vucevic's girlfriend Jovana Pavlovic is another one of those ace volleyball spikers that big fellas in pro sports tend to go for. If you know pro basketball pretty well, you might also recognize Jovana's last name. She's the brother of Sasha Pavlovic, the Serbian forward who's played for about a dozen teams in his nine years in the league.

Turns out Jovana is a serious volleyball talent. She's big, she's strong, she's fast and agile, and she won about every award possible on her college team. She just graduated from Queens College, having earned a degree in graphic design and having spent come over from Belgrade to the States. She's been Nikola's girlfriend for quite some time. They met when he was around 13 years old, and it seems like they've been together since then based on the way Nikola describes their meeting. He said in an interview that Sasha Pavlovic was getting drafted into the NBA and acted as a mentor and someone to look up to for Nikola, and thus the Jovana connection.

Jovana herself has a pretty bright future ahead of her. She's 24, she had the highest GPA on her entire team, and she was the student athlete of the year when she was a freshman. She's going places I tell ya'. Nikola and his girlfriend Jovana should have a pretty nice time when she visits Orlando. He's a soft-spoken and charming young man, the same age as Jovana, and he's generous and very selfless on the court. I'm really impressed with how he's started this season by the numbers, but of course Orlando went 0-4 so that's not very promising for his team. Being Eastern European, Jovana may need to get some SPF 55 when she's on the beach down there.


Andre Drummond's "Girlfriend" Jenna Shea



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The many lives of Jenna Shea. Andre Drummond's "girlfriend" Jenna Shea seems to have a knack for getting together with famous athletes and celebrities. In the strictest sense, Jenna Shea is certainly not a girlfriend. She has a long history of making this fact clear. Back in 2013, she went on a huge Twitter rant about how she is no one's girlfriend. This involved Peyton Siva thanking her on national television, and we talked about it at that time as well. Then, about a year later, Josh Gordon was photographed waking up in a bed next to Jenna during his year-long suspension for smoking marijuana (which I still can't fathom why that's a big deal).

Anyway, so Andre Drummond was photographed hanging out with Jenna Shea. No big deal, right? Drummond told TMZ,

I'm not dating her. I was at a bowling alley and she took a picture with me and my friend. I just figured she wanted to take a picture."

She initially backed up the story by telling TMZ that Drummond was correct, and that he "was a nice guy."

But then things changed.

Jenna Shea unleashed on Twitter to set the record straight - and included screen shots of Drummond asking her to meet up with him. She wanted to get it clear that this was no accidental meetup, and wanted to reset the public expectations of who is and isn't in demand here, sayig"

I'm one of the most sought out bitches DONT try n play me as a FAN u knuckle nose mutant @AndreDrummondd

The Twitter testimony was pretty clear about how this alleged (but clearly not at all) coincidental meetup happened. Verdict: #TeamJennaShea.

Drummond isn't the first celeb to get tangled in a Jenna Shea web. Other guys include rappers Fabolous, and Lil' Wayne, baller James Harden, television personality Rob Kardashian, and a makeout session with Kanye West.

Blunt is a mild way to describe Shea's communication style. The way she talks about herself is just... I don't even know. Exhibit A: "PSA IM A HOE I GET PAID TO F*** AS A LIVING.... NOBODY MAD ABOUT NOBODY HAVING A GF BUT U WANNA HOLLA BRING THE $$." I don't know-- it seems like she's got a lot of anger. I wonder if she's got any laughter in her life. Admittedly, the problem with her website and social media is you never actually get a sense of the person she is; you just get a projection of someone. This fact isn't lost on Shea who recently acknowledged as much by tweeting "The internet persona is not who I am it's who I portray." She has a dog who she cares for. She pretty much only talks about sex and money on her Twitter other than the occasional tweets about her dog.