MLB Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Jose Iglesias' wife Arlene Iglesias

You know, the zoo seems to be a place where pro athletes go with their families just like regular people like you and me. Jose Iglesias' wife Arlene Iglesias was there with him a week ago, bopping around with their son Jose Jr. They managed to take a pretty blah picture, but they're all together so I guess it's not blah to them (the least you could do is situate yourselves in front of the flamingo section, guys). I get the impression that Jose posts stuff to Instagram in order to let his family members in Cuba know what he's up to.

Jose Iglesias' wife Arlene Iglesias lives with him in Miami along with their son and Jose's father Candelario (cool name). She's had to give him support after his mom got stuck in Cuba, but I'm very curious if there's policy changes for Cubans going to and from Cuba now that the US has dis-embargoed them and resumed relations. Wouldn't it follow that travelling should be allowed now? That kind of thing may be up to the Cuban government so I'm not sure. Anyhow, as far as Arlene goes, she's just another MLB wife ghost. She's lovely, but she's nowhere to be found on the 'ole internet. She moved to Miami from Boston when he was on the Red Sox, but I guess that means Jose just spends a lot of time alone in Detroit? They might fly to Detroit now and then, but that's kind of brutal when you've got a 3 year-old kid.

Jose and Arlene do know the value of their young chap, though. Jose said recently that his son was the most important thing in his life. Jose Jr. gets all his haircuts in the Cuban barbers in the city, as we can see from a picture posted of him a couple weeks ago. I'm guessing Arlene just stays around the house and cooks up some tasty Cuban meals for the boy.


JD Martinez's girlfriend Ariana Aubert

JD Martinez's girlfriend Ariana Aubert's free time appears to mainly consist of traveling and enjoying television programs, from what we can tell. She's a big fan of The Walking Dead, she likes going to tropical settings, and she's no stranger to the beach. Back in 2012 she even went skydiving. Actually, let's be real - that's a pretty great list of stuff to be into.

Not having kids yet means Ariana can really get out there and enjoy JD's games without too much fuss. When JD isn't playing, they often go somewhere exciting like they did in 2013 when they made a trip to Vegas (I consider Las Vegas exciting). She always joins him for spring training too. At one time Ariana was actually a cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins, but right around the time she got serious with JD, she up and left. Before leaving the cheer game, JD Martinez's girlfriend used to compete in "cheerleader showdowns" for fun. That's when the cheerleaders on a team have people vote which one is prettier. They all get beach shots taken of themselves and fans vote who is the hottest one.

Back in 2012, Ariana attended the Red Bull Flugtag competition, which is a pretty cool thing where people make flying or gliding machines that have to run or wheel off of a man-made cliff into the water. It's pretty entertaining because mostly you're just watching silly contraptions take nosedives straight down. Back in 2012 Ariana was still going to school, but she'd just met JD. Her best friends were all cheerleaders, and she'd sometimes link to their modeling accounts. The world of professional cheerleaders is chock-full of models, as you can guess and JD Martinez's girlfriend Ariana Aubert is one of those girls. Not for lack of talent, but it doesn't appear she chased down the modeling career no matter how gorgeous she is. Since she barely ever updates her Social Media, the last we heard from her she was visiting the Mall of America in Minnesota, probably following JD on a stretch of away games.


Jason Hammel's wife Elissa Hammel

Jason Hammel's wife Elissa Hammel joined as a guest commentator on the MLB Network to talk about making pork chops for Jason. Yeah, I guess they were running low on stuff to talk about, but she was there to give the recipe. Center cut pork loins, marinated in wine and spices 2-4 hours in the fridge minimum, and then you take them out and put them in a plastic bag with bread crumbs and parmesan cheese with a bunch of spices. She didn't even say what spices they were, though. I feel like they missed the point of the whole segment and didn't get specific enough.

Elissa first started dating Jason when they were both living in Florida. He'd been playing for the Rays, and this pork chop dish was one of the first ones she made for him. Jason Hammel's wife Elissa Hammel now has a son with him, and she's apparently become something of a chef now that she's taken up the cooking duties of the family. She said in the interview that Jason always asks for these magical pork chops every single time she asks him what he'd like to eat for dinner. Elissa went on to talk about how silent Jason was back in 2012 when he was on the verge of being voted in as a write-in all-star. Elissa had been pushing for the votes but he was keeping it cool.

Their son Beckett was born some time around 2012, and before they had their kid, they had their dog, a 40-pound boxer named Sadie who was with them, as Jason reports on his blog, "through the excitement of the World Series with our first team Tampa Bay, a 3 year run with Colorado and a whirlwind year in Baltimore that took us to the Playoffs."​ Incidentally, Jason is one of the only MLB players I've come across that has his own blog. I tell you, pitchers have way too much free time. It's a very un-pro athlete thing to do, but it does give fans a little insight into his life. ​ Elissa Hammel was also present at the Fidos For Freedom non-profit event in Washington DC where they were raising money to help train and provide service dogs for people with special needs. Every time I see one of those dogs, they seem like super dogs to me. Just recently Elissa and Jason had their second child recently and are living happily in Chicago.