MLB Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Dave Dombrowski's wife Karie​ Dombrowski

Dave Dombrowski's wife Karie​ Dombrowski graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1982 with a bachelor's in journalism, and she quickly hopped on the real news reporting bus. She went from being a news anchor in Oklahoma City to becoming a sports reporter and face on television in Columbus, Ohio. That's how she got hired for ESPN and became the very first anchor hired by them. It didn't long before a sexual harassment suit was filed against the company (roughly three years), and given the history of ESPN, I'm sure they deserved it. Back in the day, ESPN was known as one of the most sexist places you could work. ESPN reshaped their whole work policy after that.

I read a short article all about Dave Dombrowski's wife Karie Dombrowski, written by a woman who taught her in high school and watched her grow up as the daughter of two of her best friends. Karie actually came to the woman and told her she was planning on getting into journalism in college. The woman, who was her teacher in English and yearbook, told her she thought that was a great idea but recommended she concentrate on television rather than print. Karie's semi-mentor told her "that's where the money is, and the field is just beginning to open to women." Well, she was dead on the money. Later, after Karie eventually made it to ESPN and then left, she said, "Everyone else in the newsroom was a man, and they made no secret of the fact that they did not like my being there."

Eventually she moved to Miami to cover the Marlins, and that's where she first met up with Dave. Dave and Kari Dombrowski began to date secretly at first, coming off her having to move from Las Vegas after receiving a ton of negative mail. According to that article written by her old teacher, she had to keep it secret because she was "forbidden from fraternizing with sports figures." Oh come now, is Dombrowski really a sports figure? I mean, the guy's involved in managing sports figures. Then again, the phrase "sports figure" makes me think of those 5-inch action toys you buy at kid's toy store, so fraternizing with those would be a little odd. When Dombrowski proposed to Karie, she told her bosses, and they wanted her to switch to doing the weather, but Karie refused and eventually they just told her it was fine. She seems like a pretty cool lady, if you ask me.


Jeff Bagwell's girlfriend Rachel Brown

You may have heard about Jeff Bagwell's girlfriend Rachel Brown getting publicly groped up by the Astros great. The video was pretty funny: she was doing a weird swimming pantomime while pushing the heads of the two guys she was with (Bagwell included). Bagwell then firmly grabbed her left breast and gave it a big squeeze. These kinds of things make for funny internet fodder, but the real story behind Rachel's past doesn't really involve Jeff at all. They get very interesting when you learn about her ex-husband, the mysterious hand surgeon, Michael Brown.

You can't really talk about Jeff Bagwell's girlfriend Rachel Brown without mentioning her ex husband. Michael Brown was at one time the leader of a hand surgery empire, which he started in 1988 and grew into a number of clinics across the country. It's almost completely gone now, and Brown himself is dead after committing suicide following one of many violent and strange outbursts. He hung himself a day before he was supposed to go to federal prison for choking a flight attendant on a flight. The guy was married four times, and Rachel was his fourth wife, but the wife before Rachel filed a lawsuit alleging that he beat her with a bedpost while she was seven months pregnant. Yikes! Clearly, Jeff Bagwell is a huge step up for Rachel if she was married to that guy. There's also self-taped videos of him holding a pistol up to his dome and talking about trying to escape "the hell his wife put him through."

But let's not dwell on Rachel's totally bananas ex-husband. She first went to Cabo San Lucas with Bagwell while she was married to the crazy hand doctor back in 2010. In fact, both Bagwell and Brown were separated but still married to their respective spouses. I also learned that Rachel got a voice message from an accidental call from her then-husband in which he can be heard talking to some other woman he was with. She missed the call because she was napping. The stories never stop with Rachel. Rachel also scratched the words "fuck you" into the crazy doctor's Lamborghini hood, but seriously, enough about that. Rachel and Jeff are clearly having a great time together, going to Astros games and getting their grope on.


Justin Turner's girlfriend Kourtney Elizabeth

Justin Turner's girlfriend Kourtney Elizabeth is the kind of girl guys wish they could hang out with. She's got a sardonic, cutting kind of sense of humor that catches you a little off-guard. You can tell she knows what's funny and what's not, and she pretty much tries to make everything humorous, which is awesome. A good example is this odd picture she took of herself wearing a Texas cowboy hat, holding an American flag and an armadillo stuffed animal, posing in front of a large picture of Reunion Tower in Dallas, and her caption is "what happens when your man's at work and no one else made the trip to Dallas."

One of my other favorite pictures of Justin Turner's girlfriend Kourtney Elizabeth is her with a baseball mascot and they both have their hands on their hips. She said "If I'd known he was mocking my pose at the time, we would've exchanged words." Because come on, who doesn't like getting into conflicts with baseball mascots? Kourtney also gave her father, who passed away three years ago, a nice tribute on Father's Day, saying she carries him with her and even more when she has road rage. Kourtney has been to a grand total of 18 different baseball parks, which is a helluva' lot. That even seems sort of high for a player wife or girlfriend, but if you dig traveling and seeing your boyfriend play ball, it's not that many, I guess.

Kourtney's dog is a little guy, and I sometimes get the breeds wrong but I'm going to go ahead and say he's a German Hunting Terrier, or a mix of that and a Chihuahua. His name's Pug, and she takes him pretty much everywhere so I think he's a seasoned flyer. My favorite post of Kourtney's regarding her dog was, "Ladies, find someone that looks at you the same way Nug looks at this french fry." Non-stop jokes from the lovely Kourtney with a K. Back in May, Kourtney and Justin went to the Pacquiao Mayweather fight. I wonder how disappointed and bored they were by that one. I guess it'd be alright if you were there to soak up the energy and anticipation, but I imagine after about 7 rounds even that's got to wear out.