MLB Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Torey Lovullo's wife Kristen Lovullo

Torey Lovullo's wife Kristen Lovullo was a former employee of a minor league triple A baseball club called the Buffalo Bisons. Torey was on the team for a number of years and that's how the two met. I'm not sure in what capacity Kristen served the organization, but this was back in the 90's when Torey was basically a coach in waiting. Occasionally players will meet a woman working for their organization in the offices and start dating them and I guess Torey just found a lady who he liked and stuck with her.

Weirdly, Torey Lovullo's wife Kristen Lovullo was featured in a short article by the UK's Daily Mail regarding a United Airlines fiasco back in 2011. The airline had some sort of computer meltdown which caused thousands upon thousands of people trying to travel to get delayed for days. Kristen was one of the travelers affected, and it happened for her while she had her small dog Saures with her. She was in Los Angeles, and she was photographed calling someone and looking disheveled. Many of the customers stuck in her delay were forced to sleep at the airport for awhile since United set up cots at several airports to try to give the travelers relief. The system that takes and stores reservations dated back to the 1980's, but seems to have led to change in more recent years.

Anyway, random traveling weirdness aside, Kristen has managed to keep a low profile on the internet mainly because her husband was sort of a lower profile figure in baseball. All that is changing now that he's stepped into the interim manager role for the Red Sox while John Farrell undergoes cancer treatment. Whether or not Kristen made the journey on every step of the minor league way, I'm sure Kristen is just happy she got to move out of Buffalo and didn't end up stranded there for the rest of her life.


Taijuan Walker's girlfriend Heather Restrepo

Taijuan Walker's girlfriend Heather Restrepo just recently graduated from Western Washington University with a business and marketing bachelor's, and she started a big long blog about her experiences with learning digital marketing. The blog itself is sort of like a journal for her future employers so that they can get a sense of what she knows about online and digital marketing. I read a bunch of it, and I think it's more of a conceptual thing for Heather at this point just starting out in the working world. It's mostly talks about creating content and why it's important to let potential customers have as much information about a company's product or service as possible. Then she gets into Google Analytics and my eyes glaze over.

Heather is also in that stage of her life where she loves going out to clubs dressed in show-offy dresses and her hair all done up. She has a whole crew of young lady friends who dress up with her and show off at various restaurants and clubs, and it's all a pretty impressive production when you see the pictures of them in a row. Up until recently, Taijuan Walker's girlfriend Heather Restrepo was dating some entrepreneur named Eric, but she traded up to the big leagues, apparently. I'm fairly certain Heather wasn't going to any Seattle Mariners games one year ago, and I'd bet they met at a club somewhere in Seattle. That may have been the plan all along. I notice that Heather hasn't updated her online marketing journal blog thingy since March of this year. That may have been when they started getting serious.

About 5 months ago, in fact, Taijuan Walker's girlfriend Heather Restrepo attended her first baseball game with Taijuan Walker's brother Dayshaun Walker. So I would be willing to bet they haven't known each other for more than six months. I can tell Heather had a lot of interesting men around her as her friends, but that she's quite tough to charm and get out of the friend zone with. She's got one of those beautiful smiles that says "I know I'm in the big leagues, so you better prove to me you're a big leaguer too or you'll be stuck as a friendly acquaintance having to gaze upon my beauty."


Johnny Cueto's wife Jennifer Ruiz

Johnny Cueto's wife Jennifer Ruiz took part in a parade with Johnny in the Dominican Republic in an area called the Sarmiento Sector-- his birthplace. The parade started at the airport where they arrived and continued all the way to the Lions Club near the Sarmiento Sector. The details of this whole event are sort of unclear but I know there's also religious undertones because reports mentioned a large mass happening. Johnny's a big hero in his home town, and they know how to welcome him back after he wins 20 games.

Jennifer has probably asked Johnny not to include any pictures of her online, because she's got an amazing streak of no-shows on the internet. Aside from Johnny Cueto's wife Jennifer Ruiz being the mother of his children, she's also apparently a good mom. The birthday party they gave their daughter Linda was pretty extravagant by American standards. It featured three stacks of cupcakes, party favors, a large box of donuts, celebratory beaded necklaces, and tons of balloons. Jennifer also puts up with Johnny's heinously powerful stereo system in his van. It's less of a stereo system and more of a high-powered concert system on wheels. It features the most speakers I've ever seen in a motor vehicle, and when the back of the van is opened, the speakers are on each door and fill the middle of the van. It's really something to behold.

Johnny Cueto's mother hangs out with him and the kids a lot at his place, and she cooks him meals like he used to have back home. She's pictured here hanging out in the backyard by the buffet table they have set up. Johnny's wife is never anywhere to be found in pictures, but she must play a big part in all this food preparation (unless Johnny just has a personal chef making all the delicious foods). There's a lot of swimming in pools and eating of delicious foods in the tropics with this couple and his family. Hey, I'd happily take part in this lifestyle too if I was a 20-game winner and set for a $200M payday this offseason.