MLB Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Jim Edmonds' wife Meghan Edmonds

Well, if you like watching scripted shows without actual actors, Jim Edmonds' wife Meghan Edmonds can help you. The duo are now signed to appear as regulars on "The Real Housewives of the OC." I watched the trailer, and it looks like your standard horrible reality show about rich people being rich-- you know, the kind that went stale almost immediately when they rose to prominence in the late 90's but still gets viewers. Sorry, but it really is bad when the big dramatic event is a woman nearing her 50's isn't invited to a soiree and they pump in cheap soundtracking to try and elevate the non-existent tension. Meghan herself is in her early 30's, by the way.

Jim Edmonds and wife Meghan Edmonds got hitched in 2014, with Meghan being quoted as saying "I promised myself I would never marry a man who was 11 years older than me and I would never marry a professional athlete." At least she's got a sense of humor. This'll be wife number three for Edmonds. A few weeks ago Meghan and Jimmy boy went to a Blake Shelton concert and got backstage passes. They looked like they were having a decent time. Meghan sort of looks like Heidi Klum in a bunch of her pictures. She's even modeling on a runway in one of them but claims she's only "pretending to be a model."

It appears that Meghan even gets to go in private jets now and again, as there's a picture of her entering what appears to be one in her Instagram. It looks like the couple's having a good time. I'm curious about the Housewives of the OC gig and how much it pays. It's probably decent money, though Edmonds doesn't need it, as he's reportedly worth $35,000,000. So again I'm left wondering-- if he's on his third wife now-- did he sign a prenup? If he didn't and they split, you can rest assured he'll either A) never marry again or B) always sign prenups in the future.


Bud Norris' girlfriend Rachel Burns

Sometimes people break up.

I know, it's sad, but it's true. And without sounding like we're whining about how the plight of a professional athletes dating life make our job harder on this site,..... it really does make our job harder (fine, we're whining).

Fortunately for us, Bud Norris' girlfriend Rachel Burns was happy to set the record straight. The Orioles fireballer was dating someone, and then he wasn't. And without being tapped in to the Bud Norris dating update was leading with inaccurate information.

Enter Rachel Burns. She reached out to us to clear things up. While reaching out to us, in and of itself isn't unique, doing so without screaming at us is. Bud Norris' girlfriend Rachel was happy to give us a bio. Rather than slice and dice, we'll leave it to her:

A little about me, I'm from the SF Bay Area (met Bud through mutual friends). I went to law school at Berkeley and currently work as a corporate attorney in Silicon Valley. My work focuses on representing start ups in various corporate matters including equity and venture debt financings. I'm a huge baseball fan and watch as many O's games (on TV and in person!) as I can squeeze into my busy schedule. Bud and I are making the distance work for now but are looking forward to a change down the road.

In my free time I love to be outdoors, especially hiking, cycling and practicing yoga. I'm currently training for a 200 mile bike ride from Seattle to Portland. I also love live music and am a frequent concert/festival goer. Finally, I'm an avid traveler and have visited over 40 countries, often traveling solo.

It's cool when we find people worth rooting for,... and both Bud Norris and Rachel Burns fit that bill. Good luck to both of them!


Wade Miley's Wife Katy Miley

Wade Miley's wife Katy Miley is a self-described country girl, and I definitely get that sense from the few pictures available of her. Going to the rodeo and going four-wheeling in the woods are very fun and very country. I've done both of these things, and it's not so much simply engaging in these activities that makes you country so much as the frequency with which you engage in them. I'd say a solid two off-roadings per month and one rodeo every two months makes you certified "country."

Wade Miley's wife Katy Miley was also in attendance with Wade last year in March to help support money for the Arizona Diamondbacks Foundation. Simply attending this event is a good thing, in my eyes. Athletes and their wives doing what they can to help others less professionally-inclined to sports is what it's all about. Well, there'll be no more of that this year. This year's all about the Boston Red Sox. Boston is a radical shift for Katy moving from Arizona. There's probably not a more violent cultural and geographical shift possible for a player's wife than that one, though New York City from Arizona is also pretty different.

Katy has also gone hunting with Wade a bunch, as evidenced by their photograph in the woods on the four-wheeler. Apparently Wade got some kickback from the Diamondbacks organization about his preparation habits and eating habits in the past-- enough so to cause a bit of a rift between him and the training staff. Katy doesn't seem to have any problem with keeping her weight in check, Wade. Let's get on the ball now that you're on the Red Sox. It may be that Katy simply lives in Louisiana where she's from year-round or possibly travels to games when she feels like it. I can't blame her for foregoing the constant traveling if that's true.