MLB Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Kris Bryant's Girlfriend Jessica Delp

Kris Bryant's girlfriend Jessica Delp is from Las Vegas just like him. What this almost always means is that they attended the same high school and have been together ever since, and that is also the case with them. I immediately think to myself "how in God's name can a professional athlete be satisfied with just one woman from the time he's in high school for seven years until he's in his mid twenties?" but I, of course, must be a lesser man than the incomparable Kris Bryant. For though he be just a man, he's got the skills to pays the bills.

Now then, we're mostly talking your standard well-balanced relationship complete with young-person activities like going to the zoo, going on hikes in Arizona, and going to Disneyland. Jessica seems like a cool girlfriend. The two live in Arizona and are fans of both the Suns and the Coyotes. I'm not entirely sure how the living arrangements will change or have changed due to Bryant being a Cubs player now, but as far as I can tell they're both still living in Arizona. I'm curious what Kris Bryant's girlfriend reaction was to Kris' strong words about being sent to the minors after spring training. News flash: no matter how good you think you are, it's common practice to test players in the minors before they step up, big boy, especially when the Cubs can delay your free agency another year. No but he's a really talented player, and he's a nice guy to fans, so I'll go a little easier on him.

Jessica celebrated her birthday on March 4th at a driving range with Kris and some of their friends. They frequently all get together and do the couples jaunts. One of the best things about staying relatively planted in the same area (though Phoenix is not Las Vegas) is that you can kind of keep your circle of friends together, and that's exactly what Kris and Jessica seem to be doing.


Carlos Carrasco's Wife Karelis Carrasco

Carlos Carrasco's wife Karelis Carrasco lives with him in the charming beachfront city of Clearwater, Florida. This is the location where Carlos once returned to while Karelis gave birth to their baby daughter Camila, who is now around three years old. It was one of those "sorry, coach, but I need to get gone for a day or two" occasions since the Cubs were in the middle of spring training. Apparently the doctor at the hospital induced labor but they still had to wait an entire day for the baby to be born. Ouch.

Though Carlos Carrasco's wife is technically named Karelis, she generally goes by Karry to keep things informal and sounding less like a pop starlet. According to Carlos, Karry is a nervous nelly, arriving late to games because she gets too anxious watching him. I don't really get that; I mean, he's not a boxer. Being a pitcher is a pressure-packed job, but if you don't have a good game there's always the next one. Anyway, she tries to attend as many games as she can, and she does so with Camila by her side.

I sort of wonder Karry reacts to Carlos after he gets suspended for hitting batters with pitches. He's done it twice in his career, and both times came directly after giving up home runs. The latest time was two years ago when Carlos got suspended for 8 games for hitting Kevin Youkilis after giving up a homer to Melky Cabrera. I think he got sent down to the minors at that point, but does Karry ever ask him, "Hey so was that intentional or is the league just giving you a hard time?" Based on everything I've seen from player wives, it's unlikely Carlos Carrasco's wife Karelis Carrasco even has such a conversation. In pro sports relationships, the name of the game is full and steady support.


Erick Aybar's Wife Nhachari Aybar and Possible Girlfriend Maria Maria

Contrary to my own confused first findings, Erick Aybar's wife Nhachari Aybar is not-- I repeat-- not a VJ for the Vietnamese music channel YanTV. Though I really wish she were because that lady is pretty hot and easily located on the internet. I have to say, though Nhachari is far harder to track down than said VJ. It's also worth mentioning that Erick Aybar has been previously linked to another woman named Maria Maria. According to the story, Maria Maria was on some sort of vacation with him, but I'm not going to dig too far into that rabbit hole even though Maria Maria is lovely to look at.

Some of you may or may not know about Erick Aybar's brother, Willy Aybar, was involved in an incredibly serious domestic altercation 2011-- sending his wife to the ICU with critical conditions. In Dominican slang, Willy is what is known as a mamag├╝evazo. He ain't a nice fella'. But Erick is a nice fella' as far as we can see, and Erick Aybar's wife Nhachari Aybar is a nice lady. Erick and Nhachari have a daughter who is around four or five years old now. Back when Erick signed with the Angels, Nhachari brought their youngin to the press conference as well as Erick's buddy Albert Pujols.

Erick's a pretty nice guy, and he's been active with the Angels' community as far as reaching out goes. He showed up at a blood drive to sign pictures and do a meet and greet, and he is pretty much best friends with Albert Pujols. He's taken some funny pictures with his teammates on the practice field, and he's surely a happy guy to be married to Nhachari and not have to live in the Dominican the way he had been when he was growing up.