Steven Wright’s Wife Shannon Wright

Steven Wright's Wife Shannon Wright - Instagram

Steven Wright’s wife Shannon Wright just gave birth to their second baby, James. He’s already decked out in Red Sox gear. His older sister is named Ella. She’s just getting into dolls now. So I’d peg her at about three years old. Poor Shannon made a joke about how un-pretty she felt rocking the blue paper gown during a checkup at Mass General in May. They took good care of her there and she now appears…

Blake Swihart’s Girlfriend Shelby Lucero

Blake Swihart's Girlfriend Shelby Lucero -Instagram

Time for a sunshine girl! Blake Swihart’s girlfriend Shelby Lucero is one of those beautiful women who is seemingly downing super-powered happiness pills all day long. So it only makes sense that Blake and Shelby are very close friends with Mookie Betts and his girlfriend. These two Red Sox couples are the last word in maintaining shockingly annoying levels of happiness at all times. You’ll never find a picture of Shelby where she’s not smiling….

Andrew McCutchen’s wife Maria McCutchen

Andrew McCutchen's girlfriend Maria Hanslovan

Congratulations are in order for Andrew McCutchen’s wife Maria McCutchen. The couple was married on November 22, which aligns nicely with Andrew’s jersey number (which is 22). With McCutchen safe to avoid the drama of hot stove season, the couple is safe to jet out on what’s sure to be a luxury honeymoon. If there’s any question as to whether Andrew McCutchen’s wife would take the McCutchen name – it’s already official on her Twitter account –…

Nathan Eovaldi’s Wife Rebekah Eovaldi

Nathan Eovaldi's wife Bekah Eovaldi - Facebook

Nathan Eovaldi’s wife Rebekah Eovaldi gave birth to their first child in June of 2014. The internet still contains traces of their baby registry from this time. It would surprise no one to see the list; it’s just your typical bunch of baby items like strollers and monitors and such. It’s not like I was expecting anything like a baby baseball glove or something silly like that just because it’s a sports couple. A full…

Nick Castellanos’ Wife Vanessa Castellanos

Nick Castellanos' wife Vanessa Castellanos - Twitter

Nick Castellanos’ wife Vanessa Castellanos has not been seen on social media since 2014, likely because she became embarrassed after talking smack to Nick’s teammate on Twitter. The story was covered by Detroit sports media back then, but essentially what happened is Nick’s teammate said some disparaging things about him in a post-game interview and Vanessa got mad. After Vanessa got mad, she tweeted that “karma is a funny thing” in the middle of a…

Mookie Betts’ Girlfriend Brianna Hammonds

Mookie Betts girlfriend Brianna Hammonds - Instagram

Mookie Betts’ girlfriend Brianna Hammonds has been engaged to the young, smiley fellow for years. Right off the bat I want to say that when I think of people who seem to have the happiness meter on lock, I think of this couple. You know those rare individuals who are always smiling and always full of sunshine? That’s Mookie and his lady. I know this probably isn’t completely true, but take a gander at this guy’s social…

Max Scherzer’s wife Erica May-Scherzer

Max Scherzer's girlfriend Erica May  - Twitter

Max Scherzer’s wife Erica May-Scherzer had one heck of a November, 2013. After watching Max win the Cy Young award, the two were married on November 23, in Scottsdale, Arizona. The couple took off for a honeymoon in New Zealand shortly thereafter. Max Scherzer’s wife Erica May Scherzer has been in the picture for the better part of the past decade. The wedding was a culmination of staying together through years of toil through the…

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