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Michael Morse's wife Jessica Morse

Michael Morse's wife Jessica Morse personifies off the field support for her husband, and even finds a way to help him on the field as well.

Morse enjoyed a breakout season in 2011. While putting up great numbers in a position change when Adam LaRoche was hurt, Mike put up great numbers that put him in contention to make the All Star team. Enter Michael Morse's then fiancé Jessica Etalby and her family with a campaign to get him to the game. Although Morse ultimately wasn’t voted in, he had to feel good about his soon to be in-laws having his back.

It’s not just on the field that Morse gets support from Jessica. In an interview with MLB.com, Morse shed some light on why he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. "If I have a bad day, she is real quick to remind me there is always tomorrow. It's great to always have somebody in your corner like that. She understands baseball, she understands this game and how it pretty much takes over our lives. She is 100 percent for it. She is more excited than me to start the season."

Morse proposed to Etably following the 2010 season. The couple was married in November, 2012, during a big wedding season for the Nationals. Honeymoon bliss was met with big league upheaval when just two months later Morse was dealt to Seattle. Following an injury plagued 2013 season, Morse moved on to San Francisco where he's helped put the Giants on the brink of another World Series title.

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12 Responses to “Michael Morse's wife Jessica Morse”

  1. Anonymous

    shes ugly

  2. Anonymous

    Jessica is beautiful inside and out! It is great to see how happy mike and jessica make each other.
    Best of luck to both of you!

  3. Anonymous

    she's very ugly!!!!!!
    big huge forehead!!!!!!
    Michael you could have done so much better of course she's happy and excited for season to start she gets rid of you and she spends all of your money!!!!

  4. monica

    Beautiful couple! Happy to have you both in Seattle.

  5. Sandee Pierce

    I think she is beautiful! Love is an emotion, don't forget that. It irritates me that the above comments are full of hate. So sad.

    Don't get caught up in other people"s opinions. Love is love.

    I wish you a long and happy life together!!❤️

  6. suzie.bayou@yahoo.com

    They make a nice looking couple.

  7. Terri Garner

    Gald to see Michael has a lovely wife not only on the outside but inside too...happy trails♥

  8. Jonas

    If you think she's ugly it's because you yourself are ugly inside and you can't appreciate or understand the love two people can have for each other.

  9. Jody

    Whoever said his wife is ugly should get a reality check! Ignore the haters! That person has insecurity issues!

  10. Lois

    Your wedding pictures show love and respect for each other, your bothe gorgeous together and happiness with love goes hand in hand. Cultivate and express your love regardless of what anyone else says. You two are the most important in your Love, and better together for sure!!! Congrats on a New Baby what a blessing!!

  11. Lois Lane

    Keep loving and living close to each others heart. Wishing you the best of everything, so glad to see young love and marriage go hand in hand!!

  12. Susie Kemper

    Jessica, you and Michael ar perfect for each other. The best looking couple on the West Coast. You are a lovely lady.