Elvis Andrus’ Girlfriend Cori Febles


Elvis Andrus’ girlfriend Cori Febles is an extremely hot chef. She cleans up so well that she looks like a professional cover girl. Back in mid May of 2016, the couple attended a Rangers event that had something to do with charity. She looked really good in her dress. Likewise, she still looks good in professional kitchen gear. She attends a culinary school called Cordon Bleu, and she cooks all kinds of delights for Elvis….

Kris Bryant’s Girlfriend Jessica Delp

Kris Bryant's girlfriend Jessica Delp - Twitter

Kris Bryant’s girlfriend Jessica Delp is on the verge of becoming Kris Bryant’s wife. But, after 8 years of dating, the Las Vegas natives closed out 2015 by making it official. Only took me 8 years, but I can’t wait to marry my best friend! Perfect way to end an unforgettable year!ūüíć pic.twitter.com/S9QTLUPN9k ‚ÄĒ Kris Bryant (@KrisBryant_23) December 30, 2015 An engagement is exciting, but there are time it conjures up some difficult emotions. Family,…

David Ross’ Wife Hyla Ross


David Ross’ Wife Hyla Ross is a pediatric ICU nurse. This just so happens to be the perfect profession for a major event in their lives recently. In March of 2014, David Ross’ son Cole Ross was¬†rushed to the emergency room. The boy¬†couldn’t breathe and his mouth was turning blue.¬†Ross saw his wife, again a¬†pediatric ICU nurse, remain calm during the ordeal. This gave him the strength to also remain calm, as he tells it:…

Jose Fernandez’s girlfriend Carla Mendoza


News reports began circulating early September 25, that Jose Fernandez has died. In the initial stories, it was¬†unclear if Jose Fernandez’s girlfriend was with him at the time of death. Details are very spotty as of this writing. But, it appears Andy Slater of 940-AM WINZ, first broke the news stating on Twitter: “Horrific news to report this morning. Mutliple people inform me that Marlins’ pitcher Jose Fernandez was killed in a boating accident.” Immediately…

Tanner Roark’s Wife Amanda Roark


Tanner Roark’s wife Amanda Roark traveled to the famous Cove Atlantis in the Bahamas in January this year. Once while taking a tour, I¬†drove¬†by the place on a boat, and it looked really impressive. It made me want to go and vacation there. I, however, am not a top baseball pro. Vacationing at Atlantis is just one of those things that professional baseball players do with their wives. On top of that, Tanner and Amanda…

Francisco Lindor’s Girlfriend Nilmarie Huertas


Francisco Lindor’s girlfriend Nilmarie Huertas is a newfound Cleveland Indians fan. Mr. Huertas only recently became a major leaguer, so she learned to love the Indians pretty quick. Since he is earning 540,000 bucks a year, they haven’t yet reached that critical mass where you can buy mansions. The couple have been together since at least November of 2012, which was when Nilmarie posted her first picture on Instagram. That picture happened to be with…

Jake Arrieta’s wife Brittany Arrieta


Jake Arrieta’s wife Brittany Arrieta knew this was coming. After middling seasons in Baltimore, Jake Arrieta has transformed himself into the ace of his¬†Cubs squad. Which says a lot, considering Jon Lester is also on the team.¬†Jake also¬†beat out Zack Greinke and Clayton Kershaw for NL Cy Young. In an article with the Baltimore Sun, Jake Arrieta’s wife Brittany Arrieta explained Jake by saying “You can’t explain him. He is his own breed of person.”…

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