Is Lewis Hamilton’s Girlfriend Hailey Baldwin?

Is Lewis Hamilton's girlfriend Hailey Baldwin-Instagram

Is Lewis Hamilton’s girlfriend Hailey Baldwin? Well, if she were, we could neither confirm nor deny it thus far. What we do know is that she attended the Elton John Oscar Viewing Party with him. Yes, that is apparently something that requires full capital letters….

Justin Allgaier’s Wife Ashley Allgaier

Justin Allgaier's wife Ashley Allgaier - Instagram

Justin Allgaier’s wife Ashley Allgaier is the mother of their two year-old, Harper. The family recently took Harper to Disney World, and they all hung out with Ashley’s family as well. Ashley posted a bunch of pictures with Harper meeting all the Disney ladies (Belle,…

David Ragan’s Wife Jacquelyn Ragan

David Ragan's Wife Jacquelyn Ragan - Twitter

David Ragan’s wife Jacquelyn Ragan announced she was pregnant with the couple’s second child back in October of 2015. Fox Sports News is basically obsessed with this guy, judging by the amount of coverage they give him. We, on the other hand, will be focusing on his…

Matt Kenseth’s wife Katie Kenseth


Matt Kenseth’s wife Katie Kenseth was practicing racing a car for charity in 2011 when she was involved in a scary accident. In the crash Katie broke her shoulder blade, but escaped otherwise more significant injury. She was racing a Bandolero car which is pretty much…

Denny Hamlin’s girlfriend Jordan Fish

Denny Hamlin's girlfriend Jordan Fish - Twitter

Will Denny Hamlin’s girlfriend Jordan Fish need to find her way to Victory Lane when the checkered flag waves at today’s Daytona 500, and all the wives and girlfriends make their way to meet their drivers? If things hold on like Hamlin has all season, it…

Brad Keselowski’s girlfriend Paige White

Brad Kesolowski's girlfriend Paige White - Twitter

Brad Keselowski’s girlfriend Paige White just gave birth to the couple’s first child in May of 2015.  As a father to two children under the age of three, I can tell you how emotionally draining even the healthiest of babies can be.  Shortly after their…

Ricky Stenhouse’s girlfriend Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick's boyfriend Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

Saying “Ricky Stenhouse’s girlfriend Danica Patrick” sounds odd. I mean, she’s definitely more popular than him, right? We should probably have titled this post as, “Danica Patrick’s boyfriend Ricky Stenhouse”. I mean, let’s think about it: the subject of the post should be the bigger success. If…

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