Cody Allen’s Wife Mallory Allen

Cody Allen’s wife Mallory Allen married him on November 7, 2015. In January of 2016, the Allens donated a turf wiffle ball field to a crisis nursery in Cleveland. Lord knows the world needs more wiffle ball fields! The general lack of wiffle ball fields, especially in Cleveland, always troubled me. So Cody and Mallory did something about it. I forget sometimes how much kids love wiffle ball. I think they made a smart move. Small things often…

Andrew Miller’s Wife Katie Miller

Andrew Miller’s wife Katie Miller was another one of those “I getcha’ ‘cuz I lived it” types. She was a competitive soccer player at Duke. Apparently they get really competitive together whenever Duke and Andrew’s alma mater North Carolina play. As detailed in ESPN’s article, Andrew was not digging the vibe a few years back when Duke took UNC down in basketball. Andrew said, “But as hard as we try, that game was tough, I’ll be…

Noah Syndergaard’s girlfriend Ellen Kraemer

Noah Syndergaard’s girlfriend Ellen Kraemer is a young hot blonde.  Ellen is currently setting my world on fire every time I look at her, and the same is true for Noah. Now to be fair, there’s no confirmation of the couple being together.  But there’s certainly plenty of buzz from the internet suggesting they’re together. I swear, these baseball players are so consistent in their quest to attract hot chicks.  It makes my head spin….

Chris Tillman’s Wife Christina Tillman

Chris Tillman’s wife Christina Tillman married him on November 14, 2014. Before they married, they dated for years. She accompanies him everywhere since they have no children. I wouldn’t count on that for too much longer, though. Baseball couples generally decide to expand around the time they’re in their late 20’s. For a long time, they lived in Fountain Valley, California. They own a chocolate Labrador retriever named Myley. Another reason I think they will…

Ryan Zimmerman’s wife Heather Downen Zimmerman

Ryan Zimmerman’s wife Heather Downen Zimmerman is a dedicated mom of two kids. Before becoming a full-time mom, Heather worked two cool careers. First, she worked as an associate producer at a news show. Then, she became a sales rep for a tech firm. She is certainly a capable person, but she decided to become a full-time mother shortly after marrying Ryan. They dated for years after she returned to the D.C. area after graduating college….

Cole Hamels’ wife Heidi Hamels

Cole Hamels’ wife Heidi Hamels stripped naked for Oreo cookies on the show Survivor back in 2006. She is best known for getting naked on the show, and it’s something of a curse for her now. There is no judgment here; rather I am simply giving you facts. Following the end of that season of Survivor, Heidi stripped for Playboy Magazine with a fellow contestant. This, again, helped propel her fame. At this point, Cole Hamels’ wife is a full-fledged philanthropist….

Madison Bumgarner’s wife Ali Bumgarner

Madison Bumgarner’s wife Ali Bumgarner is proof positive that Madison is mature beyond his years. Aside from being a one of the majors best lefties, earning millions of dollars and already having a couple World Series rings, the ice in his veins ace has put the playoff baseball world on notice. Bumgarner is already married, despite his young age, and rocket to stardom.  His marriage to Ali very likely plays a role in how he…