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Xander Bogaerts' Girlfriend Janelly Martinez



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I really hope Xander Bogaerts girlfriend Janelly Martinez didn't follow him on Twitter.

The 21 year old Red Sox rookie is a sensation in Boston with legions of fans despite less than half a season with the big club. It should be no surprise that Xander has plenty of suitors when it comes to the ladies. Unfortunately while opportunity may be thrown at him regularly, Xander needed a little more discretion when it comes to his public Twitter account.

On April 16, Xander tweeted a picture of a woman who was not Janelly Martinez in a damn revealing outfit (OK, fine, it was a short shirt and a long, long disappeared thong). After the recent controversy with a similarly unintended tweet from US Air, Xander did what most people in a relationship would do: Sprinted to delete his Twitter account.

It's not the worst thing for Xander to do. Managing social media when you're probably inundated with pictures of a similar theme is likely challenging. It's very possible that Xander truly made a mistake in his public tweet and decided his infrequently used Twitter account just wasn't worth the headaches it caused.

Xander faced the issue head on, explaining to the Boston Globe why he acted so quickly,

Once I found out, I had to do the right thing and correct it. One thing’s for sure: I don’t want any distraction on the team or for me. No one’s perfect, you know? Be a man and just face the situation. Once I found out, I took it out.”

Not much is known about Janelly Martinez (and frankly, we had to search high and low to come down with a name). We know that she traveled to Aruba with him as he was welcomed home a hero and a World Series champion last November. She was also in Boston with the rest of his family when Xander received his World Series ring in April.

No doubt that Xander has learned a quick lesson about the dangers of social media. In the Globe article he hasn't ruled out a return saying:

Why not? It was a mistake. Everyone learns from their mistakes.


Daniel Murphy's wife Tori Ahern Murphy



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Daniel Murphy’s wife Tori Ahern Murphy just gave birth to their first child on March 31, 2014. And when Daniel Murphy took only three days of paternity leave to be with his family when the baby was born and start his new life, a few radio talk show hosts had a huge problem with it.

The 29-year old second baseman has been playing with the MLB since 2006 when he was drafted by the Mets. The 26-year old Victoria (Tori) Murphy is a high school teacher and a former softball player with the North Florida Ospreys at the University of Northern Florida. The couple began dating in 2007, but they spit up around October of 2010. It seems that around this time, a series of injuries placed Daniel Murphy off the field and the Jacksonville Florida native became depressed. Tori Murphy stayed in touch with Daniel Murphy during this rough patch, and by the following Christmas, they were back together. Daniel Murphy proposed in January of 2012 and by December 1st, the couple was officially Mr. and Mrs. Murphy.

When their son Noah was born on opening day, Daniel Murphy decided to take the maximum number of paternity days allotted by the MLB, a mere three days. And when he did, radio talk show hosts Mike Francesca and Boomer Esiason each separately took Daniel Murphy to task for it. “What are you gonna do? Sit there and look at your wife in the hospital bed for three days?” Mike Francesca told his listening audience. But even worse, Boomer Esiason told his audience he would have made his wife have a C-Section.

Just to be completely clear here, a C-Section is a major surgery, and physicians don’t just cut people open willy-nilly. It seems Boomer and Francesca needed to be called out on their out of touch and seemingly cold-hearted comments, and their male fans did just that. Some asked that Francesca recognize this as one of the most important milestones in life and stressed the importance of being with family at this critical time. Others were less forgiving.

At the end of the day, however, all the opinionated comments in the world won’t make a difference. Daniel Murphy got three days to settle in with his wife and new son, and then he was back in action. It likely won't affect the Mets season at all. But it did help one family set up a stronger foundation for a brighter future, and Daniel Murphy and Tori Murphy (and one little baby) are certainly happier for it.


Matt Joyce's girlfriend Brittany Svendgard



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Matt Joyce's girlfriend Brittany Svendgard is rather photogenic.

While there’s not much information circulating about the Tampa Bay outfielder’s girlfriend, it’s probably because the web is saturated with a plethora of pictures of Brittany E. Svendgard that speak a thousand words. As we said, Matt Joyce’s girlfriend Brittany Svendgard is rather photogenic.

And in 2012, the Hard Rock Café realized they had a gem in their hands. The petite, chestnut haired and green eyed beauty that is Brittany Svendgard was working for Hard Rock Café in Tampa when they were auditioning for their sixth annual Seminole Hard Rock Girls Calendar. She competed against about 130 female employees of the hotel/casino, and was chosen as the centerfold. Svendgard, who had only moved to Tampa a year prior from Plainville Connecticut, was excited about being selected. The centerfold got an all expense-paid trip to Las Vegas and participated in paid appearances throughout the year. Proceeds from the first week of calendar sales went to The Spring of Tampa Bay, a domestic violence prevention and emergency shelter agency.

It seems Brittany Svendgard and Matt Joyce have been moving things along in their relationship. This past February Matt Joyce and his 26 year old model girlfriend bought a house together in Tampa. “Officially closed on the house today!!!” Matt Joyce tweeted on February 25th. “So pumped to know that my home with @BritSven will always be in tampa, close to fam, friends & fans.” The couple also shares a puppy together.

While we’ll be watching Matt Joyce this season as he attempts to outdo his 2013 batting average (.235) for the Rays, fans should also keep an eye out for his girlfriend. Brittany Svendgard recently created a modeling/acting profile on On it she writes, “I am interested in starting a resume and getting more experience in the modeling/acting industry. I am very easy going and friendly and I would love to work with you, feel free to contact me. Thank you!”