Buster Posey’s wife Kristen Posey


  1. kenneth jones

    Buster Posey comes up to bat.He swings its out of the park GRAND SLAM.Thats what I think of you.YOU ROCK BUSTER

  2. Amanda

    She’s beautiful, not that even matters he loves her and they have beautiful children have some respect CARTER for them and your self you sound like a douche

  3. Carol

    Buster Posey, you have a very beautiful wife. And I hope you both will always have a wonderful life with your family. Family is precious. And your second family loves you too. I am speaking of your teammates, and all of your many fans. We love You! Hope you will always be a Giant! Your the Best!

  4. Kelsi Montagne

    hey buster posey i just want to say my sister karli is in love with u and em and her a huge fans of th egiants.GOOD JOB BUSTER POSEY <3<3<3<3<3 and i love brandon belt

  5. Mac mcumber

    Having watched Buster grow up playing little league with our grandson, David Espy, I know him to be just a good person as he is a player. I became a Giants fan because of him. I hope to live long enough to see him inducted into the Hall Of Fame at Cooperstown own. Mr. Mac

  6. Robert Schultz

    Buster has to be the luckiest man on earth has a beautiful wife wonderful kids is tge best catcher in the mlb and is one good looking dude. I’ve been told he has a great personality too. Again lucky man!!!!

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