MLB Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Alex Rodriguez's Girlfriend Erin Simmons

Alex Rodriguez's girlfriend Erin Simmons is an athletic model who is obsessed with fitness. Some of the pictures she posts online of herself are intense. She talks about how much she works out and how little body fat she has, and that is pretty obvious. She posts photos of her six-pack quite often, and if you're into women with ultra-defined six-packs, then you've found your idol.

As far as the whole ripped-obsession goes, Alex Rodriguez's girlfriend posted a pretty interesting photo of seomthing called a "DEXA scan" which shows a full-body scan and analysis of how much body fat she has, and you can actually see her body scan and stats. Her official total body fat percentage is 12.7 percent. That really does take some extreme discipline, and my guess is her intensity level is a good match for Mr. Rodriguez, who I've always thought of as an extremely self-serious fellow. One cool thing about Erin is her love for dogs. She sometimes visits animal shelters to keep them dogs company, and she frequently goes on runs with her dog Hank. I think she may have gotten another dog at some point last year as well because she took a few shots with two dogs instead of just the one.

I've looked at a lot of how she stays so thin and fit, and it's just pure dedication to working out and eating extremely healthy. One of her favorites is shrimp, sauteed vegetables, and quinoa brown rice mix. Honestly, her photo of that meal looks delicious. That's her whole life, guys, and it takes serious discipline. Other than working out and then eating healthy food, she'll sometimes travel to see friends and family and very occasionally eat junk food. She posted a photo of food from Chick-Fila-A with the caption, "love the taste of freedom of speech." Seems like kind of a jerk thing to say but she is indeed free to say what she wants.


Matt Harvey's Girlfriend Ania Cywinska

Matt Harvey's girlfriend Ania Cywinska is a Polish model who met him through the 'ole mutual friends hangin' out scenario. The couple have been spotted around town here in New York City driving in his Maserati, and Ania wished him a happy birthday and kissed him on his cheek about a week ago. The young lady's got a very striking face and is clearly one of those top-shelf type models that get signed to actual model agencies. She's got that classic perfect pretty face.

Perusing through the past few months of her life, Matt Harvey's girlfriend Ania Cywinska was apparently spending some time in Wyoming and snapping pictures of elk. She also went dogsledding for a shoot there. I'm guessing this was the reason for the trip there, but the dogs looked real happy in the photo. Ania's dog Bonbon is an English Springer Spaniel and a photogenic one at that. She's also got a less-photographed cat named Lala. The pets frequently makes it onto her posts but sometimes they go stretches of time without seeing Ania because of her busy schedule. In the span of just a few months, for example, Ania traveled from Berlin to Poland to Wyoming and back to home base in New York. This is not a bad lifestyle if your boyfriend is already going to be traveling a lot anyway. Both people keep busy.

These types of women know how very good-looking they are, and I think some of the only types of dudes that can get into relationships with them are guys like Mr. Harvey. Matt Harvey's girlfriend Ania Cywinska has apparently been dating him for only a few months, but I'm not sure she's ever even posted a picture of any other boyfriend on any of her accounts, and the other guys she has posted pictures of have been friends who are in the fashion or modeling industry. Probably the best thing I've seen her post is a picture of her and Jiro (from "Jiro Dreams of Sushi") with accompanying pictures of his sushi.


Kris Bryant's Girlfriend Jessica Delp

Kris Bryant's girlfriend Jessica Delp is from Las Vegas just like him. What this almost always means is that they attended the same high school and have been together ever since, and that is also the case with them. I immediately think to myself "how in God's name can a professional athlete be satisfied with just one woman from the time he's in high school for seven years until he's in his mid twenties?" but I, of course, must be a lesser man than the incomparable Kris Bryant. For though he be just a man, he's got the skills to pays the bills.

Now then, we're mostly talking your standard well-balanced relationship complete with young-person activities like going to the zoo, going on hikes in Arizona, and going to Disneyland. Jessica seems like a cool girlfriend. The two live in Arizona and are fans of both the Suns and the Coyotes. I'm not entirely sure how the living arrangements will change or have changed due to Bryant being a Cubs player now, but as far as I can tell they're both still living in Arizona. I'm curious what Kris Bryant's girlfriend reaction was to Kris' strong words about being sent to the minors after spring training. News flash: no matter how good you think you are, it's common practice to test players in the minors before they step up, big boy, especially when the Cubs can delay your free agency another year. No but he's a really talented player, and he's a nice guy to fans, so I'll go a little easier on him.

Jessica celebrated her birthday on March 4th at a driving range with Kris and some of their friends. They frequently all get together and do the couples jaunts. One of the best things about staying relatively planted in the same area (though Phoenix is not Las Vegas) is that you can kind of keep your circle of friends together, and that's exactly what Kris and Jessica seem to be doing.