NASCAR Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Denny Hamlin's girlfriend Jordan Fish



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When the checkered flag waves at today's Daytona 500, and all the wives and girlfriends make their way to meet their drivers, will Denny Hamlin's girlfriend Jordan Fish need to find her way to Victory Lane?

If things hold on like Hamlin has all season, it sure looks that way.

The last time we checked in on Denny Hamlin's girlfriend in 2009, we only knew about an ex-girlfriend Kristin Buntain with whom he broke up with in 2007. While little has changed from his winning ways across the Sprint Cup Series in the past five years, plenty has changed for Hamlin off the track.

Denny Hamlin and Jordan Fish met in 2007 at a Charlotte Bobcats game, where Fish was then working as a dancer for the basketball squad.  An article in USA Today describes them meeting by the courtside seated Hamlin making eye contact with Fish during one of her on court routines.  The couple first spoke that night, but only began dating months later, and apparently after Hamlin's ex was in the rearview mirror.   Fish took Hamlin out to dinner after he later sponsored her to be the South Carolina representative in the Miss USA pageant, and the couple has been together since.

In January, 2013, Hamlin went to Twitter to announce the couple's first child.

"Introducing Taylor James Hamlin!!! Born Jan 20 at 20:20! Weighting 6lb 5oz and 20 inches in length @dennyhamlin

Both Denny and Jordan are prolific Tweeters showing love and support for one another and their daughter. They keep a regular photo journal of their travels and interactions with fans. The couple has embraced the fanbase that embraced them first, making them one of the many lovable NASCAR couples.

With seven years of dating and a young one under their belt, we'll keep an eye out for a personal announcement to see if Denny Hamlin's girlfriend becomes Denny Hamlin's wife.


Aric Almirola's wife Janice Goss Almirola



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You can't find a more tried and true NASCAR couple than Aric Almirola and his wife Janice Goss Almirola.

Aric and Janice first met in 2005 when Almirola ran several NASCAR Camping World Truck Series races for Morgan Dollar Motorsports. Janice Gross' father, Randy Goss, a champion NASCAR pit crew chief, apparently knew the two were a perfect match. He introduced Aric Almirola and Janice Gross on the track at the event. That's what dad's are for, right?

Aric Almirola and Janice Gross began dating shortly thereafter and were engaged to be married in November 2009. The Cuban Missile apparently stayed out of the wedding planning process, and only voiced his opinion in on the big stuff. And on December 11th, 2010, the couple tied the knot in a ceremony attended by close friends and family in Huntersville, N.C., with a reception afterwards in nearby Mooresville.

Since then, the NASCAR family has grown. On September 5th, 2012, their baby boy, Alex Almirola was born. According to Aric Almirola's twitter account, it was the "Best day of my life! Better than any trophy or accomplishment." And on November 29, 2013 their baby girl, Abby Lynn Almirola, was born. Before the recent birth of Abby Lynn Almirola, the couple could frequently be found on the racetrack with baby Alex. It would seem the family will continue their racetrack outings once baby Abby is settled in. And with the couple spending so much time at the racetrack, it wouldn't be a surprise if Alex and Abby became the next brother/sister legends of NASCAR.


Paul Menard's wife Jennifer Roster Menard



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When Paul Menard married his long time girlfriend over a year ago, he kept it real quiet. But Paul Menard's wife Jennifer Roster won't be silent this weekend. She'll be cheering Paul Menard on at the International Speedway when he races the Daytona 500.

Paul Menard and Jennifer Roster were married on November 30, 2012. After making the marriage official at a civil ceremony in a North Carolina courthouse, the newlyweds repeated their vows at a romantic Caribbean ceremony in St. Lucia. But after being together for so many years before marrying, the couple is already prepared for new additions to the family. Menard reported to that "kids are the next step obviously, we're just trying to figure out when and where."

But Paul Menard and Jennifer Roster are also prepared to make a move from their North Carolina home before the babies arrive. That's because Jennifer Roster, a teacher from Vinton Iowa, and Paul Menard, from Eau Claire Wisconsin, want their kids to grow up in a more rural community. The couple is apparently bent on making sure they instill values in their kids that only a woodsy environment can bring. And if Jennifer Roster and Paul Menard raise their children anything like the way Paul Menard was raised, their kids will need the quiet of the woods to decompress after spending days with mom and dad at the adrenalin-filled and powerfully loud racetrack. Who knows, maybe baby Menard will carry on the legacy and make history on the racetrack just like his/her dad and grandfather before him?