Paul Goldschmidt’s wife Amy Goldschmidt


  1. Steve Kopiec

    Mrs. Goldschmidt,

    I am ecstatic to have Paul to root for. He reminds me of my favorite Brooklyn odder when Imwas a kid in tqhe 1950’s, Gil Hodges, a great first baseman whith stats and character that match Paul. I believe Paul is the second coming of Gil Hodges. If you and Paul do not know who Gil was please do a few google searches on his name and learn a little about him and you may see what I mean.

    I wish wyvou and Paul great success in your marriage and his career. My wife Marge and I are going to celebrate our 43rd anniversary in September.

    Best Wishes,
    Steve Kopiec

  2. Patrick Taylor

    Hi,my name is Patrick and my son is Caleb 11yrs old. we were at a Mobile Baybears game and Caleb was choosen to throw the Ceremonial First Pitch and Paul was the first player to sign the Baseball and talk to him and I was wondering next season when he comes back to Pittsburgh if he can sign another baseball for him he is Calebs favorite player in baseball.Thanks for everything you do for young children.God Bless! Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  3. lori, payson az

    my mom is almost 80 years old and a widow for a little over a year. we recently moved from Milwaukee, wi – go brewers to payson, az. she has fallen in love with your husband. she asked me to google if he was married which I did and showed her your picture. she said she didn’t have a chance with how pretty you are. anyhow, I wanted to tell her the story of how you got engaged by watching the video it is says is on the right. there is no video on the right. could you pls. briefly tell me your story on how you were proposed to so that I can tell her. thank you so much

    we will be attending our first diamond back preseason game against the brewers on March 15th and she is so excited. we are a little torn as to who we should cheer for at this point.

    thank you very much

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