MLB Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Brock Holt's wife Lakyn Holt

Brock Holt's wife Lakyn Holt married him on November 9th of 2013. I would watch the wedding video, but I'm not actually sure one exists online (though with the perfect couples they tend to always surface). Now I know no couple is perfect, but these guys seem to have things pretty squared away.

I particularly enjoy Brock Holt's wife's name: Lakyn Holt is a cool name. It sounds kind of unique but not in the made up way; more like in the George Costanza way when he comes up with interesting names out of thing air like "Seven." So Lakyn and Brock like to put up pictures of their adorable chocolate labrador Tank on their respective accounts, and I cannot get enough of this dog. You see, smart athletes and their wives put up meaningless drivel that people nonetheless still enjoy, and definitely keeps them out of trouble. Putting up pictures of your cute labrador is a perfect example. They also hang out with Brock's sister's kid a lot, and I think the idea is just to spoil him and maybe train up for when they have kids themselves. That's the day that Tank the dog gets moved to second fiddle position.

Lakyn's activities pretty much are just her doing whatever she wants: traveling around, hanging out with friends and Red Sox wives, watching games at Fenway, hanging out with Tank the dog. She puts videos of Tank snoring while she watches the game (the 19-inning one versus the Yankees). She also put up a video of Tank eating ice, and I admit I too enjoy watching dogs eat ice. In fact, both Lakyn and Brock's Instagram feeds are sort of like shows based on Tank's life. Another favorite taht Lakyn posted was when Thank the dog stole the remote control and ran outside. I think Tank gets a little spoiled, but who cares it makes for some fun videos.


Darryl Hamilton's girlfriend Monica Jordan

Darryl Hamilton's girlfriend Monica Jordan is no​w dead along with the former MLBer and current MLB Network analyst. They were both shot to death inside their home in Pearland, outside of Houston. There was a report of a domestic altercation from a neighbor in their community, and when officers showed up, they were both lying there dead. Darryl had apparently been shot multiple times, and then Monica was found in another room.

The police believe Darryl Hamilton's girlfriend Monica Jordan executed him and then went into another room and killed herself. The police have said they don't know what caused the dispute or what sort of history the couple has together. It is known that Monica graduated from Florida State and the University of Houston Law Center. She first worked at Enron (that energy company that made up profits and imploded) back in 2000 when she first got married to another guy named Rohaven Richards. She then got a job at law firm Kellogg Brown & Root, which is a subsidiary of Haliburton. She had three kids, and they all lived together at their home. All of the kids had come from her previous marriage to Richards, and one of the children is fourteen months old. That child is in protective custody.

There's been a pretty big outpouring on social media from former teammates and MLB Network colleagues about Hamilton. It's interesting that it's been suggested on some websites that he may have been abusing Jordan, but there is no evidence of that. Hamilton himself had three kids of his own, which he'd just posted a picture of for Father's Day. He was a player in the MLB for thirteen seasons, mostly with the Brewers. Some of his work on the MLB Network can be seen in clips now on various sites, and he was known by all as a professional and nice guy to work with. The details surrounding the shooting may never be known since both parties are dead.


Jeff Luhnow's wife Gina Luhnow

Jeff Luhnow's wife Gina Luhnow is a big fan of Jose Altuve and the 'Stros in general, based on her Twitter feed. I think about 90-95% of everything you'll find there is her talking about the team and the players, and it often revolves around Jeff in some way. It's interesting to see how often a general manager can be talked about as it relates to the team. I guess the guys behind the scenes really do matter.

The couple was married in January of 2012, and Gina was formerly Gina Hagopian living in Los Angeles at the time (where she was born). It was a hectic time, as she stated in an interview, after Jeff got the job for Houston because it was right around the time of their wedding, and while Jeff Luhnow's wife Gina Luhnow started planning for their wedding, Jeff began living in a hotel in Houston and working as the GM. It still annoys me that American weddings take so long to plan, but I guess in America every princess has to have her princess day.

Gina described growing up in a family where her dad worked extremely hard as a businessman, and she says, "the harder Jeff works, the more inclined I am to do everything possible to keep his personal life happy and calm."​ ​She'll have to juggle keeping two people happy and calm now, because Gina and Jeff just had a baby boy in September of last year. His name's Henry Luhnow. She still attends many of the home games with baby Henry though, and she's taken a lot of pictures with him sitting next to his dad during the games. She calls them "the braintrust." During the summer, Jeff's kids from his previous marriage spend time with Gina and Jeff and occasionally go on road trips with Jeff and the team. Gina says if she's not at a game, she's watching it on television. That's a pretty huge commitment for a sport that takes like 4 hours per game.