NASCAR Wives and Girlfriends (WAGS)


Jamie Little's husband Cody Selman

Alright, so since we normally try to focus on the ladies in the relationship, we're going to try to give you a picture of the life led by both of these people. Jamie Little's husband Cody Selman is a former manager of Kyle Busch, and I guess that means he was a business manager but it could also mean he was involved in pit activity. Either way, Cody's connection to Jamie came through Kyle. Jamie herself is known as a pit reporter for NASCAR. As an aside, I've always thought Jamie Little looks like a brunette Beth Ostrosky. Anyone with me on that vibe? [Editor's Note: Yup. I'm with you dude.]

A few things of note about Jamie: she loves going to the shooting range and popping off a few dozen rounds with her handguns, she's 5'8" and was born in 1978. I see her as a bit of a tomboy, as she's always been super involved in sports and has even won a Celebrity Race in 2008. Hey, winning a race is something regardless of whether it's not professional or not. Jamie is also one of those very caring savior of dogs. She owns two rescues and frequently posts links and photos of dogs that need homes from various shelters. Jamie manages to have a pretty fun sounding personal life away from the cameras. even mentioned doing karaoke with friends this month.

Jamie Little's husband Cody Selman apparently owns and operates a Jimmy John's in Summerlin, Nevada. Summerlin is actually just a neighborhood on the outskirts of Las Vegas, and I think owning a Jimmy John's is kind of cool in a generic, American kind of way. He's got a business to run, folks, and there's no time for messing around with racecar drivers. Meanwhile, Jamie is doing her telecasts, and Cody sees most of them. He often comments on her work and encourages her craft. By far Jamie's biggest off-screen activity remains stray dog and needy dog awareness, though. She's all over the finding-pets-a-home scene, and I have nothing but handclaps and applause for anyone that does that.


Brennan Poole's girlfriend Lindsey Giannini

Brennan Poole's girlfriend Lindsey Giannini just found out that she will be advancing to the Miss America Pageant. Lindsey is a sweet lady who does a lot of stuff outside of dressing up pretty and being congenial. She even gets together with girl scouts to tell them not to text and drive. I'm referencing a picture of her standing with a sign that reads "stay alive: don't text and drive" while being surrounded by a group of Brownies (or whatever junior girl scouts are called). Lindsay was also wearing a beauty pageant crown, but I think she just did that to get the girls' attention.

Lindsey is the official Miss New Jersey, which means her days are filled with doing community-type stuff to show people how dynamic she is, but she does also get time to kick back. I saw a very goofy picture of her hanging out with her family while they were all dressed to look like characters on Game of Thrones. They did that solely to watch the show and get in the mood. Brennan Poole's girlfriend Lindsey Poole has traveled to Vegas with Brennan, and they've also hit up Disney World and frequently go to sports games. You gotta' remember LIndsey is only 21 years old, though she has a mature, womanly air about her.

Lindsey's also a big fan of pizza, and I think it's probably her favorite food. She talks about it quite a bit, and she's even gone to the trouble of finding new and bizarre modifications of pizza such as the "pizza cake," which is about 4 layers of pizza turned into a kind of thick amalgam. It looked disgusting but it was an interesting picture. I'm fairly certain Lindsey group up in South New Jersey, which is pretty different from North New Jersey. It's more rural and has lots a lot of woodland, whereas the northern part of New Jersey is the opposite and has a lot of sub shops. Lindsey's company is called PADD, and I'm not sure if it's a company or just a non-profit, but it's meant to end "distracted driving." That means anyone texting or talking on the phone better watch out for Miss New Jersey!


Casey Mears' Wife Trisha Mears

Casey Mears' wife Trisha Mears has long been known as one of those elite NASCAR girlfriends in the sense that she's just very attractive and stylish. I'm fairly certain they were dating since before 2010, and they are now happily married with a couple of little ones and a fun, active lifestyle. When Casey's not driving, he's at home playing soccer with his kids or even hiking with Trisha if they can find a babysitter. They visit Arizona every now and again, and they've posted a photo recently of some cool hiking in the desert there.

I'm not entirely certain, but I believe Casey Mears' wife Trisha Mears and he live in Charlotte and may have a house in South Dakota. If that's the case, then they must really like the outdoors. It's hard to tell exactly where they spend most of their time, but what I can say is that they have shared photos in both places. I most think Trisha and the kids travel with Casey as he goes to different cities to race. They tag along and then go on little trips to places like Caymus Vineyards in California or a minor league baseball game in Charlotte. I gotta' say, Casey and Trisha seem like a really cool couple. They're one of the best looking NASCAR couples I've ever seen. Casey looks like Michael Fassbender and Trisha is a dead ringer for Charlize Theron. I get the sense from looking at their photos together that they do a lot of fun activities together because, well, they share a lot of photos doing fun activities.

About a year ago Trisha enjoyed one of those exclusive vacations to Cabo. Man, every NASCAR guy takes their wife to Cabo. That's like the third instance I've found. Must be a nice spot. The couple also ride RCV's in Arizona when they're there. I'm telling you-- these two are all about adventuring and traveling.