Kenny Smith’s Wife Gwendolyn Osborne Smith

Kenny Smith's Wife Gwendolyn Osborne Smith - Price Is Right

Kenny Smith’s wife Gwendolyn Osborne Smith knows what Price Is Right. She’s a model on the the show The Price is Right, and she has got the great smile to show off the various prizes that contestant try to win. New cars, dining sets, chairs, tables, televisions. She makes them look better and makes the contestants look worse. Kenny married his lovely wife Gwendolyn back in 2006, and since then they’ve had a son named…

Jay Cutler’s Wife Kristin Cavallari Cutler

Jay Cutler's wife Kristen Cutler - Instagram

Jay Cutler’s wife Kristin Cutler was formerly Kristin Cavallari, a scripted-reality television star on both Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and The Hills. Cutler is a quarterback and 126 million-dollar man who generally just has a cloud follow him and his reputation around. First off, Jay Cutler’s wife Kristin is known far and wide for being on those two shows (both of which seem like the absolute bottom of the barrel of reality television)….

John Rocker’s Girlfriend Julie McGee

John Rocker's girlfriend Julie McGee - Facebook

John Rocker’s girlfriend Julie McGee is a spray-tan business owner and future Survivor contestant. That’s a lot of living right there. First of all, owning a spray-tan business is sort of like the Sopranos equivalent of “going straight.” You’re not committing any crimes, but your level of greasiness and low-brow practices continues unabated. Spraying on a tan is sort of baffling to me because it’s very easily spotted and rarely improves one’s looks. Let me…

LeSean McCoy’s Girlfriend Porsha Williams

LeSean McCoy's girlfriend Porsha Williams - Instagram

Get ready for some classic “uneek” first names: LeSean and Porsha. That’s right, German sports cars be damned! I’m talking about LeSean McCoy’s girlfriend Porsha Williams. Porsha is best known as Kordell Stewart’s ex-wife. Now she is known for going to clubs with LaSean and kissing him in public. You can not escape the public eye, you can only hope to….contain it? There’s quite a weird little tale about Porsha’s divorce with Kordell. At the…

Scott Mitchell’s Wife Kim Nifong Mitchell

Scott Mitchell's wife Kim Nifong Mitchell

Scott Mitchell’s wife Kim Nifong Mitchell is about to sit at home and watch him suffer on the television. Rather, she’ll eventually get to watch him suffer on the television, as the show may have already been pre-taped and is set to air soon. I’m talking about The Biggest Loser, a program where morbidly obese, lazy, and intermittently neurotic caterpillars are transformed into skinny, hyperactive, and often compulsive butterflies. One of the competitors Scott will…

Damien Woody’s Wife Nicole Woody

Damien Woody's wife Nicole Woody - Instagram

This may sound mean, but Damien Woody’s wife Nicole Woody might want to join Damien on The Biggest Loser. He’s going to be competing against former quarterback Scott Mitchell. It’s just an issue of being healthy and comfortable. It’s not healthy to be putting that kind of strain on your body. These two are very large folks. Combined, they easily weigh 550 pounds. Damien himself weighs 388 pounds (according to The Biggest Loser) and you…

Brad Culpepper’s Wife Monica Culpepper

Brad Culpepper's Wife

You would be forgiven if you saw this season of Survivor and assumed that current contestant and wife of a former NFL player, Monica Culpepper was Daunte Culpepper’s wife. Despite the fact that Daunte’s career went down in flames pretty quickly, he’s still the obvious one to think of when you hear the phrase “former NFL player Culpepper”. Well, like us, you’d be wrong. Apparently there was another Culpepper who played in the NFL, only…

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