NASCAR Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Casey Mears' Wife Trisha Mears

Casey Mears' wife Trisha Mears has long been known as one of those elite NASCAR girlfriends in the sense that she's just very attractive and stylish. I'm fairly certain they were dating since before 2010, and they are now happily married with a couple of little ones and a fun, active lifestyle. When Casey's not driving, he's at home playing soccer with his kids or even hiking with Trisha if they can find a babysitter. They visit Arizona every now and again, and they've posted a photo recently of some cool hiking in the desert there.

I'm not entirely certain, but I believe Casey Mears' wife Trisha Mears and he live in Charlotte and may have a house in South Dakota. If that's the case, then they must really like the outdoors. It's hard to tell exactly where they spend most of their time, but what I can say is that they have shared photos in both places. I most think Trisha and the kids travel with Casey as he goes to different cities to race. They tag along and then go on little trips to places like Caymus Vineyards in California or a minor league baseball game in Charlotte. I gotta' say, Casey and Trisha seem like a really cool couple. They're one of the best looking NASCAR couples I've ever seen. Casey looks like Michael Fassbender and Trisha is a dead ringer for Charlize Theron. I get the sense from looking at their photos together that they do a lot of fun activities together because, well, they share a lot of photos doing fun activities.

About a year ago Trisha enjoyed one of those exclusive vacations to Cabo. Man, every NASCAR guy takes their wife to Cabo. That's like the third instance I've found. Must be a nice spot. The couple also ride RCV's in Arizona when they're there. I'm telling you-- these two are all about adventuring and traveling.


Sam Hornish Jr.'s Wife Crystal Hornish

I'm a fan of Sam Hornish Jr.'s wife Crystal Hornish. I knew it from the second I heard her name: Crystal Hornish. It's an unusual yet cool sounding name. That was how I first made the jump into fandom, but it did not stop there. Crystal is just a pleasant, humble Midwestern lady who puts her family in the center of her life and does a fine job raising her kids. The couple now has three kids-- two charming girls and a baby boy named Sammy.

Crystal and Sam have been together since high school, and she was recently on Fox Sports talking about what it's like to be married to a NASCAR driver. She appeared fairly nervous but did a good job handling the questions-- also explaining that she prefers to stay distracted during races and watch them in the background while she tends to her kids and does chores. I'm fairly certain Mrs. Hornish prefers to stay out of the spotlight though. The television cameras seemed to put Sam Hornish Jr.'s wife Crystal Hornish a little on edge, but you've got to applaud anyone who's willing to go on Fox and talk about if they'd like a crockpot for a Mother's Day gift. Crystal was also put on the spot when asked which Hollywood star she'd trade in for her husband, and she said Ryan Reynolds. I don't see what the ladies see in that guy, but as a follow-up they asked her who Sam would trade her in for, and she said Sam's got a thing for Anne Hathaway. This is important stuff, people. You need to know this information.

So that's a small slice of the world that surrounds Sam Hornish Jr.'s wife Crystal Hornish. Going on Fox Sports, being really uncomfortable and shy, and saying a crockpot would be nice for Mother's Day and that she likes Ryan Reynolds.

02/18/15 (Updated)

Kurt Busch's Girlfriend Ashley Van Metre

Kurt Busch's girlfriend Ashley Van Metre is the racecar driver's replacement of ex Patrica Driscoll, who was allegedly head-slammed into her motor home wall back in September. The couple was not watching re-runs of the MTV show "Headbangers Ball," so this would be considered not cool if it turns out to be true.

It turns out that Kurt Busch's girlfriend Ashley Van Metre is one of those ladies who posts pretty interesting quotes on her Twitter (as opposed to simply posting non-interesting quotes as is usually the case). Before we dabble in those, though, I'd like to briefly mention that she did a brief modeling shoot for a U.S. Polo Association brand in Sweden. I realize that's somewhat confusing, but the point is that she stated that she loves "representing such a great brand that supports the sport I love to play." So in case you're wondering, she plays a sport that most people have never even glimpsed one time in real life. I think I've seen like three instances of polo being played ever, and they were all in movies involving rich Europeans.

So getting back to her quote tweets-- you've got your standard solid quotes from dead people on happiness: "Happiest are the people who give happiness to others." You've got your slightly bratty, generalized horoscope retweets: "Virgo don't need anyone in my life who doesn't want to be there." You've got your actual life updates that absolutely no one cares about: "off to the barn!" But the vast majority of what Ashley puts up are retweets from various inspirational websites and horoscope readings. I think they work pretty well if you get them once per day; doled out, but if you scroll through her full feed, it's like an avalanche of advice and compressed philosophies. I'm still looking for some words of wisdom about avoiding getting one's head smashed up against a wall.