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Iman Shumpert's Girlfriend Teyana Taylor



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Iman Shumpert's girlfriend Teyana Taylor may not be a star pop singer-songwriter signed to Sony Music, but she is signed to Interscope. Apparently Iman only dates women who are signed to recording contracts? The reason I bring this up is Shumpert's previous relationship was with Elle Varner, a singer who debuted her album at #4 on the Billboard charts. That's pretty impressive. I'd never heard of her, but then again Michael Jackson is on the Billboard 200 right now with an album at #18 so all kinds of weird stuff happens with the charts.

Mr. Shumpert himself has been in the league for about 3 years now and is a roleplayer on the squad, but his hightop gets some good attention. He averaged 6.7 PPG and 4.2 RPG over 26.5 MPG, which is mediocre, frankly. Get those numbers up to 10 points and 5 rebounds over 26 minutes and we're starting to see some pay-bumps, but for now there's a lot of room for growth.

As it relates to Iman Shumpert's girlfriend Teyana Taylor- her career is actually doing really well. I'd be surprised if there's much of a difference in reputation and success between her and Elle Varner. The two have been photographed together (seeing as their both in basically the same musical sphere). She had a single called "Maybe" that featured some other rap/r&b dudes that apparently some people were into. I think a lot of the couples that get together in this realm are sort of pre-packaged and approved. For instance, Iman Shumpert is seen as a cool guy; he's got the hightop fade, the tattoos, he's an NBA baller. That kind of get-together is perfect for a young attractive r&b singer like Teyana. Iman is pretty funny though, as he recently made a Vine about having ashy hands: "Shorty asked me why yo' hands always ashy? Prolly cuz I washed'em. Let me give y'all a pointer: if his hands ain't ashy, he don't wash'em. Unless he keep lotion on'em like a female. Get a dude with ashy hands!"


Trey Burke's girlfriend Day Day



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Some NBA players whose high school relationships spill into their professional years have an understanding, spoken or unspoken, regarding fidelity. One can’t help but wonder about this matter with Trey Burke’s girlfriend Day Day. In the hypothetical that this arrangement exists for Trey Burke's girlfriend, we can now guess what keeps things afloat.

The two have been together since high school, and word has spread around the internet (along with an instragram picture) of young Day Day becoming pregnant as of January 2014. This will definitely pose a challenge for the 21 year-old rookie, Trey. Or maybe it won’t; maybe that’s where the understanding comes in? Just speculating, people. On the plus side, it likely means Day Day and “‘Lil Trey” will be taken care of financially for quite some time. Day Day is very pretty, and even though Trey hasn’t officially announced anything or even mentioned the pregnancy, I’m sure it’s more a good thing than a bad thing for Day Day.

Speaking of good things, Trey is a serious young talent. Although he needs to bring his field goal percentage up (.378), he’s shown some lightning quickness, shoots .893 from the line, and is dishing out 5.6 dimes per game. One can’t help but be impressed by the youngster being a starter at the tender age of 21. Don’t be surprised If you see him on the back nine with fellow barely-old-enough-to-drink star Jordan Spieth. The younger they start, the sooner they arrive.


Jeff Taylor's Girlfriend



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Charlotte Hornets Small Forward Jeff Taylor was arrested on charges of domestic assault, assault and malicious destruction of property at an East Lansing, MI hotel on Thursday morning. With few details revealed, it is unclear if Jeff Taylor's girlfriend was the victim in this case. He posted $5,000 bond and was released.

Given the rise of domestic violence arrests across sports, and notably in the NFL, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and Hornets owner Michael Jordan have a responsibility to send a message here. The current collective bargaining agreement in the NBA calls for a minimum 10 game suspension for conviction of a violent felony. Ironically, 10 NBA games is the equivalent of 2 games in the NFL - sound familiar?

Given the hot button status of this issue, Adam Silver was quoted on the NBA's approach to the issue on Monday.

"We have in place the appropriate mechanisms for discipline, although we'll take a fresh look at those as well. But most importantly, it's education, and it's not just the players, but it's the players' families. That's what we're learning, too.

"We have to take these programs directly to the players' spouses, directly to their partners so that they're aware of places they can go to express concerns, whether they're anonymous hotlines, team executives, league executives. And we're consulting experts. There's a lot to be learned here. It's a societal problem; it's not one that's unique to sports."

Given Adam Silver's aggressive punishment for privately spoken words by former owner Donald Sterling, If Jeff Taylor is found guilty, it's time to stand up and come down with an equally devastating punishment to a man who decided words weren't enough to get his point across.

The Hornets have released a statement saying,

"The Charlotte Hornets were made aware of the incident involving Jeffery Taylor early this evening. The organization is in the process of gathering more information and doing our due diligence. This is a matter that we take very seriously."

We'll keep an eye on this one.